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  • Vittoria - Corsa G Plus Tire - Clincher - Skinwall/Black
  • Vittoria - Corsa G Plus Tire - Clincher - Anthracite/Black
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  • Vittoria - Corsa G Plus Tire - Clincher - Skinwall/Black
  • Vittoria - Corsa G Plus Tire - Clincher - Anthracite/Black

Vittoria Corsa G Plus Tire - Clincher

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    • Skinwall/Black, 700c x 23mm
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    • Anthracite/Black, 700c x 23mm
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    • Skinwall/Black, 700c x 25mm
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    • Anthracite/Black, 700c x 25mm
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    • Skinwall/Black, 700c x 28mm
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    • Anthracite/Black, 700c x 28mm
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    34 Reviews


    Believe the hype.

    Anyone with a passing interest in cycling tech has probably been exposed to the hype surrounding Vittoria's new quadruple compound design, the heart of which is a thin, nearly transparent layer of carbon called graphene. The claims made for this material have been impressive, but we weren't sure what to think until we got our hands on Vittoria's Corsa G Plus Clincher Tires. Vittoria blends four rubber compounds with the inclusion of graphene for the Corsa G, and, without throwing any hyperbole around, we'd say the difference is very noticeable.

    The tires' 4C ISOtech construction, which allows for separate base and surface compounds to be strategically placed throughout the tire, made cornering feel smooth and consistent while the fast-rolling center reduces the atrophy of watts on straightaways. Vittoria claims that the elasticity and carbon construction of graphene creates an incredibly durable tire, but for even more reassurance, it adds KEVLAR to further reinforce the core spun K casing. With multiple cotton fibers twisted together to create one yarn, core spun casings are significantly stronger than typical casings, and they don't add additional weight to the tire.

    The Corsa G's luxurious 320 TPI is a final element that sets it apart from other tires. TPI measures the number of threads per inch in a tire's casing, with higher counts equating to a lighter tire with a suppler ride. Whether it's due to the high TPI, the claimed benefits of graphene, or a combination of both, we can attest to the Corsa G's supple road feel and ability to smooth chattering chip seal surfaces. In the clincher version, each Corsa G Plus will add between 235g and 265g to your frame, depending on size, and the tires' classic, gum-wall aesthetic makes them an eye-catching addition to your frame.

    • A superlative cycling race tire
    • 4C ISOtech construction blends multiple compounds
    • Graphene reinforces without compromising road feel
    • 320 TPI core spun casing is race-day supple
    • Classic style of gum walls
    • Item #VIT002E
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      This tire is built like a tub without the tube liner sewn in. As a result, they have a flat shape which I found almost impossible to mount, with a tube, on Campagnolo Bora Ultra clincher wheels. Never had this problem before with other clinchers. If I had to change a flat on the road with these tires, it would be more hassle than they're worth. I gave them away. Not the best tire choice, in my opinion, if you roll on Campagnolo Bora's.

      Gold standard

        If you want a fast tire that grips like no other, these are what you're looking for.

        Gold standard

        Fast, smooth, look great

        • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

        Have used these tires for the last few years as my summer/race tires (I use conti 4 seasons for the winter). As far as i'm concerned, these are the fastest clincher tires you can buy. Fast, smooth, easy to put on your wheels (I have Mavic SYS SLR), and look awesome with the tan sidewall. Noticeably faster than other tires I've used.

        Vittoria Corsa G+ Clincher

        • Familiarity: I've used it several times

        I am or have been a Continental S4000 person. I recently tried the Vittoria G+ Corsa Clincher and it is a game changer. The tires feel great on the road. I never rode tubular but my guess bet is the G+ simulates that feel on a clincher. The biggest attribute to this tire is the confidence I feel descending. I am not sure if it is psychological but I feel and hear the tires gripping as I go into the turns. This gives me the confidence in my local Road Races.
        The only thing that is still in question is the wear and durability. I have not owned the tires long enough for that comment. I will follow-up. that is what I do like about the Conti's S4000.

        The best yet...

          My last set of tires were Vittoria Open Pave EVO CG III in 27mm and I gave a glowing review of them. However, the Corsa G+ in 28mm is my new favorite.

