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About Supra

After numerous Hollywood apparel ventures artist, skater, and entrepreneur Angel Cabado set out to revive the soul of sneakers in Orange County, California. In 2005 Angel dreams up a line of fashion-forward skate shoes, wraps them in nigh-unbreakable suede, and opens the doors of Supra shoes. SupraTuf suede quickly proves itself to be enough for hardcore skaters, and buttery smooth kicks like the SkyTop begin to represent those looking for footwear that's as unique as urban style. Pro skaters like Terry Kennedy, Chad Muska, and Jim Greco climb on board not because their paid but because they genuinely support the cause (angel doesn't pay Supra's pro team). In short time Supra's limited edition kicks storm fashion-culture trade shows and a-list DJs, designers, actors, and celebrities like Jay Z and Lil Wayne (yeeaaahhh!) are seen wearing these skate-injected street kicks. As of the late 2000's Supra continues to drop hammers by releasing drool-inducing short-run shoes like the murdered-out Red Carpet Series, tie die Bullets, and the green-and-gold 413 St. Pattty's Day edition. Combining deadly-fresh looks and one hell of a performance bang, Supra has become the candy-coated grenade of the skate-shoe world.