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  • Nalgene - Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle - 32oz - Blue
  • Nalgene - Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle - 32oz - Red
  • Nalgene - Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle - 32oz - Grey
  • Nalgene - Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle - 32oz - Spring Green
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  • Nalgene - Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle - 32oz - Blue
  • Nalgene - Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle - 32oz - Red
  • Nalgene - Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle - 32oz - Grey
  • Nalgene - Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle - 32oz - Spring Green

Nalgene Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle - 32oz

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    280 Reviews


    BPA be damned.

    One minute BPA studies find to be harmless, the next minute it's poison. Let the scientists have their debates while you sip from the BPA-free Nalgene Wide Mouth Tritan Bottle. This Backcountry-emblazoned bottle gives you 32-ounces of drinking pleasure. Nalgene made this dishwasher-safe Eastman Tritan copolyester bottle right here in the good ol' USA. For the paranoids out there: Recycling code #7=further proof it doesn't have BPA.
    • Item #EQU0030

    Tech Specs

    Eastman Tritan copolyester
    32 oz
    Recommended Use
    drinkin' in BPA-free bliss
    Manufacturer Warranty

    Tech Specs

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    Classic water bottle

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Looks awesome, and works like it should.

    Holds Liquids Like a Champ!

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    It's a bottle. It's made of plastic. Close the lid and your liquid stays conveniently contained in the bottle! What more could you want.

    Holds Water

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    We have multiple nalgene bottles in this shape and the narrow mouth as well. They last forever and can go with you anywhere.

    A water bottle

      Has a lid, holds water and is durable. What more is their to say? Also featuring the Goat. This water bottle is great.

      A backpacking classic

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I've been using this style Nalgene while backing since I was 15 and I will continue to use it on all my future backing trips. It is a sturdy bottle with measurements in both milliliters and ounces down the side. 1 bottle is typically enough to make to mountain house bags and some hot cocoa.

      Simply the best...

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I allways have in my backpacking mountain trips.

      Simply the best...

      A staple in my hiking pack

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I use these bottles for everything from hiking to camping to making sure I drink enough water in any given day. Love that they are not too expensive, we lose water bottles frequently and need to replace them every now and then.

      Proven durability and simplicity

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      There are more choices for water bottles today than ever. Your selection ranges from insulated, plastic, metal, double wall, single wall, and on and on. So really the choice is yours and chances are there are several options available offering the features you want. This bottle offers a simply and proven design.

      Though this bottle is plastic and is not a double wall design it does have it's merits. First is the large opening which allows for ice cubes to easily fit. This also makes cleaning the bottle extremely easy. Sure your ice won't last as long in this bottle as in a double wall bottle, but chances are this bottle will last much longer than any double wall bottle available. I've dropped one of these from 40ft up and watched as it bounced off rocks only to discover it was still holding every ounce of water it contained before that mishap.

      Bottom line: If you're looking for a durable water bottle that can hold ice and is easy to clean then this is one to consider. Plus this bottle has even more style seeing as it rocks the Goat!

      Nice and cheap

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      After loosing more expensive water bottles over and over I've come to the conclusion that these can't be beat for the price.

      It's good at holding water.

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      And probably other stuff too. I like it. you will too. Buy it and stay hydrated, your body will thank yo.

      The traveling bottle

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Great for anything and everything. Also, the "red" photo that is orange is not correct. Its quite red.

      The traveling bottle

      The Best.

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Nothing beats drinking out of Nalgene after a long hike. Super durable, classic water bottle. I add a splash guard to discourage that "raging river" spillage situation that often happens when I drink overzealous-ly. I really love the wide mouth, easy-to-clean design. And, best part, when I'm super cold or have a stomach ache, I just add some hot, boiled water in there and use it as a heating pad!

      The One

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      My trusty Nalgene wide-mouth bottle is the one item that accompanies me everywhere I go. Simple and indestructible. If you don't lose it, it'll last you a lifetime.

      Still the best

        Simple, strong, and the perfect size. Drop it off your roof and watch it bounce

        Hydration station!

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        I really wanted something that would hold a lot of water, but not be as large as a camelbak. It is the perfect size, I drink one before lunch and then after lunch, which helps me stay hydrated and I can always make sure I've had at least 64 oz of water in a day. The blue color is also fun and the goat looks great. It also fits perfectly into the side pocket of all my backpacks so it is great for hiking.

        Drink Water

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        BPA free and the best bottle out there. I use it every day and it helps me stay hydrated where I might not be as much without it. The big "Drink Water" snowboard sticker definitely helps. Save the earth and stop buying disposable water bottles! Water is (for the most part) free. I personally like the narrow mouth so it's easier to drink without spilling, but the wide mouth is nice because you can throw some ice cubes in there.

        Drink Water


          Go to bottle. Strong, lightweight, and has a goat. Easy to keep track of how much water I'm drinking during the day.

          Does anyone know if BC will carry these in orange anytime soon?

          Hey Will,

          Does not look like we have any orange or other colors of the 32 oz. Tritan Nalgenes on order at this time.

          Kyle L. - Expert Gearhead

          Thanks for the help, Kyle!

          Does the red bottle have the measurements...

          Does the red bottle have the measurements on it also? Not showing in photo. Thanks.

          will the gray ones be back any time...

          will the gray ones be back any time soon?

          Best Answer

          Hey Nikita Ryzhov,

          Thanks for your question.

          We do have an order of all colors, grey included, coming in at the first or second week of May.

          will Nalgene continue to produce stainless...

          will Nalgene continue to produce stainless steel 32oz bottles and where can i get one?

          It looks like they're still making them but are having problems with their supplier.

