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About Will Leather Goods

Will Leather Goods is a purveyor of quality lifestyle accessories made from fine leather, classic canvas, and textiles gathered from the far corners of the world. From messenger bags and totes to wallets and belts, Will Leather Goods products are renown for classic designs and unfailing attention to quality and durability.

Will Adler was born into the garment business, but his road to founding Will Leather Goods was not as direct as one might expect. He chose to test his fortunes in Hollywood, and in the late ‘70s, his career as a screen and television actor was beginning to take off. However, like many others he was sidelined by the 1981 screenwriter’s strike and forced to find new ways to pay the rent. In a return to his roots, he and his wife, Sandy, began selling belts and other accessories on the Venice Beach boardwalk. The entrepreneurial life appealed to him, and before long he and his wife had set up shop in a garage, creating Billy’s Belts. After five years of rapid growth, they sold the business to Brighton accessories; following several years of working with Brighton, the couple packed up their family and struck out for the Pacific Northwest. They landed in Eugene, Oregon, where Will’s Leather Goods was born.

When he is not honing his craft and perfecting designs in the workshop in Eugene, Will Adler is traveling the world in search of inspiration, unique materials, and skilled artisans to bring authentic international flair to the line. 75-year-old Dhurrie rugs, African Kente cloth, actual coffee bean bags, Oaxacan rugs from Mexico, Kantha quilts from India, and vintage Indigo Batik from Burma are textiles that are amply represented in the Will Leather Goods collection. These ‘found’ fabrics are carefully paired with vegetable-tanned leather to create one-of-a-kind bags that are not only unique, but are tough as nails. All Will products are backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee to allow you to buy with confidence.