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Titanium cookware is to ultralight backpacking what quilted three-ply toilet paper is to a good number two – you could go without it, but why would you? Don’t sacrifice when it comes to your pack weight, and pick up the Titanium Cookset. This feather-light set comes with a 700ml titanium kettle that can be used either as a pot or mug, a titanium spork, and a handy padded mesh stuff sack to keep it all together. The whole package weighs a little over four ounces, probably less than your roll of TP.

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Perfect Solution

    My titanium cookware was among my most useful pieces of gear when traveling the arctic tundra. The 1-liter Nalgene water bottle fits perfectly inside to conserve space. I loved this product so much that I purchased another immediately upon returning to civilization.

    Mug & stuffsack fit around my Nalgene perfectly!

      Love this Ti set! I just bought a second -- now one stores my Snow Peak Giga stove, fuel, & pot holder/cleaner & accessories and the second serves as a mug/spare pot/loaner. I've found that my Nalgene bottle fits nicely inside the mug, and the stuff sack fits the bottle perfectly as a cover. I drop the lid in the bottom of the stuff sack first in case I need it, and the excellent spork still fits inside with the Nalgene bottle in place as well! This pot & lid are perfect for heating water, which is my primary use for it. Best value in Ti gear and still one of my favorite pieces of kit! If you can get it on sale you can't lose!!!

      Ti fighter

        At first I was skeptical because of it's light weight and thinness, but Ti is wicked strong, and it proved to be a very durable and reliable little 'pot.'

        I agree with many of the reviews; it is more of a mug than a pot, but it is absolutely perfect with the MSR Pocket Rocket on hikes or climbs...warm up soup (on low, of course...Ti has tendency to burn things on high heat), boil water for tea, coffee...etc. It is very light-weight and the Pocket Rocket fits right in there, with some hot cocoa packets.

        For summer backpacking trips with freeze-dried food, or for making breakfast in the morning, this 'pot' is perfect.

        Great Mid Size Cup/Pot

          Awesome light weight pot with spoon.
          Pros - Light, sturdy, can fit all of my alcohol stove setup inside pot and windscreen rolls up nicely around pot and all fits in included bag.

          Cons - Cinch string broke quickly but easily replaced, matte finish does scuff from included spork.

          Definitely have to recommend this one to any and all!

          Compact, Quick & Light

            I have had my Ti 700ml Pot for over a year now... I've taken it to the bottom of an Oasis in the Grand Canyon, on the “Under the Rim Trail” in Bryce Canyon, UT and into the mountains of Northern Utah. This little pot has performed well for me. A Jetboil Jetpower fuel canister (3.53 fl oz / 100g) fits inside this pot along with my Brunton Raptor stove and salt/pepper/spices. The Orange little bag that this pot and spoon come with also makes a great oven mitt for picking up the hot pot. The spoon is cool, but I don’t use it, I prefer the long handled titanium spoon, Backcountry also sells that one… and using the spoon inside the orange bag that it comes in doesn’t make any sense to me, because the spoon is longer than the pot is tall, therefore it makes the spoon/pot/orange bag combo an awkward shape… So, even if you do use the spoon that comes with this pot, I wouldn’t pack it inside the bag with the pot.

            Compact, Quick & Light

            Used it on my thru-hike!

              Love it! I tuck my alcohol stove and windscreen right inside - makes a great light weight cooking system. I used this for the 2nd half of my AT thru hike. Other hikers were surprised when I told them the price! I could even cook 2 packs of ramen in it (it's a bit full but you can do it!). I would like to see this with a longer handle - if Backcountry redesigns it I would buy it again and again!

