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Zipp 303 S Carbon Disc Brake Wheel - Tubeless

$638.00 - $689.00

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  • Black, Front, 12x100mm
  • Black, XDR, 12x142mm

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303 S Carbon Disc Brake Wheel - Tubeless

Throughout Zipp's 30-year history, its pursuit has been speed, with a passionately focused mindset "…to make you faster." With aerodynamics reaching a natural plateau of performance progress, Zipp ushers in a new era with the 303 S carbon wheel that looks beyond air resistance to boost efficiency across the entire wheel-system, giving you "the next chapter of speed." Designed to match with your modern drop-bar bike's increasingly ample frame clearance and the real-world challenges, like gravel washboards and infrequently paved back-roads, the 303 S works to preserve your energy so you can make speed.

An all-new rim design is the key to Zipp's efficiency goals and replaces the 302 in Zipp's lineup. The now hookless tire bead (fitting a minimum of 25mm tires) allows the tire to sit deeper and fatter in the wheel bed, leaving the tire more flush with the rim — oddly enough, improving aerodynamics. You'll feel a more secure tire underneath you that utilizes a short-wide contact patch, improving traction and reducing tire deflection when aggressively diving in and out of turns. Essentially, the tire maintains its shape, corners better, and produces less rolling resistance with the hookless design compared to the previous generation.

Weight savings is another area of focus for the new 303 S. Zipp has dropped 150g, compared to the 302 wheelset. And with high-end modern bikes increasingly tipping over 18lb, this weight reduction is highly advantageous in competitive events.

Keeping you fast on the bike is also about keeping you rolling forward. And if you've experienced even five-miles of bone-wrecking washboard, you know that maintaining forward speed is challenging and uncomfortable on rough terrain. The 303 S allows you to run wide gravel tires (think 50mm) with low psi, thanks to a wide 23 mm inner rim-width, helping the tire absorb the road vibrations and reduce fatigue levels.

  • Endurance and performance lines converge in the all-new design
  • Aerodynamically optimized for road, but can run wide gravel tires
  • Decreased weight improves responsiveness and steep-slope speed
  • Updated graphics are asymmetrical and eye-catching
  • Tubeless and tubeless compatible tire only
  • Zipp continues to expand the capabilities of the modern wheelset
  • Item #ZIPZ04L

Rim Material
carbon (UD fiber finish)
Wheel Size
Tire Type
Rim Depth
Rim Width
[internal] 23mm, [external] 27mm
Brake Compatibility
disc (center lock)
76/176 DB
Front Axle
TA 12x100
Rear Axle
TA 12x142
Spoke Nipple
Spoke Count
Max Rider Weight
253lb (115kg)
Claimed Weight
[front] 1lb 9.1oz (711g), [rear] 1lb 12.9oz (819g)
Manufacturer Warranty
limited lifetime

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 3

Great value but not made for the rain

I've put it through the wringer

If you live in a place where it rarely or never rains (and are very careful washing) these will be great. If you live anywhere it rains or hose your wheels off without regard, beware. The spoke holes easily allow water ingress to the area between the rim and the tire bed (not in the air space) during a rainy ride or washing. It's not insignificant. The weight of a single wheel will then increase by several hundred grams in just a few minutes. The only way to get rid of the water in that case is to take off the tires, remove the stem and drain the water from the stem hole, clean the wheel and tires re-install everything. About an hour of time all told each time they get wet. I love the wheels otherwise but would not buy them again and would not recommend them without a strong word of warning.

>Rating: 2

At least they say Zipp....

I've put it through the wringer
True to size
5` 10"
165 lbs

Wanted to love them but they are: pretty flexy when standing, heavier than expected and have a 3-pawl free hub that seems like it's made of cheese -- so soft the cassette cuts into it and can't be remove without he whole hub body pulling off every time, spilling the stupid palls out on the bench. Cheap for Zipp, but still not worth the price I'm afraid.

>Rating: 5

Love them

I've used it several times
True to size
5` 5"
220 lbs

I was a little scared at first about the hook-less rim but they are amazing.... you can feel the difference from the moment you mount them. and even up top! After so much research, these are going to be the wheels of the future. they also look amazing! I went with 26's and they roll amazing! Zipp will never disappoint you!

>Rating: 5

Best bang for the $$!

I've used it several times

Are you in the market for a nice all-around carbon wheelset that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Well, here it is. These are the perfect wheels for your road or gravel bike. You could spend another $1000 dollars of your hard-earned money to save 100g but I think you'd be better off putting that money elsewhere. These are hookless rims so not all tire brands will be compatible. Check with ZIPP before mounting your fav tire brand: But that means you can run lower pressures for a nice supple ride. Check out this helpful pressure guide from SRAM: If you have any specific questions about this wheelset let me know!


This might be a dumb question but the website does not specify, when you purchase this is this a pair or individual rims?

Very nice! Goes very well with that frameset.

What tires are you running?

Having a tough time seating my tire. Which tire did you mount on these rims?

Bike looks great! What kind of tires are you running?

>Rating: 5

Nice wheels at nice price

UPDATE: I bumped this back to 5 stars. I still think these are great and I still recommend them. Just something to be aware of: The freehub is held on by a friction seal, so you can pull off the cassette and freehub together by lifting up. This is a feature, and not a defect. You will appreciate it when you decide to overhaul or replace the bearings. Just be aware that you cannot simply push the cassette back on, as it will not seat properly. If it ever pops out, remove the cassette from the freehub body. Make sure you locate all 3 pawls, which sit in the lower end of the freehub body and are held in by grease during assembly. They will stick out radially, very slightly past the OD of the freehub body. A rubber seal goes above these pawls, between the freehub body and the hub. To pop the freehub body back on, you maneuver the rubber seal up over the pawls so it is slightly above them. Slide the freehub body onto the hub, urging the pawls into the hub so they engage the ratchet. Then use your fingers to make sure the rubber seal nestles into the ID of the hub, above the pawls. Pop the round endcap in on top. Install the cassette as usual. And then just be careful not to whack the cassette when you mount the wheel onto the bike.


Yah, not so thrilled with this "feature" as it is paired with a very soft hub body so the cassette cuts into it and can't be removed without the whole hub body coming off every damn time. My DT swiss and even my Novatec hubs with a similar design don't come off so easily (and don't simultaneously eject the pawls everywhere). Pretty much a defect.


Is this listing for one wheel or the pair?


Hello! The overview states "Tubeless and tubeless compatible tire only"- can you confirm this will work with tubes/clinchers? I see you have clincher stated in the specs but just want to double check. Thank you!

Hi Scott, Excellent question. You will be able to run tubes if you want, however the tire will need to be a tubeless compatible tire as the rim of a hookless design.