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Zeal Level Goggles

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Level Goggles

You'll see everything from behind the massive lens of the Zeal Level Goggle, and we really mean everything. Unique colorways and a peppering of stylized textures differentiate each colorway of the Level goggle, but every Level offers the same oversize and optically precise Optimum lens. Best of all, this goggle is still helmet-compatible so you don't have to ditch your brain bucket just for all that extra protection for your eyeballs.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Optimum Lens is Zeal's finest lens design, crafted from top-shelf materials and shaped to provide crystal-clear optics
  • Lens design includes multiple vents and an anti-fog coating that keep your vision clear of moisture
  • Impact-resistant frame flexes to absorb the hardest hits
  • Dual strap system allows for plenty of adjustment so you can dial in the most comfortable fit
  • Solid Stitch construction utilizes heavy-duty thread to increase the durability and longevity of the goggle strap
  • A double-beaded layer of silicon keeps your goggle strap securely in place on a helmet or around a hat
  • Item #ZEL0118

Face Size
Recommended Use
skiing, snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

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Welcome to Winter 2019

We can feel it-- A sense of energy and readiness to get out there on the mountain. A need to find ourselves covered in snow and surrounded by others deep in the pursuit of adventure. A resolution to not back down from a challenge, jump, or gnarly hill. Let it rip this winter friends. There’s good times ahead.

>Rating: 4

Yuuge View

These look and feel awesome. However, I had to return because they didn’t fit with my helmet combo (Sweet Trooper). Although they had an a great field of view they were too big, but would recommend if you don’t where with a helmet.

>Rating: 2

Great views- VERY poor lens covering -

I used these goggles only a few times- one stormy day I wiped the lens lightly with my glove prior to getting off the chair and it removed the surface coverings- Took them back to the shop I bought them from and after a month they are still trying to come to terms with the rep- ........It's been said that perhaps a final covering was not added to the lens at the factory. Go figure- .... Beware !! ..... Ask you local online gig or brick and mortar shop about any warranty or gtd prior to purchase- as you may need it.

>Rating: 5

Well worth the price

I've used it several times

These goggles are massive. However, this allows for incredible vision. They are also incredible in that they don't fog up. As soon as my warm breathe gets inside the goggles the fog immediately disappears, which was not the case with any previously purchased goggles. These were extremely reliable on my 3 day ski trip to Utah. These goggles are well worth the 130$ I payed.

>Rating: 4

Great frame, poor lense

I've put it through the wringer

These guys are definitely huge. I ski switch a lot (most of the time, at least on the front side) and the periphery just can't be beat. I've looked at other goggles at SIA on-snow-demo and I just can't find a wider-angle frame than these. Also, they sit very comfortably on my face, but that's a personal preference. The lense, however, is mediocre. If you wipe them when they get wet on the outside, sometimes the tint can wipe off too, even using proper chamois for cleaning. I've taken a few tumbles and after pulling the goggles out of the snow and shaking the snow out of the inside, water would inevitable get trapped between layers in the lense and put a big bummer in your day. A good plus to their lense is that its optically nearly perfect all around the lense and also, Zeal pre-pregnates the plastic that's closest to your eyes with anti-fog stuff, so you can wipe the inside of the lense w/o wiping off the anti-fog stuff they spray onto other lenses.

>Rating: 3


I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I liked the looks of these bad boys online, especially with the Alchemy Mirror Lense. I tried these on, and they were GIANT!!! My Eg2s look reasonable in comparison. That said, I wish I had a bigger face, cuz these things are DOPE. If you have a big head, these make it worth the high school bullying.


