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The Petzl Nomad 9.8mm Dry Climbing Rope is a lightweight workhorse for everything from an overhanging sport project to a massive alpine objective. At 9.8mm, this smooth-handling cord bridges the gap between next-gen skinny ropes and old school fatties. It’s durable, thick sheath holds up to repeated abuse from gritty southern sandstone or alpine granite, and the Duratec dry treatment coats both the sheath and the core for long-lasting protection from wetness and freezing.

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Jordan rappels with nomad

Jordan rappels with nomad

Rope Romance

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

If I could marry a rope, this would be the one. It's light, reliable, and flakes out beautifully every time - I've never had to put up with knots or any other sort of bad behavior. It's slides though my ATC with great ease and never catches on patina. I've been with the red 70 for a year+ now and we couldn't be happier.

Every romance does have its troubles. My only problem with this baby is that the mid line marker fades rapidly. As time has progressed, I've have more and more trouble spotting it.

Rope Romance

Smooth rope

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

I've used this rope very regularly for about 7 months now and am still pleased with the performance. It's been on sport, trad, multipitch, granite, limestone, and sandstone and it still has a smooth feed and clip. I couldn't have asked for more in this rope. My only complaint would be the price, but that seems to be a consistent complaint with just about anything. Great rope, big sends, comfy whips, and a smooth feed.

Smooth rope

Best Ever?

    i really love this rope. my experience with petzl ropes is that they have great durability. also, in the current market of super skinny ropes, it's important to note that there's not much point in getting them right now. i have a skinnier 70m for when the area dictates it. but for most of us, taking whippers and doing some top ropping, it makes more sense to have a little beefier rope. sure, it's a little heavier, but those extra 300 grams aren't gonna be the reason you didn't send.

    Not the best 9.8

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    This is a good rope because of it's diameter and dry treatment, but I think that the Sterling velocity is a better choice. The velocity has a stiffer hand and is more durable. Climbed on this rope for 2.5 years, but converted to Sterling because of the durability. For the record, this is a durable rope, but I think that there are other options that are better.


    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    Some people have questioned this ropes durability, but from my experience I was able to use this rope consistently for almost 4 years before I had any concerns. I have worked as a climbing instructor and check my ropes religiously, and never had any concerns in those 4 years. Even now it shows no serious signs of deterioration, however based solely on age I decided to retire it. If you take care of this rope, it will take care of you.

    Great rope, didn't last long

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    As others have stated, this is a supple rope that goes through a grigri nicely and is easy to manage. Right out of the box it doesn't feel stiff at all, no break in time. It does pick up dirt very easily though. I loved this rope, but I've only had it 11 months and now have to get a new one. There's a small tear in the sheath and the core is now exposed. Was this from rope drag over some rough rock? Admittedly, I've climbed several routes repeatedly where this might have caused the issue, but the rest of the rope is still in good shape. Since the tear is only in one small spot, it leads me to believe it was one single event that caused the tear, not repeated abuse. Hmmm, not sure what to think. It's a great rope and this could be just a fluke thing. This will be my third rope, so I think I'll purchase a different brand this time just to try something different for comparison. Still love Petzl products and this rope is pretty sweet.

    Like I said, I'd definitely consider buying it again since it's a great rope. I even recommended it to a friend who just bought one. For my new rope, I went with a Sterling. The main reason for this is that I had just enough REI dividend left to cover the cost of a new rope and unfortunately, they didn't have the Petzl Nomad. I gave it only 3 stars for now since I'll need to get another one and see how long it lasts, or see how long my friends new Nomad rope lasts.

    The Sterling lasted about the same time, 10-11 months, before I had to cut the ends. Since it was just the ends of the rope, no big deal, I can keep using it for a while. I take a lot of lead falls so I guess I'm just tough on ropes. The Sterling is a fine rope, but the Petzl Nomad is the best rope I've ever used in terms of it's suppleness.

    Durable rope

      I've had this rope for the past 2-3 seasons and have been climbing on it fairly regularly. The rope now has a small amount of grime from running through my belay devices and quick draws, but shows no real wear and tear. Sheath still nice and smooth with no abrasions. Maybe it still needs to be climbed on more, but I could not get it to feed smoothly from my GriGri 2. I have no issues with it in my ATC though.

      Since it's just my girlfriend and I primarily climbing on this rope, it does not get used much as a top rope.

      Great rope all in all.

      Good, Not Great Rope

        I've used several of these ropes, and it is definitely a solid choice. The only qualms I have with it is that it is on the heavier side of ropes I've used recently (Sterling Nano), and it picks up a ton of dirt. You MUST use a tarp with this rope or you'll be forced to wash it. Overall, a solid choice.

