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Voile Split Kit (DIY)

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    Split Kit (DIY)

    If you don't have the dinero to throw towards a factory-assembled splitboard and you have confidence in your carpentry skills, the Do-It-Yourself Voile Split Kit is for you. Turn any snowboard into a backcountry gem with the Voile Split Kit. This package includes all the hardware, Universal Slider Tracks and Slider Pins, and step by step instructions to safely split your board—you provide the saw, cajones, and ingenuity. The Split Kit works with nearly any binding and board combination. Enough of boot packing and snowshoes. Get up to speed with the Voile Split Decision Kit.
    • Do-it-yourself kit helps you turn snowboards to splitboards
    • Voile Split Kit Puck with 2-hole, t-nut mounting for security
    • Voile touring brackets and durable rear tabs on Voile's Slider Track
    • Binding support risers and dual height climbing wires
    • Includes Voile's splitboard hardware and step-by-step instructions
    • Not intended to mount onto factory-built splitboards with inserts
    • Item #VOL0014

    Tech Specs

    Recommended Use
    sawing your old board in half
    Manufacturer Warranty
    1 year

    Tech Specs

    What do you think about this product?


    >Rating: 5

    Really good DIY kit for the price!!

    Familiarity:I've used it several times

    Just saw one of my old powder board and did a split board with the DIY split kit and It was really easy, an "idiot proof" kit. Just follow the instructions that are really clear ( specially with the stickers to drill your holes ) and there you go :) Really don't need to be a pro tech, just follow the instruction and everything should be fine. The regular bindings mounted on the plates ( on the picture) are a little heavy so I bought backcountry bindings instead. A really good kit if you have the time to do it and don't have 2000$ to buy a splitboard :)

    >Rating: 4

    Great Kit For Entry Splitboarding

    Familiarity:I've used it several times

    Converted my Burton Barracuda into a splitboard using Voile kit. Fairly easy conversion and works great. I would definitely recommend buying splitboard bindings instead of using the clunky plates included. The YouTube video was a great tool to follow along. I would recommend this kit to someone just looking to get into splitboarding for the first time. I'll most likely upgrade to a newer, quicker system in the next season or two.

    >Rating: 3


    Familiarity:I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

    I got these as a gift and he returned them due to all the unnecessary parts that come with it, he just decided to get everything he needed without the extras

    >Rating: 3

    Didn't need

    Familiarity:I returned this product before using it

    I didn't need all the extra parts in the box for the job. So returned it and bought just the things I needed

    >Rating: 4

    Fun Project

    Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    Last winter I split an old Lib Tech deck in half and used the Voile split kit (DIY) to turn that former solid into a backcountry machine. If you plan on doing your own DIY split or looking at a split set up and have questions about what kit or parts to get, contact me with your questions. For this kit, I used all the parts except for the binding plates and brackets as I used the Voile Light Rail bindings instead. When you get your bits, definitely get a high quality bit for the t-nut holes. I used a fairly cheap one and wasn't a fan of the quality of each hole. For cutting I taped the board on the base and top sheet with 2" wide painters tape and created by center line. Then I did things the good ole fashion way and cut that sucker with a hand saw. Couldn't have been happier with how straight the cut turned out. If you've got any questions about what kit to get or splitboard set ups at all, definitely let me know. Jared D. Expert Gearhead 801.736.4336 jdowns@backcountry.com

    If I use this kit to convert my board, do I also need to buy new bindings? In other words, does this kit include the standard binding hardware?

    Sean, Great question. This kit includes the binding plates, screws and t-nuts for mounting your resort bindings to the plates to use with your DIY set up.

    I am looking to split my Jones Twin Sister into a splitboard for an upcoming trip to the caucasus mountains. I tend to be pretty handy but nervous to undertake the project. What would you say the difficulty level is? And would this kit along with Voile light rail bindings be compatible?

