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  • Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets - 30-Pack One Color

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  • Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets - 30-Pack One Color

Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets - 30-Pack


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    • One Color, 30 Pack
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    Katadyn Micropur Tablets provide fresh drinking water anywhere you go.

    Katadyn Micropur MP1 is the latest addition to Katadyn's Ultralight Series. This little tablet does it all. Micropur MP1 is the only product of its kind, EPA registered as a microbiological water purifier. Micropur MP1 tablets release chlorine dioxide, the same substance used in municipal drinking water plants worldwide. So not only is the water safe to drink, it also tastes great. Tablets are individually sealed for longest shelf life (5 years). Each of the 30 tablets included treats 1 liter of water. Wait time is as follows: 15 minutes for Viruses and Bacteria in all water, 30 minutes for Crypto and Giardia in normal water (60ºF, clear water), and 4 hours for Crypto in worst case water (39º F, very dirty, slightly acidic water, i.e. the kind you'd want to double pump with a purifier). **INCLUDES 30 TABLETS.
    • Item #EXT0040

    Tech Specs

    Purifying Element
    chlorine dioxide
    Purification Time
    (virus and bacteria) 15 min, (Crypto and Giardia) 30 min, (Crypto in wosrt-case water) 4 hour
    1 L per 1 packet

    Tech Specs

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    Here's what others have to say...

    5 5

    Did the trick, no bad taste

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Used a copious amount of these during a camping trip in the Uintas. The water was pretty clean anyway, but we used these to make sure. 1 tablet per liter, 30 min wait, and no bad taste. Nobody got sick either. Recommended.

    Will these tablets cause stainless steel...

    Will these tablets cause stainless steel water bottles to corrode?

    Best Answer

    Katadyn has stated that Micropur tablets are safe to use in stainless steel bottles if the tablets are used as directed.

    If I filled a 3 liter Camelbak Antidote...

    If I filled a 3 liter Camelbak Antidote Reservoir with flowing stream water in the mountains, would three of these tablets completely purify the full three liters or would tripling up not have the same effect as one tablet with only one liter of water?

    Best Answer

    Three tablets would purify three liters in one bag just as well as doing it one liter at a timer. Make sure you bleed the system after 5-10 minutes once the tablets are fully dissolved, then again after 20-25 minutes to flush any bacteria out of the tube and bite valve. I HIGHLY recommend always letting it sit for at least thirty minutes.

    4 5

    Great Backup...I speak from experience

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I've had these tablets in my backpacking gear for several years as a backup. I finally got the "opportunity" to test them out this year while backpacking in the Absaroka-Beartooth mountains (East Rosebud Trail). My trusty Steripen's batteries bit the dust midway through our week. (Pro tip: don't leave the batteries in the pen in between trips, even for short drains them fast, even lithiums). So we were forced to use these tabs. The only downside for me was the 4 hour wait time. I think there are other tablet/drop solutions that require less time...but you would have to compare exactly what nasties are killed. In the 4 hour time, these tabs take care of it all. I didn't even notice much of a taste. Good backup, but I would never use as my primary purification method.

    Bear in mind that 4 hour wait time is only for Cryptosporidium "cyst". It will kill regular Crypto in the specified 15 min treatment. But in regions with very, very cold water where Crypto can't survive and goes into cyst mode you need the full 4 hours to break through the cyst wall.
    All other buggers like viruses, bacteria, etc are killed in the 15 min treat time as well.

    Aquamira's website (as well as other companies) have very good educational materials on what's in your water and how filters and chemical treat and neutralize them. Very good information to read up on.

    Know they enemy and understand their weakness and you will be equipped with the knowledge to destroy them.

    5 5

    Excellent, LightWeight, Does It!