          I can't emphasize what a difference there is in tire volume for only a millimeter more. And the ride is to die for. On top of that, the classic gummy sidewall is beyond good looking.

          So far I have several hundred miles on them and they still look brand new. I have them mounted on some Enve 4.5 rims and will probably order a pair in 25mm for them (Enve claims the rim is optimized for use with 25mm tires).

          I couldn't be happier with the tires.


          new favorite

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          I can't get over the highly communicative feel and classic look of these tires. Being a somewhat heavier rider, I'm generally pretty prone to flats no matter the tire, but I've had really good luck with these so far.

          My favorite all-around tire used to be the venerable Conti GP 4000S II, but that is not longer the case. The high thread count and corresponding supple feel, stylish sidewalls, and increased durability from the graphene material make this my new go-to tire.

          fast - until you flat

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          I swerve out of the way every time there's a patch of debris on the side of the road, in an intersection, or on a sidewalk because these tires do NOT like anything sharp. I've run through at least a dozen tubes with these tires in less than a season. sure, they look great on my bike. so great I'm tempted to buy another set. considering price v. performance: I'd rather ride more and worry less. especially in the mountains.

          Great feel & fast Durability not so good

          • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

          These tires in the 25's on Zipp rims are great. I really like these because they are fast and feel very smooth. I put the first pair on and they lasted about 2500 mi. I started getting flats on every ride. The tire does get cut easily, small 2-3 mm cuts from glass, but never really had a flat issue until the 2500 mile mark. I put on a new pair of Conti GP 4000s II. There is a difference will probably try them again, but they do not last as long as Conti's.

          Fast Tires

          • Familiarity: I've used it several times

          Great tires all around. Super fast, good rolling tires, if you can fit them spring for the 25's as the weight penalty between 23-25 is minimal, but ride quality on the 25's is amazing. Awesome all-around high performing tire. Soft, supple, and fast.

          Another great Vittoria Tire!

            I've been using the Vittoria Open Corsa CX since 2011. They are truly great riding tires. These new Corsa G+ feel just as great. I run 23mm on Zipp 30s and the Vittoria latex tubes. I really don't know why so many folks are complaining about flats. These shoot rocks out of the way like bullets and flats have never been an issue with me. I'm a big guy and I've run the rear as high as 135psi. Dependable, strong, and fast. I don't use any other tire. They are the best i've used.

            Another great Vittoria Tire!

            Sold on the 25mm but..

            • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

            So 1st thing 1st.. I got a flat 2.23 miles on my first ride on these. The piece of glass looked like something I've ridden over a million times with my GP4000. In defense of the tire I will point out the following:
            It happened on century ride and I saw two other riders with flats before me early that morning. So I wasn't alone.
            It happened with an old butyl tube. I blew up one of the latex tubes on install the night before. The latex tube/Corsa combo had no issues.
            The rest of the 98 miles with the Corsa/new tube was great, no issues.

            I'm ridden too long to fall for a fad or be talked into believing something, but I'm here to tell you, these 25mm Corsa's are awesome. Fast & comfortable, I couldn't believe it, the hype is real. I'm going to change out all my road bikes to 25mm Corsas, because if I don't I won't want to ride those bikes, it makes that much of a difference. Take a chance, I did and I'm glad I did.

            I will look out for durability issues but I'm willing to trade less mileage for a better ride. My Contis will last forever but ride like a semi truck. Maybe a tire liner will help but might defeat the purpose, so I'll just ride like this and take my chances, it's worth the ride quality.

            Open Pave Replacement?

            • Familiarity: I've used it several times

            For context, 80% of the time I'm riding cotton tires, be they the sadly discontinued and extreeeeeemely hard to get on the rim Vittoira Open Corsa SC/CX, Speshy Turbo or my favorite Veloflex Master (25mm only). When this new tire was released from our beloved Vittoria couldn't wait to jump on them. A few other early-adopter homies acquired them the day they were released and suffered some first-batch woes. A few flats, but nothing catastrophic. Since then they've seemed to stand up to their claims of low rolling resistance and durability.