          Try this, but better hurry up since there are only 2 left.

          why dont you guys just get a berkey bottle...

          why dont you guys just get a berkey bottle and do away with all the dumb expensive external filters and the extra weight?

          Hey there, while the "filter in bottle" design is great it has its downfalls... mainly in filtered amount/hour (I am not going to squeeze/pour/etc from a bottle to my bladder, etc)... I don't know about you but I drink a lot of water on the trial, so filling the "filter in a bottle" each time would drive me nuts... I like to be able to hook my filter up to my water bladder and just fill it up and be done... also nothing beats a standard bottle for all around versatility like this...Your question/statement seems to have derailed me from this product completely, maybe your question/statement should go onto a water filter product page?

          Sorry, maybe this was in the wrong section. Also, I dont use bladders because they always fail. I only use bottles on the trail. I have a dromedary for base camp, though, that i hang from a tree. But I dont use it in a pack because smashing and squeezing them causes failure. Bladders are just unreliable in a survival situation.

          Does anyone know how many pounds of pressure...

          Does anyone know how many pounds of pressure these things can take?

          I dont know the pounds of pressure it's can take...but it fall of from my hand from a cliff (20meter) and still working!!!

          I use mine at work and a 30,000 lb tracked excavator ran over it without damage. I figure that was enough to convince me that it will take some serious pressure. Of course, the cap is the weakest point for use as a pressure vessel.

          Would anyone know where I could find a...

          Would anyone know where I could find a Nalgene splash guard?

          Best Answer

          try one of these two-

          Here is the Amazon link with multiple selections to go along with Phil's links.

          humangear capCAP. this thing is awesome, I have two...

          When will Backcountry have more of the...

          When will Backcountry have more of the blue ones?

          Inventory questions do not tend to get answered on here. Use the "Chat Now" feature or call 1-800-409-4502 and talk to a BC rep.

          When did a nalgene start to cost $12, plus...

          When did a nalgene start to cost $12, plus $6.99 shipping? I remember when had better prices and more reasonable shipping.

          Best Answer

          They're 9.95 at or in any REI store. It'll cost them 5.99 to ship it. So maybe is charging more because their name is on it. But, for the record, this nalgene costs 11.41 cents, not 12 dollars. Even if you were to round it (11.50 or 11 would be acceptable), 12 dollars is incorrect, unless you're an investment banker who likes magic math, government bailouts, and unsustainable business practices. Furthermore, has a retail store in Salt Lake City, UT and I'm sure they wouldn't charge you the shipping if you drove, flew, rode a bike, or crawled from where ever you call home. As the cost of doing business goes up (these plastics are petroleum based and oil isn't cheap just now), so too does the cost to the consumer. Funny how the economy is related. So you could either pay the 18.40, buy more stuff and get free shipping, or go else where for your coveted nalgene. I'm sure a local outdoor retailer has the same product for a similar price with no shipping charges and a much less generous return policy than

          The $11 for the bottle is 100% reasonable considering you could throw it off a cliff and shatter it to pieces and pick up a few of them and send it back and get a new one...
          and shipping really isnt that bad if you think about it because someone has to read that order, go pull that order, package that order(pay for box+tape+your sticker+packing material), and finally pay UPS to ship it...
          Now if you order 20 things that shipping either goes away or stays the same up to $50 so sure if you order one thing it might not be the best price but its justifiable

          It is tough to find a better deal than what BC offers, (free shipping over $50). I wait to place my order until I can reach that amount and it ships free. It isn't like you can't locate a Nalgene bottle quickly if you really need one.

          Wow. Everyone's so excited about defending And so grouchy. You can get a Nalgene shipped free to your local REI. But then, you wouldn't have that coveted logo...

          does anyone know, will all the accessories...

          does anyone know, will all the accessories (filters and the like) that fit this 32oz bottle also fit the 48oz one? i drink a lot and the 48oz is looking appealing.

          Why is it so hard to find dimensions for...

          Why is it so hard to find dimensions for items? How tall/wide etc. Most items sold here need to fit somewhere. I like to be able to stack multiple items together or figure out before I buy if it will fit in my pack/pouches. More info from the site would be nice but can anyone measure this for me?

          Best Answer

          Google is your friend= 8.5 in height x 3.5 in diameter & weight is 6.2 oz

          I thought recycle #7 was bad - meaning...

          I thought recycle #7 was bad - meaning BPA??? Can anyone clear this up? This bottle doesn't say BPA-free on it anywhere but can I still assume it is so?

          Best Answer

          #7 is the "other" category, meaning a wide range of materials can fall within it. The Tritan material Nalgene uses is a copolyester and does not contain BPA. Also, the last sentence of the product description may use poor grammer, but it still says: "it's doesn't have BPA."

          Grammar corrected, and FYI, #7 means it's not the old-style of Lexan bottles which were, I believe, labeled #5. Thanks Laura!

          do they sell a inset for the mouth that...

          do they sell a inset for the mouth that essential is a cover with a smaller sipping mouth for this?

          Best Answer

          You want a Guyot Designs Splashguard, but they're no longer manufactured. REI and such might still have them in stock, so have a look around, but otherwise I think you're SOL.

          I just bought the Guyot designs splashguard from Sierra Trading Post. It was only a few bucks, but since it is discontinued the only styles left have some silly printing on them (I settled for an alien head on mine).

          REI had some as of today when I was in there, I would try to avoid ones with printing on them, it makes me nervous as I'm sure it comes off at some point.

          Nalgene also makes a splashguard, I'm pretty sure you can buy it from their website. Not as decorative as Guyot's but they look like they'd work.