the cousin approves

careful: you will be used as a mirror on the chairlift

>Rating: 5

Great goggle w/ excellent field of view

I've put it through the wringer

I've had these goggles for two seasons now, and they are certainly my favorite. I've also owned Dragons and Spy goggles (still keep the Spys as a backup pair). First, I noticed some folks commenting on fit. Any goggle can vary in fit and where they land on an individual's face. For me, I have a big head- I use a large Salomon Ranger helmet. With that helmet and these goggles, everything lands on my face right where it should be. They also fit my friend who has a very small head- the way her helmet fits her allows for this though, and I can certainly see that with a lower brim it may hit your nose. In any case, assuming they fit right, the field of vision is excellent- pretty much what you'd expect from a goggle this large. I have the "Supply Black" version, and I did buy a 2nd lens for use at night. The lens it came with has been great for all other conditions, from full sun to overcast, but it definitely is a bit dark for night usage. Which is OK with me- most people don't wear sunglasses at night, so why expect day time goggles to work at all hours? These also never fog up on me, and I sweat a good amount when I snowboard. I also had a good experience with customer service on these- I scratched the first lens on a face first wipeout on something in the east coast snow/ice mix. I called them up (at the time, they were owned by Maui Jim, not sure if they still are), was able to speak to a person right away, and they told me to send the lens in and they sent me a replacement free of charge. So, overall I highly recommend these lens. Certainly check the fit, but if they do, I think you'll be happy. Pick up an extra lens if you have access to night snowboarding/skiing.

>Rating: 5

Great Goggle!

I've put it through the wringer

Got the made wood, alchemy goggle and colours were true to the picture, and looked great! Amazing peripherals, and face fit. I could see if someone had a larger nose that this goggle would need a high-forehead helmet due to pressing on the bridge of the nose, but I did not have a problem with that. This goggle was not the best for night riding, but I still used them on well lit runs without a problem.


Zeal Level Goggle.

A mini clinic on the Level goggle, By Zeal!


Zeal Rider, Austen Sweetin in the Level

A sweet shot of Zeal, Snowboarder Austen Sweetin in the level goggle.

>Rating: 4

Awesome field of view!

These goggles are great. When I put them on i can see the frame of the goggles at all. I wore them all weekend snowboarding and the never once fogged up! The only complain I would have would be that at night it was harder to judge the dips in the snow because of the tint. Other than that they were awesome.

>Rating: 4

Henley Mirror

Purchased these several weeks ago, but item differed from photo. The bluebird lens is not mirrored as in the picture and the frame is different also. Was a bit disappointed, but kept the goggle anyway. It works well and the field of vision is great. No fogging and a crystal clear lens. Unfortunately it doesn't do as well in low light as I had anticipated.

>Rating: 2

Nasal Cavity Crusher

These have an amazing field of view, great lens, and they look killer. But, when worn with my helmet, their large lens put pressure on the foam that went beneath the bridge of my nose. Ordinary goggles sit higher, so it's a non-issue. The pressure on my nose interfered with my ability to breath through my nose. At altitude, oxygen is important. It's even more important than an amazing field of view. This was my second attempt at finding some Zeals that fit, and they are the second style I've had to send back. I'm disappointed with the brand, as it seems they place form over function. I won't be buying any more Zeals.

I just used mine for the first yesterday and there feel the same way as you describe. I am going to try one more time before I decide on returning them.

>Rating: 5

Crazy field of view!

I've used it several times

These goggles have a crazy field of view! I find most goggles with big lenses are stifled by the inner foam/frame, not showing the field of view they exemplify from the outside. Not the level! This goggle fits great, is helmet compatible and you can really see as far as the lens advertises from the front. Great colors as well!


Do you have the replacement lense for the peruvian gold goggles. My dog got a hold of it and chewed up the lense. Too bad theae ones aren't on sale anymore. I really just the lense replaced? Best goggle ever!

Hey Edu, Unfortunately we do not have the Zeal replacement lenses at this time. You can always contact Zeal directly for them @ and they should be able to set you up with a replacement lense.


are the henley/bluebird mirror mislabeled? it...

are the henley/bluebird mirror mislabeled? it looks like it should be the phoenix mirror

i don't think its mislabeled, the same photo is listed on many websites as the Henley Black/Bluebird Mirror.

right, I just think it's funny how both bluebird mirrors look the same on the level. the other goggle models call that lens the phoenix mirror. the first-gen henley comes with bluebird mirror