    • Gender: Male
    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Traveled and lived for extended periods in the backcountry of Guatemala, Blue Fields Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica. I used a Katadyn micropur hand pump filter and then purified my water with tablets, specifically these tablets. Iodine does not kill cryptosporidium and there is a good deal of it in Central America, along with other things that do not survive the affect of these tablets. But some contaminant bugs and disease are attached to small particulate and its best to remove as much of it as you can, then use the pill. The Steripen won't work for these purposes either. Without a handpump you could also let the water settle and the sediment sink to the bottom of your reservoir for five to ten hours. That would help. I don't recommend it but it's an alternative. If you are going to drink glacial melt or canyonlands river water first use a t-shirt or pre-filter to save your hand pump. You'll love the simplicity! Great product! Compact! Stores easily! Be sure to use just one tablet per quart or liter and purify just one quart or liter at a time! Cheers! I have also used this on backpacking trips in the Sierra Nevada, Utah and Alaska. The handpump is a little heavy and if your trip is only going to last for a few days you might risk using just a t-shirt and carrying immodium. Personally I would not but some do it. For week-long or multi-week trips a handpump filter and tabs can't be beat and shouldn't be left at home.

    Katadyn Mircopur Purification Tablets

    Katadyn / Micropur Purification Tablets - 30 pack

    4 5

    Did what I needed

    worked in the back country on some nasty water filtered through a cloth to remove dirt and the tabs did the rest.

    5 5

    no more butt pee

    no longer will you have to suffer through the butt pee now that there's micropur. this stuff works great but sometimes you feel like you're drinking a swimming pool.

    3 5

    gets the job done

    I lead backpacking treks all summer long in New Mexico, and we always use micropur tablets. Granted we get them for free, so I've never had any inclination to use anything else, but I've gone an entire summer using these on some pretty sketchy water, and I've never gotten sick. Tablets don't break like pumps, they're quick, light, and low maintenance. just fill up your bottle, throw in a tablet, then enjoy 30 minutes later.

    3 5

    Get the Potable Aqua 30 minute Tablets!

    These tablets only take 30 minutes instead of 4 hours to treat water completely and the taste is great. I recently went on a trip to Africa and had these 4 hour tablets and thankfully someone brought extra 30 minute tablets. For similar price, it is worth it to have the quicker working ones. ALSO REMEMBER TO SHAKE SOME WATER OUT AFTER 5 MINUTES! you have to be sure to do this so the seals and edges of the bottle get treated as well.

    Iodine may be effective on bacteria and viruses, but it is not effective against protozoa that exist as cyst. So it will not touch Giardia or Cryptosporidium, the two most common parasites in North American waters.

    Iodine is providing you less treatment of bugs than these tablets. These kill everything in your water in 15-30 minutes except crypto cyst that require the full 4 hour soak time to be sure they are all dead. And bear in mind that you have to be in very cold water for crypto to go to into cyst mode. So most waters these work in the 15-30 min treatment time. But educate yourself and understand what conditions cause crypto to go cyst so you know for sure.

    Also long term Iodine use has consequences to your thyroid. So I definitely would not want to rely on that for anything but pure emergency use. But given it doesn't even touch parasites and I frequent cold waters from mountain snow pack I dumped Iodine years ago!

    I have an PUR Guide Filter/Purifier with...

    I have an PUR Guide Filter/Purifier with the old Iodine Filters, and am wondering if I replace the filters with the new filters (w/o Iodine ring) will the water be pure enough to drink straight from the filtration?
    Do I need to take some of the purification tablets as well? I'll be spending 8 days in the back-country of Belize and could really help knowing how to handle their water. I've used the PUR Guide here in the states with nothing but great results, but what about there in Belize.

    Best Answer

    in rough countries like Mexico or Africa I use my Katadyn Hiker Filter to get the little stuff then I still hit my water with some type of tablet. It just isn't worth the pain of getting sick and losing out on a summit. Get the 30 minute tablets though.

    Rich. Traveled and lived for extended periods in the backcountry of Guatemala, Blue Fields Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica. I used a Katadyn micropur hand pump filter and purified my water with tablets, specifically these tablets. Iodine does not kill cryptosporidium and there is a good deal of it in Central America, along with other things that do not survive the affect of these tablets. But some contaminant bugs disease are attached to small particulate and its best to remove as much of it as you can, then use the pill. The Steripen won't work for your purposes either You'll love being there. It's got great beaches and places to hike. Lots of folks on that gringo trail. Wear your passport and traveler's checks inside your shirt. Cheers!

    5 5

    Great alternative to iodine

    Great stuff. Very mild taste, I barely noticed it...way better than iodine. Packaging is a little difficult, but I got the hang of it after a few and only rarely needed to use a knife or something to help open the packaging.

