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Western Mountaineering Puma GORE WS Sleeping Bag: -25F Down


The ideal place to spend those winter nights.

When all the three-season campers store their gear for the winter, bust out the Western Mountaineering Puma Gore WS Sleeping Bag, and head into the mountains for a solo venture. From overnight ski tours to remote alpine climbs, the Puma beats back the cold thanks to weather-resistant Gore WindStopper shell and 35 ounces of light, lofty, 850-fill goose down.

  • Breathable, water-resistant, windproof WindStopper shell protects the down insulation from frost, condensation, spindrift, and howling winds
  • Ultra-premium 850-fill down insulation retains your body’s warmth and provides a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than any synthetic-fill insulation
  • V-Block side baffles keep the down insulation from shifting and developing cold spots
  • Interlocking draft tubes and a down-filled collar prevent energy-sucking drafts from zapping your slumber
  • Wider shoulder girth allows for extra layering in brutally cold environments
  • Western Mountaineering bags are made in the USA
  • Item #WES0044

[shell] GORE WindStopper, [lining] 100% nylon ripstop
850-fill down
Max User Height
[short] 5 ft 6 in, [regular] 6 ft, [long] 6 ft 6 in
Shoulder Circumference
[short] 62 in, [regular] 64 in, [long] 66 in
Hip Circumference
[short] 55 in, [regular] 56 in, [long] 57 in
Foot Circumference
[short] 39 in, [regular] 39 in, [long] 39 in
Fill Weight
37 oz
-25 F
Storage Sack
Stuff Sack
Stuff Size
[short] 9 x 18in, [regular and long] 10 x 20in
Claimed Weight
[short] 3lb 7oz, [regular] 3lb 10oz, [long] 3lb 13oz
Recommended Use
alpine & expedition, winter camping
Manufacturer Warranty

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

The Best

I'm a huge fan of Western Mountaineering, they are simply the best down products available in my opinion. I currently own: Puma GWS -25 degree Bristlecone -10 degree Sequoia 5 degree with over fill 2 Terralite 25 degree with opposite zippers to use as a double Alpinelite 20 degree Ultralite 20 degree (my 11 year old daughter's) Megalite 30 degree (my 14 year old son's) Everlite 45 degree Meltdown jacket Flight down pants Flash down pants Flash down booties They are all absolutely wonderful and the Puma is the king of them all! Pure down luxury!!!


What size HMG pack is that?

>Rating: 5

Killing it since 1994

I've put it through the wringer

I bought this bag (Super Puma Goretex) during college as a Geology student in Utah. My first night I went up into Rock Canyon in Provo and slept directly on the snow, just fine. This bag is the single best investment I feel I've ever made. I bore people with tales of this sleeping bag all the time but the bottom line is that since purchasing it I've basically never been cold. I'm going on like 25 years with this green bag of bliss and it looks brand new. As another reviewer mentioned I always thought it was 700ish fill, but no matter, it blows up like a bounce house and works summer or winter. Never too hot, never cold. Stuff it inside out, always keep it in the big bag when not using and it'll last for decades.

>Rating: 5

warmth, warmth, warmth

I've used it several times

This was the best gift i have received! The tech specs were far above what was recommended for my climbs (rainier and Kilimanjaro), but it was perfect to keep me warm and toasty, as well as dry any wet items i had. While the other climbers had to sleep with their parkas i was comfortable with single layer and no socks! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! The comfort of sleeping through the night because you aren't cold is not given enough credit!!!

Linda! So glad you love it! I agree that knowing i am going to sleep warm at night lets me push even harder during the day. such a great product. if anyone has questions on western mountaineer, contact me directly!

>Rating: 5

Amazing bag!

So far, I've used this bag on summits of Rainier, Eldorado Peak in the North Cascades and 5 nights in Yosemite backcountry. It was easily warm enough for sleeping on the glacier and still very comfortable in higher temps. I just kept the side zips open and it was perfect. I used a sleeping pad and ZLite air mattress underneath and it regulated temps well. I keep the bag in a waterproof compression sack when in my pack and it always comes out great. No problem with moisture. Other reviewers are right - construction and materials are top notch. I highly recommend this bag.

Great review, Daniel! Thank you for sharing! Leta Western Mountaineering Rep

>Rating: 5

Bulky....and Warm!

