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Vega Nutrition Maca


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Vega touts its Maca root supplement for its adaptogenic properties, which was an unfamiliar word for us when we first saw it, too. Basically, being adaptogenic means that something supports the health of your adrenal system to improve how your body releases and manages hormones in response to stress. Vega claims that adaptogens like maca thereby increase your general sense of well-being, but we recognize the benefits adrenal health can bring to endurance athletes while our bodies adapt to constant stress throughout training. Maca also provides a kick of B12 and iron, which definitely increase your red blood cells' well-being — an effect your oxygen-hungry muscles may appreciate during a workout and while recovering.

Vega purchases the maca root from Peruvian farmers 14,000 above sea level in the Andean highlands who produce it with the same organic, sustainable farming practices traditionally employed in the region. The root is then gelatinized, a process of water heating that breaks down the root's starch to effectively concentrate the micronutrients for more efficient absorption.

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