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Tendon Ropes Master Pro Complete Shield Climbing Rope - 9.2mm


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Redpoint rope.

With a skinny 9.2mm diameter, Tendon's Master Pro Climbing Rope keeps you light on your feet during redpoint attempts. Unlike most skinny climbing ropes, the Master Pro delivers an outstanding UIAA fall rating of nine for a sport-specific construction. Tendon treated the sheath and core with Teflon Eco to practically eliminate water absorption, drastically increase abrasion resistance, and last longer than other skinny, super-light, sport climbing ropes.
  • Skinny sport climbing rope with high UIAA falls
  • 9.2mm diameter ideal for experienced belayers and climbers
  • Dry treated sheath and core drastically reduce water absorption
  • Single braided sheath adds abrasion resistance
  • Item #TDE0004

Dry Treatment
Teflon Eco (core, sheath)
Static Elongation
Dynamic Elongation
Impact Force
UIAA Falls
Claimed Weight
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>Rating: 2

Core shot

I've put it through the wringer
Size Bought
One Size

Core shot after one year. Not heavy use, just less durability than I expected even at 9.2 also middle marker wore off faster than any other rope I've ever had, completely gone after one use. I am going to cut the end of it to get rid of the core shot and I am still whipping on it, but it wears really odd. Most of the sheath is fine but certainly spots have supper high wear areas that look like they could be core shot any moment now. Possibly due to a defective rope during manufacturing?

My experience with this rope is that it’s one of the most durable ropes I’ve ever used. It’s rated to take more falls than almost any other sub 9.4 rope out there. I think what has most likely happened to the reviewer above is that there were specific route conditions that caused the rope to wear badly in specific spots. Bad rock edges, etc., can cause this. It’s not usually the climber’s fault but can often be helped by extending draws so that the rope doesn’t run against a bad edge or other feature. The Tendon Master Pro is a really durable rope.

I have to agree with Ryan. I bought one of the first Master Pro 9 2's in the U.S. , and i think Ryan can vouch for that fact. I'm on my third Master Pro 9.2 in 4 years. But that's only because of wanting a different color, and needing a longer cord. As a matter fact, my first Tendon Master Pro 9.2 is almost 4 years old, and is still going strong. It's been my go to rope for sport and trad , and also for longer routes. These ropes are absolute work horses. I honestly can't imagine using anything else. They are crazy durable, and have great handling characteristics. They clip easily, but aren't too floppy. And I'm not aware of any other 9.2mm cord out there that's rated for 9 falls. Which if nothing else, is a pretty solid indicator as to how durable a rope is going to be. I've used and abused my Master Pro ropes. Everything from filthy multi pitch routes with rough ledges, to all day top rope sessions for my kids and all their friends. I've used it as my gym rope during the week, and my red point cord on the weekends. Over time, the Master Pro 9.2mm has become my all around, work horse, does anything and everything really well, go to, one rope to rule them all, climbing rope. There's nothing on the market that's even close, imho. And I've literally been using them since the first day they were available in the U.S. Simply put, I will never spend another dime on any other rope, so long as the Tendon Master Pro 9.2 is available. I've used just about every kind of rope out there. Maxim, Sterling, Petzl, Bluewater, Edelrid, etc... and I'd buy a Master Pro every single time. I would honestly rather pay full retail for one of these, rather than get any other rope for free. I don't know how I can give a stronger recommendation than that. Imho, The Tendon Master Pro is simply, the absolute best cord on the market. And one more thing, it's a great rope to belay with as well. My wife and i stopped using a Grigri several years ago and switched to the Camp Matik belay device for a number of reasons. We use the Matik for roughly 90% of all our climbing, and nothing feeds better through that device, than this rope. We use a BD Pilot and an ATC Guide for the rest. And this rope is awesome with them both. I've also used it with a Grigri+, a Mega Jul, and a Pivot. It's the best handling rope I've used. I guess I've rambled on long enough. Lol. You will never regret buying one of these ropes. It will quickly become your favorite rope for all occasions, just like it did for us. Buy with confidence, and enjoy.


Is the middle marked?