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Swix World Cup Ski Vise

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World Cup Ski Vise

The Swix 3-Piece Vise is made for ski tuners who understand that you need the right tools to get the job done correctly. Instead of using your waxing bench to work on the ski's edges, clamp them into the 3-Piece Vise for better stability. Work on dialing in the tune on your race or carving skis without jostling the ski with your file. The clamp fits skis with up to 110mm waists.
  • Item #SWI0104

Clamp Width
20 mm, 35 - 90 mm
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 4

Simple, yet effective.

These are pretty basic vices, they are nearly fool-proof to set up (clamp down to most tables, benches, or pieces of ply-wood) and they fit a ski up to a 110 mm waist, which is awesome because I almost exclusively fat skis. If you have a ski that is wider you can even clamp the sides of the heel piece or toe piece of the binding with the middle clamp and make it work regardless of ski width. The only thing that could use an upgrade on this vice are the tightening screws when you are tuning the edges of the ski, these don't have pads on the ends of the screws so they can ding up your topsheet pretty good. This certainly isn't the most expensive set of vices in the market, but it certainly does the trick!

>Rating: 4

Works very well

Absolutely does the trick. It is very easy to set up, and clamps to skis nicely. We use this for both alpine and telemark setups. Easy to adjust, and helps you get a nice pretty pair of skis! Would absolutely recommend this setup, I could not imagine going a season without it!

>Rating: 4

Gets the Job Done

This is great for alpine skis. Super easy to use and hold the ski nicely in place while you tune it up. Worth purchasing one.

>Rating: 5

No vices with this vise

Great for alpine race skis and anything nordic. I think that you can clamp even a giant powder ski using the binding plate as your point of contact (instead of the actual edge of the ski). The two matching clamps adjust up (and down) so that I'm able to lay my snowboard flat without removing the bindings. I can fairly easily wax and sharpen like this, though you certainly can't clamp a snowboard in the flat position.

>Rating: 4

Wax work, travel light

These vises are a great traveling wax bench if you need to do wax work at home or on the road, but they're a little clunky, and pretty thin at center. They work really well for me, and hold my skis solidly during those hard scrapings - the rubber grips are a lot tougher (and grippier) than they look (huge pro right there). My skis are only 66mm at center, though, and if you have some seriously wide powder skis, this may not be your dream vise. I have the model pictured in the guru snapshot, they rock, but I'm pretty sure he's right about the 85mm waist (not 110)

>Rating: 1

Not As Pictured

The Vise they pictured is not the vise you get. The vise you get only opens to 85mm and looks completely different. Went to the warehouse to exchange and they only have the wrong vise in stock. If you have skinny skis it probably will work fine.

>Rating: 5

Just buy it.

I've been struggling with tuning for years and finally decided to smash the piggy and get what I wanted. All I can say is: Shut up and buy it!

>Rating: 4

Not for 110 mm waists

Just got the vise and it is not the one pictured. Instead it is the one with the hole design at the elbow where it attaches to the bench. Also, Backcountry needs to update the page, waist is listed on the box at 85mm. Oh well, it will be perfect for four of our skis and we will have to figure out something for the Goats.

>Rating: 5


As far as vises this is, in my opinion, the best one.. Lasts forever and isn´t too big to bring in your ski bag..

>Rating: 4

Needed something for wider skis...

This vise fits my Volkl Mantra's (think 96 under foot) - but couldn't fit much wider than this - but Swix makes a wider version more for jumping skis. Great quality and the 60^ tilt makes it much easier to edge - angle is much more natural to hold a tuning tool to.

>Rating: 5

Best Vise on the Market

This is the vise every ski racer uses. It will also last you a lifetime. I have been tuning my skis for over 10 years now and I think I still have my original Swix Vise.

>Rating: 5

Great Vise !

This Swix Vise does everything I need it to and accomodates every ski I own from my Fatty Pow skis 110 waist to my regular alpines.Its sturdy and versatile. Great product.

Hey Dominic, Curious to know if the vise has any spare room at all with your 110 waist skis. I've got the Armada JJs, 115 waist, and am not sure if I have to go with the Swix 130mm Alpine / Jumping vise.

>Rating: 4

Looks good...

I just had this delivered. It looks good, but I think the "110mm" waists claim might be pushing it. The box says 85mm, but it looks like it opens to around 100mm safely, which is good because my widest waisted ski is 98mm. If I ever buy some true fatty powder boards this vise may not work all that well with them (unless I clamp the binding). Otherwise, it looks well made. Tickety-boo.


do these work with the Swix small waxing table and for alpine skis?


Does this vise work for snowboards as well?...

Does this vise work for snowboards as well? I want to use it for both skis and boards.

No you cannot use this vise for snowboards.


How do this work with tele-ski bindings...

How do this work with tele-ski bindings and nordic racing skis? Will they work for either or both?

No. This vise will nto work for Nordics. I would look for a nordic or tele specific vise (e.g. Toko Nordic Ski Vise).


Do these vises work well for nordic...

Do these vises work well for nordic skiis?

No. You should consider the Toko Nordic vise (Backcountry has it). When waxing nordics, you really need to have the binding engaged with the vice...the Toko does this nicely.

No, these will not work for nordics. You will need a ski profile to properly support your skis for the rigorous scraping and brushing required for multiple coats - Swix and Toko both make profiles and even separate waxing benches for nordic. The trouble with some of the profiles, though, is that you need a swix wax bench to fit the inserts into. This year, though, both Toko and Swix came out with a set of vice profiles that work pretty well - not as good as a full ski profile, but none the less, a cheaper and more portable option. Unfortunately, neither is shown on the company's respective websites, but trust me - they exist. Swix's product is # T0785 ($120)


Hi, Not sure how this set actually clamps?...

Hi, Not sure how this set actually clamps? I have 05 Volkl Gotamas (183) that measure 130-105-122. The center makes the cut for the 110 max on this vice, but what about the ends? Any info/suggestions would be great.Thanks!

I have a set of swix vices that give you a ski bool like insert that you click into your binding. This creates a solid attachment and raises the ski;s brakes out of the way.I have used vices like this product you are looking at and find that I tune too aggressively and my skis pop out alot.