    >Rating: 5

    Stood up to the test

    Familiarity:I've used it several times

    Put this kit to the test in April. Worked like a charm. Very easy to use and the multi height touring mode is awesome. Only downfall is that it's a bit heavy(which is expected) and one of the pins bent slightly on an ascent and it was near impossible to get it in at the top. Otherwise, no complaints. For a more detailed account check out my blog post on the Launch Snowboards site: http://www.launchsnowboards.com/blogs/bulletin-board/34180997-a-first-timers-take-on-splitboarding

    >Rating: 5

    Closet boards.

    Familiarity:I've used it several times

    I've been thinking about getting my boots in some deep untouched pow for awhile now to see what all the hype is about in the back woods, but didn't want to drop the chedda to get a set up. That was my UT state of mind and what made me spring for this Tim the tool man DIY kit. It's pretty damn cool and a hell of allot cheaper than diving head first into one of those factory split boards after all if you been riding around for years like me we all have some skeletons in the closet collecting dust why not split them? The instructions are easy to follow and everything was there to get me side ways in some fluff but I recommend to have your buddy or an Al on hand as it's allot easier to do with two sets of hands.


    Do you use anything to waterproof the screw holes on the top sheet? Do you worry that water will seep in under the bindings and get into the core?

    Chris, If you're worried about water getting into the core, seal each hole at the top with some poly urethane. I did my own DIY board a month or two ago, so shoot me an email if you have questions! Jared D. Expert Gearhead 800.409.4502 ext 4055 jdowns@backcountry.com


    Time to split!

    >Rating: 5

    Split time

    Super easy kit. I bought a split board setup, but just needed the connectors for the bindings and such. Nice to have some extra hardware in case I lose or break a clip. :)

    >Rating: 5

    Stoked to Split my Favorite Board!!

    Familiarity:I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    These Kits are so great. I love being able to save a lil Cash by doing it myself & even better I get to split my most Fav Pow board of all time, My 61 Charlie Slasher! The kit works so well & touring is way more fun than I origonally thought it would be. If you're scared to cut your own board, theres a lot of shops and tech's out there that will gladly do it for you. I went with the G3/BC.Com Skins since they had the rear attachments for snowboards. Everybody should have a Splitboard in their Quiver!!

    >Rating: 4

    Do some reasearch!!

    Familiarity:I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    Hey I did a K2 Happy Hour 157. 1st suggestion would be to try use a board with minimal graphic on the bottom, as each peice can be pulled out the edge. 2nd try to find what your core has in it. mine had honey comb stringers where i screwed into which after the first one wasn't the worst but the counter sink ripped up the honey comb if i didn't easy up after I got through the base. 3rd the counter sink they sugguest is perfect size for the t bolt. I demand haha that you use one size bigger. For 2 reasons that the teeth on the T-bolt will grab the base of your board and warp your base, with it being bigger now it has more for the appoxy to bite onto. I suggest J&B weld for the T bolts as J&B will penetrate the metal on the T bolts. Use a poly urethane on the cut edge. do 3-4 coats and sand inbetween.

    >Rating: 4

    Buyer Beware

    Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    I picked these up two seasons ago and built my own split board out of a Burton Burden EST. Yes, EST works as a split. This product delivers everything asked of it, however I would like to warn people that patience and a good knowledge of working with boards is needed. The modifications you will make to your board will require you fix portions of your base and drill precise holes. You don't want to make a mistake and notice it at 7000ft. Also, be aware that if you have 2012 light rails they WILL NOT fit the touring mount and pins that come in this kit. The proper mount and pins should have come with your light rails, however that is not always the case so be aware. This is a great product and is worth it to not spend $1000 on a new board. Enjoy and be precise.

    Spencer, you split an EST? please post a picture so that I may reference. I have a burton custom that I would love to split. Thanks.

    >Rating: 5

    Voile and Backcountry do not disappoint!

    Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    Bought this from BC last year while it was on sale. Chopped up my '08 Skate Banana and have already put in a few days this season. If you are familiar with ski/snowboard maintenance, the process will be quick and painless. If you are not as familiar, but would like to give it a shot, don't worry the templates are very straightforward and there are a ton of helpful resources if you hop on Google. I replaced a few of the T-Nuts with Quiver Killers so I didn't have to put extra holes in my already torn up base. The DIY kit is definitely the fastest and cheapest way to get skinning. You can upgrade to universal pucks or split-specific bindings at your own pace and within your own budget. I'm still not entirely sure how to pronounce the name though. . . V O I L E

    >Rating: 5

    Split and mount your favorite board!

