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Big trips call for lots of gear and food. The massive Osprey Argon 110 Backpack holds what you need for your expedition and supports the load so your back feels all right from the moment you hit the trail until you reach your alpine base camp.

  • ReCurve suspension features an HDPE framesheet, two aluminum stays, and dual aluminum rods for the active transfer of weight to your hips
  • AirScape back panel features three different foam sections for plush comfort and an integrated air chimney for supreme ventilation
  • BioForm CM A/X hip-belt features thermo-moldable foam so you can dial in the perfect fit (for info on custom molding:
  • Removable AquaSource hydration sleeve converts to a hydration pack for summit bids (water bladder not included)
  • Removable top lid converts to a lumbar pack for day-treks
  • Integrated load-lifter straps let you pull your load against your back for improved control and stability over uneven terrain
  • Interchangeable, dual-density shoulder straps easily adjust to fit both men's and women's frames
  • Top-loading access point makes packing easy, zippered side-access port lets you get to gear without having to unpack and repack everything
  • StraightJacket compression wings let you adjust the pack's volume for carrying different-sized loads
  • Osprey's recommended load range: 60 to 80 pounds
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Argon / Xenon Airscape backpanel

Ridged foam backpanel with grip mesh covering, provides superior breathability and ultra-comfortable pack to body contact. Specifically, the Argon and Xenon series backpanel has these features:

Tri-section 10mm ridged foam

Central air chimney

Drop down lumbar hipbelt attachment

Argon / Xenon Airscape backpanel


    So i Wanted a large capacity pack because i like to winter camp, And needed EXTRA room.I have used this pack for splitboarding winter trips. and summer backpacking. with a load of about 50-60 pounds i forget its on me sometimes! This pack moves with you! The hipbelt is Super comfy! I like to have all my stuff packed inside my pack! There is so much room in this pack that you can !Some people choose a nice light weight small pack and end up rigging things on the outside and that throws off balance, things get lost or broken! The only time i do that is in winter Avy shovel, skins etc. fits perfect in the stretchy pocket. I added (not sewn just added)some compression straps just above the sleeping bag compartment from the frame to the sleeping pad straps. so i can really tighten a load. I didnt think a perfect 4 season pack existed till now! Earned every star!


      Okay, this pack just arrived. IT IS THE HERCULES, THE BOSS, THE EPITOMY of a larger scale pack. I bought it for my husband for our expedition to New Zealand next year and I have never been more proud of myself after seeing this thing. It looks amazing, it's super sturdy and the room is ridiculous. We researched for the most comfortable pack of this size out there and this was the big winner. With my 5000cu in pack and him carrying this, we are well covered for a two week run. I've heard nothing but great things about this bag, so I'll for sure post more after he's taken it out. Great price for an amazing pack.

      Heather, I was concerned with this pack not being large enough. My wife and I are planning a big backpacking trip soon and she will not go for extended hikes without a fullsize air mattress taken along. So I was after a pack large enough to carry that plus all our needed gear for a few days out, looks like I would have no problem with this one. Thanks for your review I'll definitely reconsider.

      The best out there!

        I don't give many pieces of gear a 5 unless they are perfect, and this pack is. The one thing I love about these packs is that they are custom fit to your body. I am a large harness, large pack, but small or medium hip belt. Other packs I have looked at won't fit my hips correctly. This pack is rated up to 80 pounds, but you can carry more.
        This pack is so great that even with 75 pounds on my back I still can hardly feel it... not many packs can do that. It hugs the body really well and has a ton of cool features to go along with it. It is made of heavy duty material which adds a little weight, but extends the life of your pack.

        pack of packs

          the best pack i've owned, just upgraded from the largest Kelty and what a difference, much more comfortable, great space, and all the nicest fittings you could ask for. I've used it to travel for work and will test it out in a few months while backpacking around the world, must have if you need alot of space, and a comfortable well constructed bag. I used my past bag to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and for traveling instead of a suitcase and this one is fitting into this niche very nicely ...

          Best Pack 'o' the Year!

            This is the best pack I've owned. I went into the retail store of and tried on about everything. It came down to this pack and an arc'teryx. Hands down this pack was much more comfortable, plus it has a bunch more accesses and compartments than the others. I Nikwaxed it with the UV waterproofing, not that it was necessary but I'm anal! I've been on a bunch of long trips with this baby and the more I use it the more I love it! What a great pack!