    5 5

    kept me healthy when I was 3 weeks from the nearest road

    I used these tablets everyday while on a 3 month expedition through the Congo River Basin. Some days the only water I had to drink was rancid swamp water. But thanks to these tablets I never got sick once, even my Baka Pygmy porters fell sick on occasion and they've lived in the forest since birth. I still ran my water through a pump so dirt wouldn't get in my teeth. And always plan in advance, because 4 hours is a long, long time to wait when you're out of clean drinking water!

    can you use just these tablets and no...

    can you use just these tablets and no filter? or are they only used in conjunction with a filter?

    Best Answer

    Well that is kind of the idea, but you want to probably boil it first and at least strain it. I keep these with my gear, but only really take them out in really boggy beaver infested areas. I find a good pump filter does just fine, like their hiker pro

    As is, kills bacteria, protozoans and viruses without the need for filtering. These just leave a bit of a chlorine smell and the faintest taste. The only reason you might want to do any filtration would be to remove particulates. The only thing you want to be aware of is the quality of the water and how long you need to allow the tablet to work. That said, in most places in the US, usually safe to drink in about 30 minutes. Effective stuff, but running water through a filter instead is a much more pleasurable experience, especially when the water starts warming up and the chlorine taste starts intensifying.

    5 5

    good stuff

    used once only but it worked great, the smell of the water had a strong klorine smell but the taste was good.

    4 5

    Light weight water system

    I have enjoyed using Aqua Mira Drops as my sole water treatment while on the trail, but recently I decided to pick up a Frontier pro filter to use in conjunction with the chemicals. The AM drops will kill the little stuff in 15 minutes (depending on water temp and turbidity) and then the filter will remove the big bad guys (Giardia & Crypto). So, I also decided to keep weight down, I would pick up some tabs (they weigh less than the drops).

    20 of the tablets weigh in at 0.5 oz in the packaging. Sweet!

    The packaging can be a little tough to open, so before leaving I snip the edges of the wrappers with a pair of scissors. This way when I use them I can simply tear at the snip. Still a little tough (especially if my hands are wet) but still manageable too.

    These tablets will leave a strong chemical taste to the water if the water is not ran through a carbon filter. During the day I treated the water and then filtered it so I would only wait 15 minutes. The carbon filter removed the chemical taste very well. However, at night I dropped in the tablets and then did not filter the next morning since the tablets had more than enough time to thoroughly work. The chemical taste definitely woke me up! Wow. It was strong! Good thing I had flavored drink tablets to add to it, although they still did not cover the taste completely. (And just for the record, I have never tasted a chemical taste using the AM drops, without filtering.)

    So, because of the strong chemical taste, I gave these a 4. Also, considering how expensive the pills are compared to the drops. But, I can only they assume that they do work (I haven't gotten sick anyway), however, they are the lightest water treatment option available. I will continue to use these, but I will definitely bring my filter along too!

    Another water system...

    Another water system...

    2L Platy (1.3 oz)
    Ziploc bag (0.1 oz)
    Aqua Mira Frontier Pro Filter (1.8 oz)
    MicroPur tablets (0.5 oz)

    Fill Platy using Ziploc.
    Pop in appropriate number of MicroPur Tabs.
    Wait 15 minutes.
    Attach Frontier Pro to top of Platy and pour clean water into drinking vessel.

    5 5


    Don't want to carry heavy filters around? This is the solution. These weigh next to nothing and you can have clean drinking water within 15 minutes and it kills anything possible after 4 hours. To me the 4 hours isn't a big deal, even if it was really questionable water I also carry multiple water containers so while one processes I can just drink out of the other. Great way to save +10oz off your pack weight.

    Or, wait 15 - 20 minutes for the MP1 tabs to work, and then run the treated water through a Frontier Pro water filter to get the big stuff. The Filter weighs < 2 oz.

    4 5

    Emergency Essential

    I always carry a few of these as a backup. I usually use a filter, either a Katadyn or Sawyer gravity setup, but always have a few of these as backups. I keep a couple in each first aid kit too. Lightweight and simple, these are an essential. Wait time sucks and they taste poopy. Get some emergen-c.