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Great Shell!

    This is an awesome jacket. I have only had good experience with Norrøna and their products. It does have a longer fit overall and does cover your butt about halfway so this may or may not be a draw/turn off for some. I did find that the sleeves were a bit bulky but that is just my experience. I have yet to have the durability issue of the cinches stated by vic. I would definitely recommend this jacket, especially if you can snap it on sale.

    Good good jacket

      This is my first Norrona jacket (and product) and I was positively delighted when I received the jacket. When on sale, it is definitely a steal. I'm 6'2, 180 and I got it in L. The fit is really good, the sleeves are perfect (finally a jacket with long sleeves) and the body length is really not too short. In L, I have plenty of room to add some extra layers and I think that for those being after a tighter fit, a size M would be even better.
      After few days on the slopes, I can report that the windproofing as well as the waterproofing are excellent. You really feel bomber, despite Dri3 being lighter than the Gore-Tex competition (in three layers).
      I have some concerns thought that the jacket won't hold up that well after several weeks of abuse: wearing a backpack, I noticed that the material was already weakened by frictions between the elastic cord at the waistline and the padding of the backpack.
      I would say that the jacket is still a perfect choice, just that longevity will come with a bit of care. It is not a 3L Gore-Tex jacket so don't expect the same level of toughness.

      Rad Jacket

        Definitely diggin this jacket. I was a bit nervous about how thin the material was but it's proven to be pretty solid. I'm thinking that being so thin, it'll be an excellent option year round.

        Love the cut. The sleeves are great for going over the gloves. I'm 6'1 170lbs and went with the XL. The length is great and works well for not having a powder skirt. Perfect for layering as well.

        I've gotten a lot of compliments on the caviar with blue zippers. Adds a nice bit of flare without looking like a smurf.

        Awesome Jacket!

          I was not too sure what I was buying, I will be honest went into ordering it blind. Never heard of Norrona before, did not know how good the product would be. Let me tell you, right after opening the plastic I fell in love with the jacket. Surprisingly I wore it the second day after buying it because it was raining up on campus. It did everything it was supposed to! I really like the slim fit (athletic) fit of the jacket. I ordered the Caviar and the colors look awesome, got tons of compliments on it and I have only had it for three days! Sick jacket for use anywhere where it is going to rain, even just as a normal shell. Norrona has gained my respect!

          Zipper color mismatch

          Zipper color mismatch

          Looks and fits nice, durability embarassing

            Never heard of this brand but when I saw the Svalbard pop up on the BC Labor Day sale for $200 I decided to take a chance based upon the many positive reviews it received. I really wanted to love this jacket for the upcoming winter season, but after two separate plastic pieces broke in under 2 minutes, I quickly got an RMA number.Appearance: I really liked the Caviar with Blue Zipper combo, however I was a little disappointed when I noticed the rubber zipper pulls which attach to the metal zipper pulls are actually a lighter shade of blue then the zipper tape. Enough that I can see the difference from 5' away.Fit: 6'/185LBS/33" Waist/43R suit jacket/Athletic build. I choose a Large and it fit perfect IMO. I could place two fists on top of each other between my the center of my chest and the inside of the jacket. My hands cupped the bottom of the jacket (Approximately 8" below my natural belt line). The hood was large enough to accommodate any size helmet, so much so that wearing the hood without one on looked kinda silly unless it was completely cinched down in the back which I also think looks a little weird by itself.The underarm vents open up right into the jacket, there is no mesh at all to keep out snow/rain/misc. The main zipper pull is on the left side of the jacket, which is opposite of what most men are accustomed too. Normally men's zippers are on the right and women's are on the left. I'm not sure if this tradition exists in Norway. The main zipper has only one zipper, IE. You cannot zip the top up and then unzip a little from the bottom. The zipper pits are small and it takes an extra step to zip the zippers into them. Starting the main zipper took me about 4 - 5 seconds. I tried several times and each time I had to put a lot of force into getting it started. When unzipping the main zipper from a completely zipped up state, the zipper tends to catch around the neck line where the form of the jacket changes to accommodate the chest. Again, this requires you to hold the jacket with your off hand in order to easily unzip it past this point. The sleeves are too long for my liking but that seems to be the style these days. They extended approximately 1.5" past my wrist, requiring the velcro straps to be used to fit correctly.Technical Aspects: There is one additional pocket not mentioned on That is the interior mesh Napoleon pocket above the right pec (Behind the Norrona Label, but on the inside.) There exists an elastic cinch cord around the belt line that is accessed via each of the front lower pockets. This can be seen in the photo of the inside of the jacket, it is the black tape. There also exists an elastic cinch cord around the bottom of the jacket. The belt cinch is held in place by a plastic alligator jaw piece that pinches the elastic, this pieces is then glued into the plastic pull which I have photographed. I released the clamp on the cinch cord and pulled on the pull, with very little force, the alligator jaw was ripped out of the pull and the elastic cord disappeared into the hole wrapping around the back. I managed to get the cord back out and tied a knot through the end to secure it. At this point I was disappointed but figured I'd live with it because it could have just been a poor glue job and the fact that it can only be seen when you pull the pockets inside out. I then proceeded to pinch the clamp on the bottom cinch cord and tighten it up. Upon doing so, the plastic clamp broke, the top piece flew out and so did the spring. Please don't accuse me of using to much force. I baby my things and it broke with almost zero effort. I put the pieces back together and decided to RMA it.Bottom line: If you are buying a Norrona product that has no technical features, IE, A base layer or fleece, than I think it compares very nicely to Arc'Teryx but when you started adding technical features, IE, cinch cords, zip pits, hoods, underarm vents, it falls way behind in quality.

            too long

              Nice jacket but much too long and I'm 6'4"

              Really wanted to keep the jacket but...