    Familiarity:I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    I split and mounted my Signal Rocker Snowboard and it was easy and fun to do with the very informative How To Video located on this page! You can also go to YouTube and type in Voile Split Kit and the Instructional video comes right up! You will need a lot of tools to do this so dig into your dad's garage full of tools and get splitting! The mounts are super easy to put on with the sticker templates that tell you exactly where to drill. Can't wait to try out my newly split board out in the mountains of PC, BCC, and LCC in Utah!

    >Rating: 4

    Tricky Instructions, Cool product

    Familiarity:I've used it several times

    I loved this kit because I got to pick the best board for the conditions and then make it myself rather than settle for the premade splitboards. The instructions were not clear but you can figure it out if you have some basic knowledge of how a splitboard set up works. I used get rot (a marine wood treatment) instead of spar urethane because it seeps into the wood and is much much more water proof. I also used a mill to cut my board so that it fit together perfectly. I would highly recommend watching the you tube videos on how to use this split kit. Also the setup was much heavier than my normal setup and it felt different when riding so I had to take the first run to get used to everything. I wish I would have tried my board out at a resort a bit so I could get the feel of it because it was tricky to ride a pretty difficult run, after hiking, on a foreign setup.

    >Rating: 4

    Got an old board? Rip it in half

    Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    This kit killed it. If you have some basic skills with tools and an old board you can make yourself a split. It's pretty easy to figure out especially with the videos below. It took me about a week start to finish until I was skinning up on this thing. I cut an old Burton board with a 3 hole system with a Diablo Demo circular blade. Make sure you know exactly where you want to mount your bindings, because once you drill the holes to mount the pucks thats where they will need to go. Take the time to measure everything a couple times, you'll be grateful you did when it's done. The plates to mount your bindings are great for riding any 4x4 binding you have but they add a lot of weight and lift your binders off the board. Not a huge deal. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to talk about DIY.

    Hi Travis. I'm about to split my old never summer and noticed that the instructions only mention using epoxy on the base. How do you seal the hardware on the top sheet to prevent water from getting into the core?


    Logan Pass

    splitting up Logan Pass, June 21st 2012


    Killin' it, Travis!


    How To - Part 1


    How To - Part 2

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    Is there a limitation about the size of the board I should use? I want to craft a splitboard for my 11 years old son. Thanks


    Does this kit come with the templates?

    Jesse, This kit does come with templates. Those templates are for ensuring there is alignment with the pucks and that the toe piece is aligned to each board properly. Lastly there are templates for mounting the chinese hooks and the voile plastic tip/tail clips. Shoot me an email anytime you have questions! Jared D. Expert Gearhead 801.736.4336 jdowns@backcountry.com


    I want to purchase the Rome Double agent...

    I want to purchase the Rome Double agent split board off your website, how much of this kit do i need in addition to purchasing the board?

    Hey JeanKenney, If you are buying a factory made splitboard, then you do not need this kit. This is for do it yourself splitboards only. Some of the pieces are the same but it comes with extra parts that you wont need, and the pucks are meant to be permanently mounted and not moved. For that board you will need the Voile Universal Splitboard Interface. http://www.backcountry.com/voile-universal-splitboard-interface We are currently sold out of it, however.

    Jean, Travis is right. Its fairly easy to piece together the kit. Especially now that there are other binding options out there. If you're going to be using regular snowboard bindings mounted to slider plates, You'll need the Puck kit, dual heel risers and touring brackets. And climbing skins. This time of year they can be hard to find all in one retailer. You can upgrade to the karakoram binding system which comes with all their parts. Regardless, splitboarding opens up doors for you. Have fun!!


    I have a board that is towards the end of...

