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Wild Barn Coffee Sunshine Brigade Coffee Blend


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  • One Color, 12oz

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Sunshine Brigade Coffee Blend

There’s nothing better than getting away from the hectic work life of scheduling, deadlines, and meetings for an escape to the mountains. Waking up far from the struggles of day-to-day life with incredible views is what everyone needs from time to time. But when you find yourself in this familiar setting, there’s no way to navigate it without coffee. Wild Barn Coffee makes its blends specifically to be enjoyed outside, and the Sunshine Brigade Blend does not disappoint when enjoyed in remote locations. Notes of cacao and natural herbs bring a strong taste to those who enjoy a good medium roast. Hints of apple bring a touch of sweetness that plays well with some fresh sunshine. So even if you didn’t get a great night’s sleep the night before, reach for the Sunshine Brigade to get your day going.

  • Medium roast coffee beans are meant to be enjoyed outdoors
  • Whole bean blend keeps well for long periods of time
  • 12oz size lasts the whole trip even when shared with friends
  • Fair trade certified to give you peace of mind
  • Item #WBC0002

Recommended Use
backpacking, weekend camping

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>Rating: 5

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I've put it through the wringer

Want a great morning pick me up? Buy the sunshine brigade. Literally, as you take a sip of this coffee that is awesome cold and hot will put a great smile on your face. People will literally ask you why you are beaming with joy and you can tell them that the Sunshine Brigade by Wild Barn Coffee got you there.

>Rating: 5

Life Changing

There is the version of me before I drank Wild Barn Coffee, and there is the person that I am today. Before WBC, I was a dried, tired husk of a person. An empty vessel. Sure, I woke up each day and went to work. Crushed a few brews with friends at the end of the day and shared some laughs. But in truth, I was just a vapid wanderer through this modern and listless reality. All of that changed the instant that fateful first sip of Wild Barn hit my lips. The perfect flavors blasted across my taste buds like a freight train steaming up a mountain in a rainstorm, but the change didn't stop there. As the coffee flooded my veins, my heart, and then my soul, I was transformed: A caterpillar shedding her gross worminess to become a majestic creature full of flight and fancy. A dragon cracking free from her egg, ready to rule the skies. If you're in need of either a great caffeinated beverage or a complete life-changing experience, I highly recommend Wild Barn.

>Rating: 5


I've put it through the wringer

LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE THIS COFFEE!! soo tasty and warm, it’s like a caress to the soul. Can’t wait for more camping mornings with ittt — and every morning at home :) The Wild Barn coffee gals are crushing it!