            The post above is from my brother Steve, Last summer after our summer trip I picked up his pack and threw it on my back after hiking 7 miles with my old pack and I nearly cried. The Argon 110 certainly doesn't feel like a 7100 CU pack. You would never have known he had 15 pounds of Beef Jerky and Kashi bars in that beast:) Now I have to get one if they ever come back in stock!

            I am a pretty big guy. I am 6'4", and...

            I am a pretty big guy. I am 6'4", and around 290 lbs (trying to get down to 275). I was considering the Kelty Redcloud 110 for the cost, but have been wondering about the Argon 110. Any advice? Also, does the size of the pack only refer to load capacity and space, or does it have to do with the frame size as well? I assume I should certainly buy the XL. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

            I am a pretty big guy.  I am 6'4", and...

            Osprey makes some of the most comfortable and durable packs money can buy! If you need all out performance and tons of carrying space the Argon 110 is top notch. The 110 refers to the capacity of the pack while the size refers to the frame size which is a custom fit for your torso. At your size the XL will be the way to go. I am 6' 2" 225lbs and I rock an XL with a bit of room to expand so you would probably fit it just fine.

            Osprey makes some of the most comfortable and durable packs money can buy! If you need all out performance and tons of carrying space the Argon 110 is top notch.  The 110 refers to the capacity of the pack while the size refers to the frame size which is a custom fit for your torso. At your size the XL will be the way to go. I am 6' 2" 225lbs and I rock an XL with a bit of room to expand so you would probably fit it just fine.

            Hi, I am new to this having to ask Questions...

            I am new to this having to ask Questions but we do not get these packs where I come from, so what I need to know is this out of these three packs what one would you lot say is the best, MH BMG 105, Argon110 or the Gregory Denali 105. I will be in the US later this year to bry one and up grade my camping gear(we pay over the top for good camping gear in New Zealand and Australia) the pack will be doing alot of mountains,river's, hills, in and out of vehicles and planes and will be loaded up to 40kg some times but mostly around the 30 to 35kg mark.

            Thanks for all answer's


            Hey Craig,

            In my opinion, the best pack will be the one that fits you the best. I know that the Denali and the Argon are both custom-fitting (you can interchange different sized hip-belts and shoulder harnesses to better custom fit your body-type) but I don't know about he BMG...

            Also, the Argon comes with a special hipbelt that is heat-moldable so that you can get an even better fit.

            But really, when you get here to buy a pack the best solution is to find a store that carries both and try them on. That may be difficult as few retail stores carry these large packs so finding both in a store will be hard. But trying it on will be best for figuring out which will fit you best when loaded up with 30-40kg of weight... But I'm leaning towards the Argon 110 OR the Denali 105.

            I saw "Hail to the King", and immediately...

            I saw "Hail to the King", and immediately thought this was the pack I would need, but I don't think so...could someone clear up doubts for me? I'm gonna be backpacking from the Northern part of Central America to Colombia. I'm expecting the journey to be 6 months(probably less). Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

            Best Answer


            In terms of size, this pack would probably do quite well, being in the over 5000 cu in category. You could (but probably should not) go smaller depending on how often you plan to re-supply and how much you're willing to give up in exchange for weight savings. Do you have any specific concerns?

            PS if you're traveling with a partner, you can share group gear and save on overall weight.

            Happy trails!

            Help .. considering argon 110 or gregory...

            Help .. considering argon 110 or gregory 105 pro looking for experienced input before parting with the ben franklins ..scott

            Unanswered Question

            So the pack description says the xl comes...

            So the pack description says the xl comes with the large belt and harness. Is that still the case? I would like to order the xl pack for the capacity but would only need the large belt/harness.

            Is there a detatchable compartment for...

            Is there a detatchable compartment for hanging food in bear country? I know the lid detatches, but is it big enough for a weeks worth of food?

            Best Answer

            No, you maybe able to keep your toothpaste and first aid kit in there. But a weeks worth of food for me, would never fit in there. When I am in bear country. I take a hard walled food barrel..
            you are probably best getting a rollable dry sac to hang overnight. Then place in your pack or carry separately

            Like Dwayne says, it won't hold a week's worth of food. It actually detaches so it can be used as a lumbar/day pack using the waist belt that stashes away. Store your toothpaste with your food though. The standing rule of thumb is that if it goes in your mouth or on your skin, it has a scent, and it should be treated as a food item. I've seen packs torn to pieces because of sun screen left inside. Just about any stuff sack will work for hanging food, as long as you can get it up 12'.