                Great long length--a pet peeve of mine is short rain jackets--seemed perfect for sailing/hiking. Styling is wonderful--no bulk. Long length in some jackets translates to bulky feel--not so here (just do not have a beer gut, guys). Blue was great color--two tone fabric better styling than the solid color now so prevelent in what other companies are offering. I would have kept it but the long zipper was surrounded by very stiff material and something in construction happened that caused a pucker mid-chest--funky. Hood is incredible--you can get through a real storm with it and plenty of room for hat/helmet if needed. Wanted to keep the jacket in the worst way, and would have tried exchanging but Medium size in color was gone. If you can find color/size that works, I recommend the jacket. Was unable to test waterproof claims, but the fabric and seams look to be up to the task.

                Well made

                  I had never heard of this brand, but when I tried it on I knew they had put time into designing it. It forms to my body and breaths (heat in, moisture out) perfectly. I have gone running, sailing, and skiing in it and I seem to like it more every time. Great coat.

                  Write your question here...hey, would this...

                  Write your question here...hey, would this be a good ski jacket if you layered up underneath? seems pretty waterproof, if anyone would know itd be a great help

                  Can this jacket be used for snowboarding...

                  Can this jacket be used for snowboarding?

                  Best Answer

                  Why wouldn't you be able to use it for snowboarding haha? But yes you can, Its a pretty light shell so layering is key. Got the Under Armour Amourloft jacket and this jacket and thats good to about 5 degrees, might put on another midweight sweatshirt if it was colder but the jacket its self provides no warmth and just blocks out the wind and rain which is all u need. Cant wait to use this in heavy snows in AK.

                  Unanswered Question

                  I am 5'7'' 145 lbs and was wondering what...

                  I am 5'7'' 145 lbs and was wondering what size might be best. I understand that this jacket has a trimmer more european fit, would a medium be too large? Also, how would this compare to a gore tex paclite product, or a good 3 layer shell, could I wear this snowboarding or mountaineering in winter?

                  Unanswered Question

                  Just picked this jacket up in the 48hr...

                  Just picked this jacket up in the 48hr sale and was wondering if anyone else has had durability issues like the ones mentioned below by vic?

                  Hey I have been trying to decide between...

                  Hey I have been trying to decide between this Norrona and the Westcomb mirage jacket. Ive heard awesome things about eVent but not as much about this Dri3. I mainly hike and camp at around 4000 ft. in Blueridge mountains. Any suggestions?

                  I have owned both Dri3 and eVent. I returned my event jacket because even though it is more breathable than gore-tex it really needs pit zips. I would go with dri3 because it seemed to stand up better to abuse then eVent for me. Also I would go with Norrona. This brand is incredible and I buy all of my stuff from them now. If you are looking for a a good wateproof shell that combines both form and function I would highly recomend this jacket. I have the green with red zippers and the color scheme is pretty sweet too.

                  Hello, If a Large is ordered, will...


                  If a Large is ordered, will automatically ship a European XL?

                  I'm 6'3 180lbs, and I'm looking for an athletic fit... any recomendations?

                  Also, I'm planning on using this jacket for alpine touring... Will the dri 3 fabric hold up? Would you say that the dri3 is similar in weight to the Gore-tex Paclite material?

                  Any input would be appreciated...


                  Best Answer

                  I am 6'3 1/2", 184 lbs and wear 42L suit jacket. I bought size large last year and fit is excellent. Can wear it alone or with one or two layers. I have a mountain hardwear with goretex paclite and Dri3 is much stronger and warmer, maybe good for temps 20 degrees colder than paclite. It is more like two or three layer goretex. I wore this all last year skiing and boarding at 9000ft, 5-20 degree temp, and high winds and felt bullet proof. I have a high metabolism and tend to run hot, and i was amazed at how well this vents moisture.

                  Unanswered Question

                  Is this jacket lined with mesh or anything?...

                  Is this jacket lined with mesh or anything? Or is it just the outer material? Are the pockets lined? Is there an interior pocket?


                  I realize this is not a "ski specific"...

                  I realize this is not a "ski specific" shell but would this work well for skiing? I am 6'5 and 165lbs so tall and skinny and i cant find jackets that fit well. Could this be the one?

                  I`ve just tried the blue and the black version. I`m 6"4 and 186 lbs, so somewhat between skinny and normal. Beware that these are HUGE. They have a great torso lenght, which seems to be too short in all other jackets I try. Comparing it to the usual length of softshell jackets in XL, this is about 4 inches longer. But the cut is not slim at all. I have the Norröna Svalbard Flex1 here, too, and it's good in XL, but for the Dri3, I will need an L.

                  I see this is an older question, but just to add fit info for other tall guys... I'm 6'4" and around 235, "somewhat athletic" build. Suit: 46 or 48 XL. I bought the Dri3 in size XL and I'm very happy with the fit. Body is not overly fitted, but is also not bulky, I can fit a fleece beneath it without feeling like a sausage. Sleeves and body are perfectly long enough and don't rise up much even when lifting arms overhead. So far I love the fit.