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Thomson Titanium Mountain Handlebar


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  • Silver, 6 deg

Full circle.

While the Elite Dropper seatpost may be the most anticipated product from Thompson, its quiet entry into the handlebar market, with products like this Titanium Mountain Handlebar, could be just as significant. Natural growth of Thomson's product line led them to another cockpit component, which not only shows commitment to providing performance parts, but is also a proud display of Thomson's mountain biking heritage.

Ti handlebars were a preferred setup before full-sus, tuned carbon frames. Right before the transition to flexing, creaking, and cracking, Thomson -- an unheard of aerospace manufacturer -- rocked the singletrack boat with a one-piece, fully CNC'd aluminum stem. At this time, carbon bars were still too new to be trusted, and titanium was the ultimate balance of strength to weight -- with an uncanny ability to take an edge off those rigid rides.

Thomson's stem was a fresh concept with applied aerospace design concepts that provided unmatched performance. When one of those machined stems arrived to a shop, it was quickly matched to a Ti bar for someone's dream build. Ti, however, fell in desirability -- just like hardtail and rigid mountain bikes -- as carbon fiber and suspension technology improved, and slowly chipped away market share.

Thomson stems, however, thrived during the rise of full suspension and carbon due to their increadable quality, stiffness, and low weight. Fast forward to today and there's a thriving hardtail market, rejuvenated by new wheel sizes that maximize the efficiency and simplicity of the double-diamond design. And lo and behold, titanium handlebars' unique ride quality -- not to mention its excellent strength to weight ratio -- complement this segment just as that early drool-worthy Thomson/Ti combination.

Thomson's Titanium Handlebar marks a change in company direction too, as it is among an assortment of products that no longer rely on the aluminum machining expertise. Instead Thomson continues to use its US facilities to cut alloy blocks into precise products, while focusing the proven design principles into new mediums and outsourcing production.

Manufactured in Taiwan to exact tolerances, you can expect the proprietary Thomson Titanium Handlebar to offer the same level of quality that built this company. In fact, this is similar relationship that Thomson has with the aerospace industry -- and this bar has been certified to EN standards and tested to DIN+. Unlike carbon, it is designed to last the life of your bike while providing a smooth and dampened ride. The finish is durable and will retain its luster for years to come.

The Thomson Titanium Handlebars are flared in the center to a 31.8mm clamp diameter, and feature laser etching for precise setup. The six degree sweep will complement your wrists' natural bend, and at 730mm wide, these are perfect for modern 27.5 and 29in mountain bikes. If narrower bars are your forte, there are marked increments for cutting it down.

  • Item #THP0019

31.8 mm
730 mm
Claimed Weight
10.4oz (295g)
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>Rating: 5

Nice piece of gear

I've used it several times

A pricey, but beautiful handlebar. Decided to go with titanium because the bike I put it on may be used for bike packing. I wanted something durable. So far no problems. I went down hard once and the bar was not tweaked in the least bit. Cut it down a little bit to suit, but no problem; recommend you have a fresh blade ready if you choose to do the same.

>Rating: 4

Nice bar

I've used it several times

This is a nice bar. One thing that you may want to watch out for is that the inner pipe is unfinished, so if you do make frequent changes of grips etc, you will find it difficult to remove end plugs without digging a screwdriver into them to get leverage.

>Rating: 5

As great as you expect

I've put it through the wringer

Granite-solid. An easy go-to for riders who don't mind a small weight sacrifice for foolproof durability and longevity - not to mention, great looks. Bar-end compatibility is a great bonus, too, considering the vast majority of carbon bars lack this.

>Rating: 5

Feels great

I've put it through the wringer

I've been riding this bar since mid summer and it feels great. It has a great angle(backsweep) and width that make it feel neutral and comfortable for 4+ hour tours. It also has some fantastic dampening that really helped make my 100mm front suspension feel more like 120!

>Rating: 1

Made in Taiwan ...

I returned this product before using it

So Thomson now too try to make the most of nothing. If I buy Thomson it is for the design and the manufacturing. So here we have just another handlebar. Easton can do better

Hey Jerome, I understand you posted this a while ago, but... You should know that some of the finest products available in the cycling world are coming out of Taiwan these days. If USA-made is your priority, I certainly understand, but this Thomson bar represents absolutely no sacrifice in quality or design relative to an American-made version if Thomson were to bring manufacturing of this bar to the States. - C

To be honest, I don'y think "made in Taiwan" or "made in china" are equal to low quality. I compared many products that made in different countries (USA, Brazil, China, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan) I believe that USA-made is not the best among others and Taiwan-made is surely not the worst. Besides, I really hate the quality of "made in Indonesia"