    I have a board that is towards the end of its lifespan, and would like to split it. My question is: If I use this kit and the board eventually dies, can I transfer it over to another board? Or are components permanently attached to the board on installation?

    It is totally possible to get the hardwear out after a board has finally seen its last day. Just keep in mind that you may have to do some decent harm to the board to get the gear out safely.


    I was going to purchase this but its the...

    I was going to purchase this but its the older kit isn't it ? new one is 1100 ? http://www.voile.com/voile-splitboards/voile-split-kit-diy.html


    Got mine today and they're the newer version (e.g. dual climbing wires)


    Is it compatible with Burton's (3 holes)...

    Is it compatible with Burton's (3 holes) bindings?

    Since it doesn't use the factory inserts it is compatible with Burton 3 hole or any other 4x4 mounting system (you drill the holes and place the inserts). With the 3 hole, however, it becomes a little tricky since you have to cut through some of the inserts. I used a demolition blade from Diablo to cut mine. That blade is made to cut through wood, nails, steel and anything else.


    Do you think this kit will work well with...

    Do you think this kit will work well with a Ride Decade?


    Hello first sorry for my english, i have...

    Hello first sorry for my english, i have a problem with my tail hook of the burton free bird. when i ride it the hook of the tail start to move and at the end its open. what can i do or i can send in garanty. thanks alot.


    Hi. i have an old Burton motion '00. is...

    Hi. i have an old Burton motion '00. is it possible to use it as a splitboard? best regards, Lars

    Contact Burton directly, they'll be happy to answer that for you. I have an old Burton Frontier '00 and they confirmed it is good to go within 24 hours of me contacting them.


    so my buddy gave me a mint condition 167...

    so my buddy gave me a mint condition 167 Burton FL project and told me I could split it. I know the FL was the top of the line model about a decade ago. I don't know about the core and how well it will split, although if I remember, the FL project had some carbon stringers and a weird hybrid core. Any ideas on if this board will split well? Just found out it is from the year 2000.

    Hey there, I am not exactly sure about that model/year but I have split many snowboards over the years, www.mnttechnologies.com, and can say that if it does have a strange hybrid core, it probably has foam... this just needs to be taken into consideration when cutting/drilling/etc as you need to adjust pressure for the softer foam... you also might have to get creative with some epoxies... check us out if you would rather have someone else split it...


    99% certain I know the answers to both of...

    99% certain I know the answers to both of these, just figure I'd make sure before buying. I bought an '09 Rossy Jones Experience. Perfectly fine to split, right (Its core is something called THCore: " Triple Hybrid Core Carbon Kevlar® is 2 types of wood, Poplar and Steamed, laminated around a central Microcell beam and topped with Carbon and Kevlar® resulting in lower weight, balance, control, grip and explosive pop.")? Its wood, but it also has carbon and /kevlar/, the kevlar would be my concern. Also, are the binding angle adjustable or once you split there set, I think I read that once you drill it, its set. But nobody seems to be complaining about it here, so maybe I'm just imagining things.

    I have been splitting the Rossi experience for 4 years now. Its a great board to cut in half, i've never had any issues with the core of the board. Just be sure to use a good marine epoxy like West Systems G-flex epoxy and put 2-4 thin coats on the fresh cut sidewall. Sand those a bit and you're ready to mount the chinese hooks and beyond... The newer Rossi Experience has a foam type strip down the center of the cut, which is kind of a bummer, where as those older models have straight wood. Still, the new "foam" sidewalls coated in G-flex have held up fine with everyday use.

    Hey Jeremiah, I believe the board you have will have a center strip down the middle, like Neil talks about, but its not "foam" its actually sidewall material... it makes the split nice as you don't need to seal it... With this kit the bindings are in a fixed stance... The rotating stance system can be installed DIY, but requires some extra thought/work... We can do it for you or hit us up for any other questions you might have! Mail order splitboard service: www.mnttechnologies.com


    Ive got a 165" Antic by Ride, and was...

    Ive got a 165" Antic by Ride, and was looking into splitting. Is it possible for this board?