I took mine recently to -30 F on a calm night lying out under the stars. I used an old 2" Cabelas pad and a closed cell pad. I wore medium weight wool socks, fleece pants, upper body (wool t-shirt, r2 fleece, ghost whisperer) and was plenty warm all around. I could go lower with ease I think.

Yes, the Puma is so, so warm. Western has a habit of being very conservative in their temperature ratings, so I am not suprised that you were comfortable at 30 below! Enjoy your adventures! Leta Western Mountaineering Rep

>Rating: 5

Warm and packs down ok!

Have had my Puma GWS down to -20*F and stayed nice and warm, especially in the torso/head region. Have never used a dedicated winter mat. However, with a good high R-value mat this guy should be good down to minus thirty, no prob. I use a size Large S to S compression stuff as long as you stuff the bag inside out!

Hey Tim, you bought an amazing bag. Enjoy that purchase! Leta Western Mountaineering Rep

>Rating: 5

Keep Your Fancies Warm

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I finally pulled the trigger on a solid winter bag for mountaineering and overnight tours. I obviously can't speak to its complete performance at this time of the year but the quality of the bag is top notch. I got in it and barely had it fully zipped before I had to get out in fear of overheating. The zipper pulls extremely easily and does not get caught up. Super stoked to get this thing on some snow!

Jeff, you will ove this bag! Let me know how it goes after its first real use! Leta Western Mountaineering Rep

>Rating: 5

Great Product

I've used it several times

It is definitely one of the best pieces someone could buy to challenge cold nights. It's very comfortable, warm, resistant, easy to open and close zippers, light, and made in the US. Expensive but worth it every single penny. X

>Rating: 5

Top Notch Quality and Performance

I've put it through the wringer

This was my first of many products from Western Mountaineering, and certainly not my last. Excellent craftsmanship due to the precise stitching and evenly distributed 850 fill down. Western Mountaineering takes exceptional pride in making their products perform and last. This bag compresses into a medium sized sea to summit compression sack and is very true to its temperature ratings. I strongly recommend you try out Western Mountaineering if you want something that will last and outperform any other.

>Rating: 5

One of the best

I've used it several times

This bag is fantastic. Great performance, warm and holds it's rating. A bit heavy and bulky, but totally worth it.

>Rating: 5

Saved my bacon

I spent 11 days in the Eastern Sierra Nevada from 8 to 11k during April. This phenomenal piece of gear was amazing. I received it as a gift for graduating med school and I love it. We had a 5 day ice/sleet/snow/rain storm and over the trip I watched as my friends bag's deflated with the inevitable moisture build up. Every day, I would pull this bag out and it would inflate like a hot air balloon. With temps hovering below 10F and significant moisture in the air this bag performed flawlessly. I was never cold (at night) and it shed tent condensation while breathing away my considerable persperation. I am blown away by the quality of the material and the precision of build. The zipper is effortless (even at 2am when my brain cant figure out inside from outside) and NEVER snagged. I have 7 sleeping bags from various reputable manufacturers and nothing compares to this quality. Nothing but positive things to say. At 3am when its frigid outside I am so grateful to have this thing.

>Rating: 5


Are you wearing your clothes & downjacket in your winter bag to stay warm- well those nights are gone with a puma - 25, I have one with the OVERFILL OPTION ,must order over the phone for overfill.I have been using down bags since the mid 60s I love my puma super warm !!!! no cold spots.winter summits is what I do.the big ones 14s, at30 below it is real toasty warm. trust me you will be very happy with a puma-25. richard n.m.

>Rating: 5

Tried and True

I bought this bag when it was the Super Puma and first came out in the early 90s. I spent two nights in it caught in the "blizzard of '96" Weaver Mountain Pass in Southern Shenandoah, Va. Since then, it's been my cold weather mainstay. Would I change anything? Yes...I think it's only about 700 down (not sure) but I'd like it to be 850. Other than that you can't beat it. Hint: Keep it in a very large storage bag and it will last forever.

Hey Frank, This comment is way late in getting to you. ALL Western bags are made using 850 minimum fill power down. Typically the down tests above 900 fill power but they guaranty that each oz. of down lofts to 850 cu. inches minimum. Made in San Jose, CA. Enjoy your bag!

