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MSR made the Packtowl Personal Towels with a soft, quick-drying fabric and an antimicrobial treatment, so you won't have to carry a soggy, musty rag on your camping trip. The bath, body, hand, and face-size towels fold up and fit your pocket. The Packtowl's serged edges won't fray, and a snap loop makes this towel easy to hang-dry. Choose the bath size for long trips, and the smaller sizes for short trips to the pool.

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Good Towels

    These towels are great. They are fairly absorbent, soft to the touch, pack small, and are light weight. Having said that, I will say that other reviewers exaggerate how quickly they dry, and how absorbent they are. After reading other reviews, I half way expected the small towel to be able to dry an elephant and be ready for round two after 5 minutes. I got the L and it didn't wrap entirely around my waist (32" waist), which is fine. After a shower, the L dried my body fine, but was damp by the end. It dried quicker than a normal towel, but not unbelievably so. Bottom line; they work well for my purposes. I wanted a towel that did the trick, was light weight, and packed small for backpacking trips. I'm happy.

    Simply Adequate

      I had higher expectations for this pack towel. We used these towels to dry off tent equipment before stowing everything away. I wasn't able to ring out more than a couple drops of liquid. This towel stayed damp for the duration of the trip... It would dry over night, but when stored in my pack it was always damp. Not to mention, it was difficult folding this towel back into the little mesh sack in which in came

      Sweet little towel

        I've seen Packtowels dry faster than this lil guy. I've seen them ring out better. Rarely have I seen one soak up so much and be ready for more. I use it to dry off after dips; full body and shorts and after 3 minutes I am dry. It's tough and well constructed, super light and easy to attach to your bag inside or out.

        This towel is a good idea.

        The perfect go to towel

          Whether you need to wipe the sweat from your brow during a hot days hike, clean out that cooking pot from your backcountry lunch, or wipe off the excess water off your camelback bladder before shoving it back in your pack, this little baby can handle it and more. This is a must have item that stores easily in your cargo pocket. Let the strap hang out and pull when needed!

          pretty cool

            its a towel. it functions as such. attached stuff sack is nice. it absorbs more than you would think. i like the loop...allows you to hang it to dry without worrying about it blowing away or having to weigh it down. i havent had it for a long time, so i can not attest to its durability, but i like MSR and i dont think i will have any problems. i got this one in medium. i also use the MSR ultralite in medium and the nano in medium. I like the ultralite the best b/c the sack is attached and it seems to absorb more by weight than the nano or personal packtowls.

            Out of this world towel!

              It's always important to carry a towel (If you don't believe me check the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!) With this baby, you've got all your bases covered, super soft, super absorbent, and very compact! The pouch is fantastic for keeping the towel from getting frayed from being in your pack. The large size is great for most people, because you can use it around camp, or for yourself.

              Soak it Up

                MSR towels are by far the best on the market. They are soft, super absorbent and have a handy snap to hang dry on pretty much anything. the M size is perfect for me, big enough to get most of me dry, but small enough where it is not a burden to pack. The pack bag that it comes with is a nice touch, preventing it from being lost or snagged inside a pack. washing it as soon as you get it makes it super soft right off the bat. Great towel and definetley worth the money!

                Very nice towel

                  I like this way better than the msr original pack towl fabric. The packlite is stiff, while this is much softer and does a better job soaking up water on a tent fly or floor. I have the XL which is WAY too large for backpacking, but I still take it with me every time, and will until I order a medium.

                  Lux camping

                    I'm typically a minimalist when it comes to camping, I never carry more than what will fit in my 40 liter pack and haven't used a tent in years. But this towel has found a permanent home in my pack. Folded up it's so small that it doesn't really take up any room or add any weight. It's really nice to be able to wash and dry my face while camping and it's nice to be able to dry off after swimming in an icy river instead of shivering on rocks waiting to dry. Great travel towel too. The only thing I don't like is that it's impossible to wipe it across wet skin. It sticks to your skin you you have to pat dry. I used this without washing probably 10 times before it started to stink.

                    Gets the job done just right.

                      Soft, shammy type feel but gets the job done, theres always a dry square somewhere on it. Packs up very small - even the XL.The clips nice to hang it on branches to dry as well. Dry's fast and is definitely worth the cost to eliminate a big bulky towel, or drying yourself on your shirts.

                      MSR Packtowel - various sizes

                        The extra large was more than adequate for each of my family after swimming. The towels are soft (more so than I expected). They seem a bit like a chamois. Seem to hold lots of water and dry faster than a regular towel. We were backpacking and did have to pack some up damp, though, that didn't dry overnight. The only down-side and reason for taking off one star, was that the loop for hanging is pretty fragile. We pulled the entire snap off the fabric completely, with the first use of one of the towels. They are marked 'pull this side' so it seems this is a common problem. If you pull the wrong side the entire snap and loop comes off the fabric permanently. The snap and loop part seems cheaply done and not at all sturdy. Otherwise a good purchase.

                        For backpacking the large would probably be fine as a personal towel. We used two mediums for dishes. The small is the size of a washcloth but came in handy for us also.

                        Please tell me the redeeming features of...

                        Please tell me the redeeming features of this towel. Going on a backpacking trip.

                        Hey guys to get straight to the point im...

                        Hey guys to get straight to the point im extremely confused with all the options, im most likely going to get a medium size for general use and for use as a towel... Which is the more durable material out of the msr towells and the S2S drylite towel, they seem to be the better option, i want a lightweight tough absorbent quick drying towel, cheers !

                        i wonder how soft it is? anybody can give...

                        i wonder how soft it is? anybody can give some light,thanks in advance

                        is this towel have a shamy like feel?

                        is this towel have a shamy like feel?