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NEMO Equipment managed to squeeze a whopping 36 square feet of interior space and another 22 square feet of vestibule storage into the Meta 2P 2-Person 3-Season Tent. This ultralight special weighs under three pounds and pairs with your trekking poles for support. The whole thing even packs down to just five by seven inches, which means it hardly takes more space than a jacket in your pack.

  • Fully seam-taped waterproof design seals the weather out when Mother Nature's in a foul mood
  • Well-placed anchor points let you secure your trekking poles to the tent and give it solid structure (no slipping, no sagging)
  • Don't like trekking poles? Just bring along plenty of P-cord and sling the tent between two sturdy trees
  • Unlike the single-wall tents of yesteryear, this tent features excellent ventilation ports to keep condensation from getting out of control
  • Multiple mesh interior pockets keep your small items organized and within easy reach
  • Footprint available separately
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Head room

This is the Marmot Arroyo size regular sleeping bag. Equal distance from each end. I am 71" and this is the room I have (plenty!) at each end while sleeping on a z-rest.

Head room

The good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I just got back from backpacking in Wisconsin. This was my first experience with the Meta 2P.

Set up was a breeze. Followed the instructions attached to the bag (not that they were needed) and had the tent up in a few short minutes. It started raining shortly after. From my initial setup I had the hiking polls set at around 130cm. This created a huge gap under the vestibules, which allowed rain easier access to my gear. This was disappointing at first, until I realized I could drop the polls to 120cm to lower the vestibule bottom to just a couple inches off the ground.

Second thing I noticed, the large NeoAir (2.5" thickness) along with my 71" does not provide as much room as I had hoped (I was a lot higher off the ground and had the roof lower than usual). My head and toes were maybe 1-2" from the slanted roof on each side. The Z-rest would be a much better match with this tent and someone taller since it is a fraction of the thickness.

There was condensation inside the tent in the morning as well as on my sleeping bag by my mouth where I was breathing all night. I found out when I got home that the temperature had dropped to 26F that early morning, and the humidity was 100% all night with absolutely no breeze. Any tent in these given conditions would have had considerable condensation buildup. I could have raised the roof back up and opened the vestibules, allowing for more circulation inside the tent. I opened up the vestibules in the morning, went for a hike, and by the time I got back everything was dry again.

Overall this is one of the most sturdy tents I have owned. It is very lightweight, compact, super easy setup and take down. I'd say this is the perfect tent for dryer climates. If you expect lots of rain, or are taller than me, you will want to find a different tent.

No trekking poles? No problem!

    I haven't had much time with this tent but i set it up just in time for a pretty bad storm. It rained for 8-12 hours straight as well as 40mph gusts of wind. I dont use trekking poles so i bought a ortovox aluminum light probe and cut the string. To my amazement the probe worked perfectly as 2 poles!

    Great construction, Fully taped seams and repels water amazingly!The tent was just as sturdy as any 4 season tent I have been in (which shocked me because of how light weight). Overall I would trust this tent to do 4 season tasks even though it would be a little chilly.

    Definitely buy with confidence!

    nice, very nice

      I prefer freestanding tents but got this primarily because of its small packed size. At 5x7, it's 13 inches shorter than the amazing REI Quarter Dome T2.

      Setup was straight forward: Stake 4 corners, 2 vestibule straps, stick your trekking poles into the large rings, lift and and adjust length. The tent is made of polyurethane nylon which has some stretch in it - like stretchy jeans. This helps keep the tension tight as the weather temperature fluctuates.

      Excellent attention to detail and it looks great.

      nice, very nice

      highly interested to get a light tent for...

      highly interested to get a light tent for backpacking would this be comfortable to fit two people (6ft, 5.6ft) and a labrador? dont mind if I Sacarifce on space as I have a 5lb marmot tent for that, more care about pack weight then anything else. I also live on the westcoast which means constant rain does this hold up well with Rain?


      The tent is awesome and HUGE (if you include the vestibules).

      I'm 5.10 and am comfortable in it. At 6ft, you'll be fine (though your bag may touch an edge on one side or the other.

      As for the dog, if his shelter is in a vestibule - should be just fine.

      How tall should trekking poles be for a...

      How tall should trekking poles be for a comfortable, stable pitch? Are adjustable poles advantageous for any reason? I use non-adjustable 110cm poles and wondering if they're too short.

      For anyone who owns this tent: Would someone...

      For anyone who owns this tent: Would someone who is 6' 2" be comfortable in here. I know the floor dimensions say I would fit but I hate it when my feet and head touch the sides of the slanted wall.

      how light was meta 1 compared to meta 2?...

      how light was meta 1 compared to meta 2? And which will you buy even if you are just trekking alone?..I am woman of small ht,,Can anyone tell me which will be better to choose,,im really confused about the features weight and specifications weight?,,Thank you ! Have a nice day!

      Best Answer

      The trail weight (2lb 15oz) of the Meta 2P is the weight of just the tent body. The packaged weight (3lb 9oz) is going to include the stakes and waterproof stuff sack that is included. The Meta 1P has a trail weight of 1lb 15oz, and a packaged weight of 2lb 8oz.

      I own the Meta 2P and love it. It packs small and is very light weight even for a solo hiker. I'm 5'11" and have plenty of head/feet room, so if you are shorter you will love the amount of space. If weight is more important than to you than space, go with the Meta 1P. I actually opted for the GoLite Shangri-La 1 fly and nest, over the Meta 1P, because I like the versatility of it.

      Has anyone had any condensation issues...

      Has anyone had any condensation issues with this tent? I have a Nemo Gogo bivy and love it. Even with a single wall I don't have any complaints about the bivy, and I've spent quite some time in it up here in Alaska. I've seen some bad reviews for this tent on REI's website due to condensation. Any problems, or are they just whiners?

      I'm sure you read my review already, but the most moisture I've seen using this tent was condensation on the ceiling above my head and on my sleeping bag around my my mouth. Given the conditions, this would have occurred in any tent without a doubt. It had rained, there was no breeze all night, it dropped to 30�, and 100% humidity all night. I had no moisture on the floor of the tent, and I used a small pack towel to wipe up the ceiling condensation.

      The design of this tent provides decent ventilation for a single wall tent, but doens't prevent condensation

      On the Nemo website, it lists the Meta 2p...

      On the Nemo website, it lists the Meta 2p as 4-Season Backpacking but it's listed here as a 3-Season tent. Which is it?

      Best Answer

      Hey Dan,

      Not a 4-season tent in the traditional sense of bomber single wall tents that most people would associate with winter use, that's for sure. Maybe if winter=rain only, but with trekking poles for support, the shape, wind and snow, I see enough problems to know that it would be staying at home for everything beyond 3-seasons if I was the one using it.