            After spending some time with the inGamba crew last month and hearing their mechanics swear by them for a few minutes I decided I needed to drop in. My personal first pair were stretched around some HED Belgiums last week and thus far I have a few hundred winter miles on them over sanded and salted roads. Ride quality is bananas (even at 28°f outside temp across frozen asphalt) and grip is supes nice. My report on puncture resistance will be submitted after i've spent more time on them. For now, five stars.

            Open Pave Replacement?

            Almost totally tubular

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            I got sold on the ride of tubular tires over 25 years ago, when I first started riding "seriously" ... there's something about the process of gluing up a set of tires that calms me. It's probably the fumes from the glue frying my brain cells, but whatever.

            The fact remains that nothing rides quite like a tubular, and the downsides (expense, time to glue properly) are far outweighed by the upsides (ride quality, lighter wheel/tire combinations, handling).

            I've always had the best luck with Vittoria tubulars from their low-end Rally training tubies to their high-end Corsa CX/SL offerings.

            So now, on those occasions when I ride clincher tires, I'm riding Vittoria Open Corsas (the same casing & tread as the tubulars, but in a clincher format). They've come a long way, and the ride is approaching that of tubulars, but I tend to only use them for training. For races or other important events, I'll still put out the tubulars for the ultimate performance.

            Only 4-stars instead of 5-stars like the tubies, but that's only because I can't give them 4.5 stars.

            Great tires

            • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

            Much improved over previous version. Not nearly as prone to flats and corners like a race car. Over 1000 miles and still ride like new. Highly recommended.

            great tires great price

              cant believe how fast cc got my tires to me..i even received a call before and after just to make sure I am happy. keep up the good work competitive cyclist. cant wait to try the tires out got the black on grey. free latex tubes were a plus.

              Long term

              • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

              Straight away I noticed the bike felt very fast, responsive, handled even better in corners, and seemed to dance up the short steep climbs. The 25mm width offered a very comfortable ride whilst on the pot hole infested streets and highways where I live.

              However there were some draw backs. Despite being almost puncture proof over the past year, they have taken a beating. Numerous cuts, and small holes crater the tire where small rocks and glass have stuck in.

              Bottom line:
              The durability just isn't there. But if you are looking for a tire to add some excitement to your commute, or a race day tire without going tubular, then these are an excellent choice.

              Over 6K miles and no flats - Fast

                I have 6K miles on the front and have replaced the back once. I locked up my breaks and the skid wore the first back tire down. Running my tires at 120 PSI and not using latex tubes. Very pleased with these tires and will be buying another set soon. I am wondering if Latex tubes are the culprit for some of the bad reviews because of flats? Seems like I read certain carbon wheels cause latex tubes to get very hot and blow? Interested what other know...

                Ride Quality over Durability

                • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

                These tires definitely live up to the claims regarding ride quality. They provide an extra level of smoothness on uneven terrain and boost your confidence in corners. In my opinion they out perform the GP4000s in this area. However, I know other reviews have not been so kind on their durability and the increasing likelihood of flats. Flats are so variable to terrain, weather, tire pressure, it's hard to gauge. But, after only 1100 miles or so on these tires, the skinwall version (as much as they look cool) show too much abrasion and ultimately for me, blew out the sidewall. Flats are one thing, blowing out a sidewall is not acceptable for these high dollar tires. I'll give them another try down the road if they beef up the side but for now, back to the GP4000.

                Unanswered Question

                Are the anthracite sidewalls cotton sidewalls dyed black or are they a rubber sidewall? Also wondering if the feel of the tire is the same for both versions?

                Has anyone attempted to fit the 28mm version of these to a Enve 2.0 fork? I know the 28mm version of the GP4000SII does not come close to fitting. The older VITTORIA OPEN PAVE EVO CG III in a 27mm fits with plenty of room, so I'm thinking if they are sized the same as those, they should fit fine.

                Will the 28s fit a Giant Propel

                Do you know if the 28mm will fit under an Enve road fork. I'm using A23 rims (17mm internal)

                Those are the specs, true. But it often depends on how accurate the tire sizing is- for instance an 28 mm Continental GP4000 absolutely won't fit with Stans Alpha 340 rims (won't even go in the dropouts) and rubs enough to not turn with A23 rims. Has anyone actually tried it?