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Toko Edge Grinding Rubber


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  • One Color, 50x40x20 mm

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Return your edges to pristine condition with the Toko Edge Grinding Rubber.

Burrs and corrosion on board or ski's edges can wreak havoc on your turns, and even cause you to catch an edge. Use the Toko Edge Grinding Rubber to remove these imperfections. Simply rub it along the edge before or after sharpening to restore your skis or board to their original beauty.
  • Item #TOK0056

Recommended Use
skiing, snowboarding
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>Rating: 5

Toko Edge Grinding Rubber

Cleans up burs on your edges. A tuning kit essential.

>Rating: 5

Burs be gone!

I've used it several times

keep your edges fresh and clean with this easy to use tool. If you are sick of feeling the burs on the edges of your skis or boards this little tool goes a long way to fixing that problem. With just a little time and effort on your part you can have smooth well tuned edges.

>Rating: 5

Good to have it.

I've put it through the wringer

A must have, for polishing after tuning and get perfect edges and get rid of burrs.

>Rating: 4

As Advertised

Works as advertised for a reasonable price. An essential tool in one's tuning kit for final polishing.

>Rating: 5

Good snowboard tuning tool

I've put it through the wringer

While I think I probably could have purchased this for slightly less at a local retailer, I think this is a great little snowboard tuning tool and a good final step on your tune to get your edges perfect and burr-free, and a good first step to remove any rust that's accumulated in the off season or due to improper storage.


Demonstrates Edge Tuning including use of Edge Grinding Rubber

Edge Griniding Rubber part is at end

>Rating: 5

For the extra step in keeping edges pristine

This "grinding" rubber is a POLISHING/LIGHT DE-RUSTING tool and not for detuning or deburring (Toko needs to re-label this item). This rubber has a very low abrasive factor so you can srub away at those rust spots w/o care, but do make sure you soak it in water like you would your stones to keep the friction at minimum. Deburring should be done with a real grinding stone.

>Rating: 4

Buff your edges...

This is a must after any edge tuning...polishes them up very nicely. I suggest using a fining stone very lightly before this, but then doing a full buff with this. Also, this won't work well for de-tuning (use a stone), but helps smooth things out afterwards. If you're gonna bother tuning your own edges, do it right and don't try to finish with a file.

>Rating: 4

Works for what it is

I read the other review and respectfully disagree, but not because the reviewer is wrong. The purpose of this gummi is to remove light rust, light burrs and to polish steel edges. It is meant to be a follow-up, if need be, to a coarse, medium or fine diamond stone, tools that are intended to remove the big burrs and smooth very rough imperfections on the steel. I use this gummi for polishing and detuning with very good results and have been using this or one like it for a decade. Perhaps the fault lies with the marketing types who have given this item the name "edge grinding rubber". Leave off the word "grinding" and you have an apt description of the tool. Shame on you Toko. Tell it like it is.

>Rating: 2


I bought this a while ago, and let me tell you, unless i'm using it wrong, i flat out find this useless. It's way too soft to be used as a gummi stone to remove and burrs. If you wanted to use something to polish, you COULD use this i guess, but i'm just gonna stick with my diamond stone. I personally don't like this, and as hard as I may try, i can't seem to find a use for this