Tom, Our replies are slower than pony express. I wish I had seen your comment earlier. I was not aware they used down that lofty back then. Good to know and I stand corrected. Incredible bag. Thanks much. Frank

>Rating: 5

True to it's rating

I used this bag for 16 days on Denali this summer and it's the best cold weather bag I've ever had. Not only was it really comfortable and spacious (I had a long)but was super warm, even at -20 a couple nights at high camp. The zippers worked flawlessly, no catching, and the insulated hood fit great and kept my dome real warm. and another great thing is this bag packs down in a compression stuff sack super small, so that leaves you mor eroom for gear in your pack.

U should post some pics!

>Rating: 5



I like the excitement.

Can't find the WM phone number to order the overstuffed version? Can anybody help??

Here is the domain ns lookup. The owners phone number is on there... if you care to bother him.


Has anyone noticed any smell with these bags? Needing to replace everything we owned after a fire took our house, I ordered bags from another manufacturer, which appear to be very well made, but for some reason, emitted a horrible smell. They said it was the natural smell of down, but I've used down bags for over 40 years, and never smelled anything like that. They were great about allowing me to return the bags (in fact, they sent another order to replace, but unfortunately, that smelled too). Now I'm trying again, and debating between marmot and western mountaineering. We had Marmot bags in the past, but I'm reading that Western Mountaineering is better, and that Marmot has changed. I'm also concerned about receiving yet another smelly bag. Concerned that companies aren't washing the down first? Any feedback on this would be appreciated. Thanks.


what size sleeping bag do you recommend for person 6'tall?

Hey Stevensjen! A 6ft will fit you, but it'd be quite the snug fit! A 6ft 6in will be a much more comfortable fit. I think the difference in price and weight would be well worth the added comfort! Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email with any other questions or if you'd like to place an order. Ben 801-746-7564


can you zip two of these bags together...

can you zip two of these bags together with a left and right zipper?

Yep, same zipper types. Disengage the trollies and zip back into the opposite bag's teeth. You might end up with some warmth issues though. Spooning and romance are all fine and good, but at 25 below, that extra space might require keeping your clothes on. It's just the nature of air inside sleeping bags. Western Mountaineering not being an exception.

Just get a wider bag. At the cost of a western mountaineering bag plus a bit most places will custom make one a bit wider


What would be size/dimensions that this...

What would be size/dimensions that this bag could be compressed (maximum compression) down to?

The regular I compressed to 10 x 18.5 in



Is this bag water resistant?

Is this bag water resistant?

Yes, same as the Bison WS. Gore WS is their same laminate without the PU coating... its not as WP as what they have now, but they can still use this laminate and call it water resistent. It is HIGHLY water resistent! You will love either the Puma or the Bison, depending on where you're going, Garrett. Have fun!


Hey gear experts! I'm looking for a -20...

Hey gear experts! I'm looking for a -20 to -30 bag that can be used in the Andes as well as Denali and I have heard great things about the Puma. What do folks think about the incremental benefits of the GWS vs. MF in those conditions? Is the wind/waterproof GWS worth the extra weight? The MF is 6 oz lighter which is very tempting... 3lb 4oz is super light for a -25 bag! Thanks for any feedback.

I think the waterproof shell is worth the extra weight. When it's cold, moisture mixed with down is not your friend. There are too many opportunities to get moisture on the bag when it's cold due to condensation in the tent, etc. I'd hate to be camped out in -20 degrees and wish I'd spent a little more money. I own the GWS, and it's really good.

Thanks so much! I think you're right. I also called around to some of the guide companies that go up Denali and they all recommended a bag with a waterproof shell.

Hey Mads, Have to say I'm envious of your Andes trip. You are probably back by now. However, I bought my WM Puma in 1994. The down was probably about 650 or 700 at most but an incredible bag. I spent two nights in the Blizzard of '96, southern Shenandoah, VA at about 10-15 degrees and stayed warm enough to sleep. Caution: Watch out for any bag rated this low. Once you hit "0" its strictly a survival situation. Frank


I own and love this bag, but have recently...

I own and love this bag, but have recently lost the stuff sack (size XL). How can I get the correct WM stuff sack for this bag?

TRR, I would suggest contacting Western Mountaineering directly. Their website lacks a phone number or email addy, but you can write them via snail mail at: Western Mountaineering; 1025 South 5th Street; San Jose, CA 95112 Good luck!