              Some Good, Some Bad

                The pot is lightweight and solid-seeming. The lid is terrible, hardly nestles into the pot at all, using the strainer hole can be a possibly dinner-losing experience. Been there, it sucked, and I'm not clumsy or inattentive by nature, it's just poorly designed in that respect. Also, there's a finish to the pot that can scratch off, leading me to think it was a coating of some sort, Backcountry said it was just a processing of the titanium, not an additive and no health hazard exists. The spork is slick, but the stupid holes cut in it easily accumulate gooey foods like peanut butter. Not really hard to clean, but just a sign that aesthetics were more important than function in the design. I like the look of that Light My Fire spork with full spoon and fork on opposite ends of a smooth handle. Glad to hear that silicone lid works with this pot, I haven't used it since I lost that dinner, bad design pisses me off. At least the pot itself is pretty sweet, and shopping here is always easy and quick. Have a Marmot Driclime wind shirt on the way, my second, super stoked.

                Good product/Lame Stuff Sack

                  Pretty legit so far. I plan on using this as a pot/bowl/mug combo. I expect it to perform well. It is light in weight and very clean construction. My only complaint so far is the stuff sack. There is padding underneath the external mesh shell. Although it doesn't weight very much, it is pretty much useless. I cannot remove it because it is bonded to the shell mesh fabric and this is extra weight. Super lame.

                  Very handy

                    I don't have the set, just the cup/pot by itself, but it's great! Large enough to make a single serving of pasta, make water for coffee, etc. can put lid at bottom of bag, and slip a nalgene, a fuel bottle, stove or coffee maker in there for maximum pack-ability!

                    Very handy

                    Awesome cookset

                      I just got this pot off department of goods but I assume its the same thing. It's lightweight, well constructed and I was able to boil 2 cups of water using my homemade supercat stove. I'm definitely gonna need to insulate the handles though. Flames kissing metal for 5-10 minutes equals ouch.


                        not really a review so dont pay attention to the star rating (although if its anything like my other Ti cookware it would get 4 stars). just wanted to note that a customer service rep just told me this thing is 5 inches tall by 4 inches in diameter. i find dimensions with a volume gives you a more accurate picture of an item when you cant hold the thing in your hand. hope this info helps.

                        Nice pot but heavier than advertised

                          There is a reason we spend our hard earned cash on titanium - we want the lightest possible gear. This pot is very functional and is everything one would expect from a pot like this, except it is heavier than advertised. It actually weighs 3.95 oz (112 grams) on my calibrated digital scale, not 3.7 oz.

                          On a good note, the spoon weighs 0.56 oz (16 oz). The handle is rough textured for a good grip but the bowl is highly polished smooth.

                          Finally, the price can't be beat. So, bottom line is that this is a good deal!
                          I just wish that specs were quoted accurately.


                            this seems to be the best value when it comes to minimal titanium cook sets. performs like it should. my only complaint is that i wish it held more water. around 4 cups would be ideal when it comes to mountain house food. but the smaller size is nice for packability, so its a great buy. super light too.

                            Fits everything you need for boiling!!!

                              This pot is all i could ask for!!! I can fit a 110g canister and my giga power stove in the pot! I can also fit an additional canister on top of the cup and a spork and hot pad-bandana all in the included stuff sack!!! boil times have improved by almost a full minute and its sweet looking on top of it all!! Buy one! Infact buy 2, you wont regret it!!!! I recommend you to buy the spork with this pot,you will eventually anyways and i didn't! I finally bought the b.c. spork and ended up losing money to pay shipping twice!!!so buy it and love it 'cause it's bad ass

                              Reading that you use the 110g fuel canisters and the Giga stove (my exact setup) and that they fit inside the pot was enough to pursuade me to pull the trigger on this item. I have one of my own on its way. Thanks!


                                Me and my guy both got one of these after using homemade heineken can mugs for over a year. They are slightly bigger than the large heineken cans, are super durable, super lightweight, come with an awesome spork and carry bag, and the built in handles are great (tho they do get really hot if the fire is right on them).

                                We use it with homemade mini-penny stoves made out of the tiny V8 cans. The penny stove, pot stand, medium sized Dr. Bronner's soap bottle full of denatured alcohol, lid, spork, and cup all fit quite nicely into the provided stuff sack (the alcohol bottle stick out of the top opening just a little). The whole package fits in the outside side pocket of my backpack.