            I am 6'4" and 300 lbs. Would the XL fit...

            I am 6'4" and 300 lbs. Would the XL fit me?

            How much does the hip pads come forward...

            How much does the hip pads come forward to cover the hips?

            And what is the length of the stays on the XL?

            Best Answer

            The fit of the hip belt is going to depend on your physical attributes. But when properly fit, both the isoform and bioform hipbelts have an ample amount of padding that will cover the sides of your hips and likely begin to wrap around the front of your body.

            I'm planning to travel North-, South- and...

            I'm planning to travel North-, South- and Central america with 3 kites for kitesurfing size 7, 10 and 14 m2, 2 bars with lines off course and 1 trapez. Besides this ordinary close on the go. Do you think it will fit in to this bag?

            Best Answer

            That's a lot of kite. I'd do a test to see how compact those kites can pack. Use your kite bag or borrow a friend's backpack to experiment. Also might want to check with the kite-maker to see if there are any problems squeezing them super tight i.e. air bladder problems, and definitely would want any battens to be removable.

            What is the average amount of weight that...

            What is the average amount of weight that is carried in a pack of this size? I am 6 ft. 150 pds., but because I have a back injury, I doubt that I could handle a pack of this size. How stable is it when fully loaded and strapped in? I find that the larger the pack and the greater the weight the more important it is to have wider and thicker shoulder and waist belts.

            Osprey packs can handle just about anything, it's all about what you can handle safely. This bag will easily carry a 60-80lb load, but I'd suggest lower than the lower end of that scale considering your frame and back issues. The weight will be distributed evenly and as comfortably as possible with the design of this pack, I'd just test the waters and see what you can carry comfortably and use that for a reference before going out and purchasing such a large scale item. They have it in smaller cu in sizes.

            Staying between 40 to 50% of your body rate is good. going more than that could potentially be not so good.
            BUT, if you are in good shape and backpack or mountaineer a fair amount you could end up caring a much heavier load. Mountaineering backpacks can be much heavier due to ropes and more gear. Having a good backpack that fits you is most important.
            The Volume of the pack has nothing to do with it. it how much you put in it that matters. Most Osprey packs you can also switch out waiste belts.
            i have been leading backpacking trips in winter and summer for 5 years now, and i have the 85 and it is plenty big. But i have friends that have the 110 and say it nice to have a little extra room.

            I'm going to Europe this summer and instead...

            I'm going to Europe this summer and instead of taking regular suitcase, i would rather be more mobile and bring a backpack. I've got camera gear and a laptop, and basically everything else will just be clothes. Would this be a good backpack to buy? If not, which one would?

            Best Answer

            First, doing Europe with the backpack rather than suitcase is absolutely the way to go. This is the sort of pack that you should buy for a NOLS course. I would do something different for backpacking Europe. We have used packs that are more geared for "travel" rather than backpacking. They typically have zip off day packs and fewer straps and/or a zip over cover for the hip and shoulder belt so you don't need an overbag to check it without worrying about it coming out of the baggage area missing a shoulder strap.. Osprey makes some targeted at this application.. I have found it better off to organize in stuff sacks/cubes rather than have a lot of pockets on the bag, but that is my organizational style. Good luck. Also might look up Rick Steeves on the web - best "low to the ground" travel guides and his site will have more advice about bags.

            would this be a good pack to bring winter...

            would this be a good pack to bring winter mountaineering in the ADKs.. if not what would be a better pack

            i know it says there are no ski carry loops...

            i know it says there are no ski carry loops but i was curious weather anyone found a good way to rig the pack up to carry some skis?

            Best Answer

            The Osprey Switch series of packs aren't nearly as large as the Argon series, but they are specifically designed for snowsports. You can attach skis, snowboards and snowshoes with ease. However, these packs are designed for day trips, so that might not be what you're looking for.

            I really want this pack but the ordering...

            I really want this pack but the ordering guide wont let me pick a size small is there anyway that I can get this in a small?

            Is the Osprey Argon 110 Backpack made with...

            Is the Osprey Argon 110 Backpack made with water resistant material? What material is it made out of?

            Best Answer

            The "High-Tenacity Nylon" pack material is water resistant to a point. I would not recommend exposing any pack to sustained rainfall for prolonged periods of time without water intrusion occurring. The addition of a pack cover would definitely be beneficial in this case.