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About X-Socks

X-Socks revolutionary, evolutionary technology focuses on the bare foot as its starting point. X-Socks engineers realized that traditional socks, which pad and protect feet both from footwear and from rugged terrain, actually increase the likelihood of blisters and foot fatigue. Thick padded socks do not allow a foot to release heat and moisture effectively, thus creating a super-hot and super-wet microclimate around your foot that softens your skin. This high-heat environment also compromises muscular performance leading to earlier onset of fatigue. X-Socks technology focuses on supporting and padding the foot, while creating AirConditioning Channels that more effectively vent heat and moisture by utilizing your movement to circulate fresh air around your foot. These Channels create the closest thing to a "barefoot climate" you can find without actually losing your socks and shoes. Even the most well-padded and supportive X-Socks are surprisingly thin, thanks to the X-Socks patented weaving technology. If that isn't enough, check out the 2-year guarantee against wear, defects, or dissatisfaction. Try a pair; if you aren't totally satisfied that they're years ahead of other sock technology, or if they aren't just as snug and comfortable after two years as they were when they were fresh, return them for a full refund.