                                I love this cup and have used it as my sole cooking device for several trips already. We have used it for 2+ weeks in Olypmic NP, a week each on the Green and Upper Missouri rivers, and in Glacier NP. The only thing you have to be careful of is how hot the handles get. Otherwise it's perfect.

                                Can this be used to cook Lipton sides...

                                Can this be used to cook Lipton sides inside it?

                                Does back country sell the spork separat...

                                Does back country sell the spork separately?

                                The Spork appears to have been made by Vargo for Check out the Vargo Eagle Spork ( It is basically identical except it also has a little carabiner style attachment point.


                                The Spork appears to have been made by Vargo for  Check out the Vargo Eagle Spork (  It is basically identical except it also has a little carabiner style attachment point.


                                how do the dimensions of this pot compare...

                                how do the dimensions of this pot compare to the snowpeak 700?

                                Lid replacement? Does anyone know if...

                                Lid replacement? Does anyone know if sells just the lids? I lost mine somehow and really want the lid back. If not- anyone have recommendations (my biggest concern regarding the lid is cold weather water boiling). Thanks!

                                Best Answer

                                If they do not then see if you can get a lid from a jetboil PCS from jetboil. Fits perfect, it's silicone so you can leave it on there while cooking. But popping it on and off whilst cooking to check on the boil will not be easy as it snaps on pretty deep and tight.

                                So can you get a 110g fuel can in the...

                                So can you get a 110g fuel can in the bottom, then a pocket rocket inside of a snow peak 450ml cup on top of the fuel...AND put the lid on? That would be exactly what I'm looking for!! :)

                                Will a 110g fuel canister fit inside of...

                                Will a 110g fuel canister fit inside of this pot?

                                Will this pot fit a MSR dragonfly stove?

                                Will this pot fit a MSR dragonfly stove?

                                Does the spork scratch the bottom of the...

                                Does the spork scratch the bottom of the pot? I know it's made of titanium but does it scratch easily?

                                just wondering if the spork is worth the...

                                just wondering if the spork is worth the extra 5 bucks? anyone got any ideas on this?

                                can you fit a msr pocket rocket and/or its...

                                can you fit a msr pocket rocket and/or its fule canister inside of it

                                What is the stuff sack made of and would...

                                What is the stuff sack made of and would it suffice for a cozy around the pot when it is hot? Would the hot pot damage the stuff sack in any way and would the stuff sack be enough to keep it from burning your hands?

                                Best Answer

                                I'm pretty sure its nylon or polyester. Either way, the sack would absolutely NOT suffice for a pot grabber, it would just melt.

                                I just held a lighter flame up to mine and it started melting like any low density plastic. So... empirical data backs up my statement. That said, this is a great little pot and I love the spork.

                                Will this pot fit the simmerlite inside?

                                Will this pot fit the simmerlite inside?

                                I used the Optimus Crux Lite Stove and it fits inside with fuel. but based on the pictures that some people have posted of the simmerlite (and judging its size from the pictures), i dont think it would fit. it looks as thought it might be too wide. I could be wrong though.

                                poor wording on my part. I am wondering...

                                poor wording on my part. I am wondering what the dimensions are of this pot? How tall? How wide? Can I nest a nelgan bottle inside the pot? I understand the bottle will be taller. I am looking for a pot that can be stored on the bottom of my water bottle.


                                Best Answer

                                Yes this pot does fit a nalgene bottle inside of it. The diameter of this pot is 9.7cm or roughly 3 3/4 inches. Height is 11.2cm or just about 4 1/2 inches. IMO though, you will most likely be able to fit your cook gear into this pot. Alcohol stove and fuel or canister stove and fuel unless you go the old campfire and rocks route.

                                Will a Nelgen bottle fit inside this...

                                Will a Nelgen bottle fit inside this pot?

                                I'm looking for a small lightweight pot...

                                I'm looking for a small lightweight pot to use for ski touring when I need to make soup and make some water. Will this pot hold a MSR whisperlite inside of it and is it too narrow to use with a whisperlite?

                                does this pot fit a msr fuel canister...

                                does this pot fit a msr fuel canister inside?