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Gobbles up your gear and keeps it safe from Boston to Beijing.

Imagine a hungry, hungry hippo with its jaws wide open and its leathery tough hide ready to put up with years of travel. Basically, that's the Patagonia Black Hole 60L Duffel Bag. With double-thick fabric, a waterproof coating, and adjustable backpack straps for long hauls, there's not much that this gear back can't swallow up and carry for you. Unlike the hippo, the Black Hole does have an exterior organizer pocket and a padded bottom. So in that sense, this expedition bag has the upper hand.

  • Removable shoulder straps with a padded back panel offer a comfortable long-haul carry solution
  • Double-layer fabric is abrasion-resistant and coated with water-resistant DWR to keep your gear dry
  • Four corner-mounted webbing daisy chains give you a place to tie down big loads