    Hey, Absolutely. You can split any board and install this kit. Just be sure to thoroughly research instructions...Youtube has a few excellent videos for cutting your board.

    It's got a wood core so you're good to go.

    I don't think any of the newer Burton boards with the 3 hole binding setup will work.


    If you use this set up on one board and...

    If you use this set up on one board and then decide to get another board to make a split board out of, is it possible to remove the parts from the kit from the old board and use them to make a new split board without having to buy another kit?

    Yes. You will likely want to order new templates/stickers, t-nuts, and ptex disks, but you should be able to get these individually from voile without buying a whole new kit.You'll need new rivets for the tip/tail clips as well.


    I have an old k2 trucker I want to split....

    I have an old k2 trucker I want to split. Is there anything that I will need to get out on the snow that this kit does not provide? (other than skins)

    seeing as how normal bindings with a 4x4 baseplate will work on the slider plates, all you'll need for splitting are a pair of collapsible poles like the bd expedition. assuming that you've got the necessary avy gear/knowledge for traveling in the backcountry.

    it has everything you need as long as you already have a board and bindings with the 8 binding plate screws. and like michael mentioned above...you will obviously need your backcountry essentials ie. beacon, shovel, probe, poles, avy awareness etc. As for the kit though, just follow the instructions and all will be golden. i have a few pointers for you before you start if you want. just message me.

    Yeah, you'll also need epoxy for the base.


    Hey guys I have a 2005 Burton S-Series...

    Hey guys I have a 2005 Burton S-Series split, would this kit be a bolt on or am I going to have to drill some new holes into the board?

    Steve, I answered you via my website but thought I would reply here for everyone elses benefit. As far as I can tell, Burton started using the Voile system on 2006 and newer S-series boards... The picture is of Burton's proprietary hardware (courtesy of Steve). So if your board looks like this, you will need to drill and install the Voile hardware just like it was a DIY board.


    I have an EST set up from Burton. Is this...

    I have an EST set up from Burton. Is this possible to split? Anyone else try this yet? How does this work with the EST bindings?

    EST binding systems don't fit the tracks. Splitting my ruin integrity of the board as the tracks run down the center of the board.


    Hello I?m interested to use an old Burton...

    Hello I´m interested to use an old Burton Vapor. It is maked with carbon inside is really light and expensive board but is posible to cut this board for made an split board or it would be beter anothe normal model. Best regards and thanks for all Luis

    I would DEFINITELY say use a different board. If you cut through a vapor, you are going to really mess up the core and it could have detrimental affects. Try to get something with a wood core that isn't so pricey.


    I got an old board I was planning on...

    I got an old board I was planning on splitting, but it has a very soft flex. Will this still work ok, or should I look for a stiffer board?

    As a general rule of thumb, a stiffer board will be more effective in powdery conditions. If your board is park/jib specific, you might consider using a different one as a split board. But, if you have no other use for the board and it will just be collecting dust sitting in the back of your closet anyway, what will it hurt to try? It might work for you and will definitely be cheaper than buying a whole new board.


    I have an old Oxygen Freecarve board, which...

    I have an old Oxygen Freecarve board, which I don't use anymore and plan to revive as a splitboard. The waist is about 21cm wide. Would that be wide enough? Thanks, Thomas

    Yeah that board oughta work just fine, the blade only takes out a small amount depending on the width of the blade. The wider the better for splitting you're own!


    Is this a one shot deal? Or can I remove...

    Is this a one shot deal? Or can I remove all the hardware later and split another board in a couple of years when I upgrade my board again?

    yeah you can remove all the hardwear, but dollar to donuts you'll just cough up another 150 and have a 2 splitty quiver! Cutting the board cleanly is half the battle. An old splitboard is like a longboard (surfboard), you'll never need more than 5 minutes to find somebody who wants to borrow and tour with you!

    It might be hard to remove the T-nuts, and the tip latch rivets will not be reusable. Both of those can be had for cheap, though (tip latches are sold seperately and you can get the T-nuts at many hardware stores or from Voile), and almost everything else can be pulled just fine and re-used.