        Just about perfect rope

          Hi, This is my second nomad rope. The first one had markers at 25ft from the end which this one doesn't, but its not big deal. The rope handles great and is just the perfect diameter. So far I have climbed around 50 pitches (in new england) in it and shows no real of signs of wear and tear. Happy with it.

          Very Impressive

            This has been our first rope, and having climbed on others, I think it is one of the best. Not only is it durable, but it also dry, and it is not too flimsy or stiff. Compared to others I was impressed. Certainly one of the better ropes, especially for the price. Btw, get green.

            Great rope

              This has been a great rope. I've been climbing on it for a couple years now and I am sadly going to have to retire it soon. It's always handled very well. The elongation of the rope is a bit more suited for lead than top rope, but you can top-rope on it just fine. It is pricey, but definitely worth it. When I have to, I plan on buying another.

              Anyone use a Mammut Smart belay device...

              Anyone use a Mammut Smart belay device with this rope? I'm curious if 9.8 is thin enough to make the assisted brake not very assisted.

              How well does the Nomad work with a Gri...

              How well does the Nomad work with a Gri Gri2??

              I've used the Nomad for a few years with both the original GriGri and the sequel, and it works great. I've found it to be more flexible than most ropes, so it navigates the tighter turns of the GriGri 2 really well. It's certainly nowhere near too thin for the 2 (actually on the thick side for what the 2 is intended for), though it is a little slippery in the original.

              How would you go about cleaning this rope?...

              How would you go about cleaning this rope? Would you use a the beal rope brush and water?

              Best Answer

              I'd definitely go with the rope wash; brushing takes FOREVER. You would not believe how long 200 feet is when you're scrubbing all of it. And aluminum oxide will stain the bathtub pretty badly. Nikwax Rope Wash works phenomenally well, followed by drying in the shade (I hang mine over the shower bar. Just tie the rope in a daisy chain as demonstrated here ( and run it through the washing machine on gentle - even a top-loader will work fine - and you're good as new.

              most ropes recommend a front loader. the other option is to fill up a bath tub with warm water and add the rope wash. then agitate it on your own (be the washing maching). then fill your tub with cold water and agitate. repeat that until no more dirt or cleaning solution comes out of the rope, then hang it up to dry. don't hang in direct sunlight. if you make a habit of leaving your rope in the sun, it can weaken over time and it's already getting enough wear.

              How is this cord for top roping? It has...

              How is this cord for top roping? It has quite a lot of static elongation, especially compared to ropes of similar diameter.

              Best Answer

              This rope is too expensive and lightweight to be optimal for toproping. You'll want something thicker (10.2-10.5) with a high percentage of the weight in the sheath, for durability. A rope's amount of static elongation isn't really a huge concern for toproping, a little more or less stretch doesn't matter much. The blue water accelerator or beal edlinger would both be good choices.

              If all you're doing is toproping, you'd probably be better off with a rope with a little heavier sheath and a little less elongation. Because this rope elongates so much under a load, you'll get more wear when toproping in situations where the rope is rubbing on anything.

              I'm fairly new to climbing - both rock and...

              I'm fairly new to climbing - both rock and ice. I can only afford one rope right now and looking for something that will last, as well as be good for both rock and ice. All reviews so far make it sound like a great rope for rock... can anyone speak for it on ice as well? Any suggestions for a more versatile rope would also be greatly appreciated, if the Nomad is not recommended. Thanks!

              This is a great all around rope. Wouldn't hesitate to use it on anything. However, if you're going to be doing a lot of top roping, I'd suggest looking for a slightly larger diameter which will give you more durability. If you are leading/following, you'll be just fine.

              I'm a beginner climber, looking to put...

              I'm a beginner climber, looking to put together equipment to get going on some sport routes and I need a good rope. I've heard Petzl is a good company, but I wasn't sure if I should get a thicker rope (or maybe a less expensive one...). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

              Best Answer


              I'd try and climb on other peoples ropes to get a better feel of what you're looking for to start. If thats not possible, then this is a great rope to start with. As technology becomes better, the thinner ropes are becoming more and more durable. As for the less expensive ropes, you certainly get what you pay for, most of the time. I enjoy petzl ropes, new england, and edelweiss and don't believe you could go wrong with most any of them. The extra money you pay for in this rope also buys you a dry sheath and core which not only blocks water (which might not yet be a concern for you) but also dirt and dust that will break down a non treated rope much faster. Either way, if you'll be craigging a bit, spring for a decent rope bag, or at least keep it on a tarp out of the dirt - it'll last much much longer!

              Why does this rope have a static and dynamic...

              Why does this rope have a static and dynamic rating? Which one is it?