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You know how to dig a snow pit, examine its layers, and see how they stack up; get into the nitty-gritty pro-level and geek out with the Brooks Range Pro Snow Study Kit. Measure the incline, watch the temps change, get a close-up view of snow crystals to see how round or grippy they are, and in general level-up your knowledge with long-term study. It's not just safe; it's science.

  • Fieldbook #311 allows you to write under any condition regardless of temps or wetness
  • Ski guide card set includes 15 cards covering backcountry safety, planning, avalanche-avoidance, and rescue
  • Slope meter gives an accurate measure of slope angle
  • 2in snow brush helps clear out a snow pit
  • Folding magnifier X10 for up-close and personal crystal examination
  • 2x Dial Stem thermometers provide a clear, easy way to recognize temp gradient for documentation
  • Snow crystal card pro features 3 textured grids for examining snow crystals and doubles as an inclinometer; backside has snow-pit-accessing 'prompt legends'
  • 100cm and 200cm folding ruler gives precise pit measurement
  • Snow study organizer pro is a large, zippered organizer with pockets and loops for all these tools and more