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Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddle

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Why We Like The Top Deck Kayak Saddle

The Top Deck Kayak Saddle makes it easy to get your boat from your garage to the water. Thule designed this kayak holder to attach to most of their roof rack load bars in just a few minutes so you won't need to drive around with the saddle on top of your car all summer. The four supports for the Top Deck Kayak Saddle simply screw onto the rack, and the two included tie-downs have friction buckles that keep it on your roof and off the road.

  • Kayak saddles designed to conform to your vessel for travel
  • Integrated rubber pads cushion the kayak and protect its hull
  • Included 15-foot straps are designed for one-person operation
  • Accommodates one kayak up to 75 pounds and 36 inches wide
  • Compatible with various Thule crossbars and racks
  • Item #THU0125

Boat Capacity
1 kayak, 75lb
[without adaptor] Thule WingBar Evo, Thule AeroBlade, Thule SquareBar, [with Thule Adaptor Kit Xadapt3] Thule ProBar, Thule Xsporter Pro, Thule TracRac - Van
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limited lifetime

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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 2

It works, but they are cheap quality.

I've used it several times

For the price, I expected more than flimsy plastic. You can easily bend the pieces with your own hand strength. The bolts do not fit the rack for a gen2 Xterra. I don't really care too much about that because it's easy to buy longer bolts at a hardware store. Overall, they do a good job, but not for how much they cost.

>Rating: 5


Great addition that holds and protects the kayaks during travel.

>Rating: 5

Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddle

I've used it several times

Kayak transport made easy. No complaints. Fits on stock Subaru aero bars, easy to install, and includes everything you need to haul your boat.



I was torn between the Thule Glide and Set and the Top Deck saddles. I can't compare the two since I never tried the G&S, but I can attest to the awesomeness of the Top Deck. I ended up going with the TD saddles simply for the fact that they perform the same function, but don't have as many bells and whistles (don't pivot) to go wrong. I'm glad I did. They are rugged, light, do the job VERY well, and are a snap to fasten to your load bars. I'm using them on 58" Thule square bars. I hate that they don't lock to the bars, but the easy way around that is that I put a strip of duct tape on my bars where they need to go each time, so I throw them on my bars, throw up the board, strap it down, and go. They're holding a 33" wide, 53lb versa board in this pic.


I meant to mention that the Thule straps don't have "Thule" across them like the fancy ones that come with the more expensive racks/kits. The reason I mention this is because they're more basic. Still the same beefiness on the strap's design, but they don't have the rubber guard over the buckle. I didn't like that, but I can deal with it.





>Rating: 5

Good value.

I was very pleased with the ease in which these racks installed. I have a 16 foot sit on top and I am able to slide it on to the racks by myself. The time downs were good but I upgraded to a ratchet system ($20 for 4 at Home Depot) to feel more secure. For the money, you can't beat these racks.

>Rating: 5

Great buy

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee with factory bars. The saddles were incredibly easy to install. I totally trust that my kayak isn't going anywhere, those saddle pads work very well! I'm a 5'8" woman and I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to tie down the straps tight enough - but it really isn't a problem and I have taken it out many times. Something I might invest in soon would be the rollers for the back saddles. Right now, when I'm loading and unloading by myself, I have to put a cloth under my kayak on the back saddles so that it slides off easily. For my 14' kayak, I use one tie down on the stern to my hitch for extra support, but it's not really needed - just for an extra piece of mind. Great buy and I would recommend these saddles to anyone - especially us girls that don't want to have to ask for help loading and unloading!

>Rating: 5


These are great. I have them on my Cherokee and I carry my boat when its not in the water, you never know when you'll find a good place to go. Very Convenient.

>Rating: 4

Affordable and stable

These saddles work just fine for either my 10' or 14' kayaks (one at a time of course) on my Saab wagon. The saddles are solid and rubberized to keep things put and the tie downs work fine. This is a bare bones systems that works very well for the price.

>Rating: 5

Keep your boats safe

Instead of putting your boats right onto your rack bars, get these Thule saddles. I've used these for all sorts of different kayaks and they work great. They are really adjustable and provide a great spot for the kayaks to rest. They are bombproof when paired with their Thule tie downs. I felt comfy driving 8 hours with 2 boats on top with this set up.


I have Thule's kayak carries but had...

I have Thule's kayak carries but had recently had purchased a Nissan Exterra. Does Thule make a different bracket to mount th the Exterra's cargo bars?


I have 50" crossbars and 2 Thule Criterium...

I have 50" crossbars and 2 Thule Criterium bike racks on the top of my rig. Would I be able to fit this if I removed one of the bike racks, or is this pretty much a single item for 50" crossbars? Thanks for the help.

Hey josp20833, Thanks for the question. Whether you're going to fit the Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddle w/ Tie Downs on top of your vehicle may depend on the vehicle. I do know that this rack does take up quite a bit of width so if you are looking to have less width in a water rack, look at the Thule Hull-A-Port or, even better, Thule The Stacker. Be sure to use the Thule Car Rack Configurator just below the ask an expert button to be sure these two options are compatible with your vehicle and existing rack.


I have a Toyota Tacoma with a Toyota...

I have a Toyota Tacoma with a Toyota "Accessory" roof rack set. The bars are oval shaped. Does anyone know if this kit will fit with oval tubes?

Hey, It is hard to say for sure but I think you will be okay. They designed this to fit most racks out there.


Will the Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddle w/tie...

Will the Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddle w/tie downs work on a round bar rack.

Hey Rick, yeah this setup works with the Thule Aero (rounded) and square bars, and also some factory installed bars too....


I have a 2009 Nissan Murano. The roof...

I have a 2009 Nissan Murano. The roof racks rum the lenght of the roof and not across. What is best for the money? I have 13 foot sit on top


Can you fit two 13.8 ft kayaks on top of...

Can you fit two 13.8 ft kayaks on top of a Toyota Siena using two sets of the Thule Top Deck Kayak Saddles (eight pads in all) or does the width of most vehicles only accomodate transporting 1 kayak at a time with a saddle system?

You could if you put them on their side, but definetely not side by side.

You could if you put them on their side, but definetely not side by side.


Can these be used with factory racks or...

Can these be used with factory racks or must be used with Thule rack systems?

99.9% of factory racks that I have seen they work on


I need a rooftop carrier for my 12-foot...

I need a rooftop carrier for my 12-foot kayak to go on my 2004 Honda Civic. I don't have an existing roof rack and I don't want to spend more than the price of the kayak on a carrier! Any suggestions?

Sorry dude, the Civic roof seriously limits you. You're probably going to need towers, crossbars, a Yakima Q-stretch kit, and other magic like that (I do highly recommend Yakima over Thule, I find they make better products that actually work).Go to and check out their rack configuration area. They'll tell you exactly what you need, what's nice to have, and trust me, a good rack is worth it. It may cost more than your boat, but not properly mounting your skiff could mean that your boat flies on to the interstate at 80 miles an hour and bursts into a million pieces.Think I'm joking? Some guys rented a brand new kayak from our shop, didn't strap it down that well, and took off. 20 miles down the road, the thing flies off and is promptly obliterated, only to be finished off by a MACK truck.They weren't very happy when we not only charged them a late fee, but for the full cost of the boat.


Which is more wind-resistant on top of a...

Which is more wind-resistant on top of a vehicle - J-STYLE or saddle pedals type?

Either or. Easier to load is Saddle type, J type is great but you need to be tall or have help.