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Sterling Tag Line Rope - 7mm

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Tag Line Rope

Instead of dealing with a pair of twin ropes on long alpine rock routes, simplify your climbing style with a standard single cord and the 7mm Sterling Tag Line Rope. Lead pitches with the standard single cord, then make full-length rappels when necessary with the lightweight Tag Line.

  • Static construction has a 3.5% elongation and a minimum breaking strength of 2,788lb
  • Not intended for use as a lead rope
  • The use of tag lines is an advanced climbing technique that requires adequate experience and proper training
  • Item #STE0069

tag line
Static Elongation
Rope Weight
Claimed Weight
[60m] 4lb 8oz
Recommended Use
alpine climbing, trad climbing
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>Rating: 5

Great tag line!

I've used it several times

Great for doing double rope raps. Light weight. It does tangle easily though but don't all ropes?

Have you rapped using just this tag line? I'm thinking of buying this with a Mammut Nano 8 device for lightweight raps.


Sterling making rappels fast!

Run up to Sickle Ledge on El Cap. Great skipping anchors on the rappels! ps. Always tie your ends

Hey question regarding rapping with an atc style device. I would like to rap down and switch which rope makes contact with the anchor each time (just as if it was a twin rope). This is in order to save time etc. But is it safe to use the tag line as the rope that makes contact with the anchor? Or should the dynamic/larger rope be used to make contact with the anchor each time?

Hey Mitch! Even though this tag line is static and yes, thinner then dynamic lead rope, it is extremely strong and has a tough sheath. However I can only advise you to use smart decision making for each anchor/rappel situation you are in. I have personalty felt confident in using this at times for the situation you're asking about, an ATC will feed differently through the two ropes, so keep your head in the process.

>Rating: 5


I love having a lightweight tag line for climbing multi-pitch routes! I've been using it on desert towers in Colorado National Monument and in the Moab area. It's easy to see how much time and energy a small lightweight rope save you on the decent when putting up long routes.

Are you using a progress-capture device with this tag line? If so what are you using?


For use as a tag line what's the best knot for joining this 7mm rope to a larger lead rope? I typically use a EDK or fat overhand knot. Also, is it OK to use this with a standard ATC for rappel?

Dave, Great questions, hopefully I have the answer. Are you trying to join them for mainly rappels? Usually for hauling gear, a figure 8 on a bight works. If you're joining for longer rappels, most of what I have seen is either the EDK or a double fisherman knot depending on familiarity and preference. You can get away with rappelling on an ATC with this diameter, however, you will need to keep a constant and close watch on the rope tension.


Is there a progress-capture device I could use to haul a bag with this rope? Seems like everything is rated for 8 - 11mm ropes. I want to use a Petzl Tibloc (8 - 11mm); am I going to die a violent death trying to haul a bag with this 7mm rope? Yes, I already own this rope, and I'd rather not buy a new one (e.g. the 8mm version).

Todd, YER GONNA DIE! But in all seriousness, I'd get a bigger line. Pretty much every progress-capture device currently on the market is, as you said, rated to a minimum rope diameter of 8mm, and anything under 8mm can cause a very unreliable grabbing experience. Your pig could definitely cause some death if the Tibloc (or any other >8mm device) didn't completely grab the line while hauling. Larger diameter haul lines are generally more durable, safer in progress-capture devices, and can even be used as a backup lead line if your primary gets sliced on the wall. I use an old 9.5 lead line to haul - heavier, but I like the safety and decreased pucker factor in the event of having to jug up that thing.

I have intentionally hauled light loads with a 4mm static cord with a microtraxion on steep routes. So I'm sure you can do it but it's clearly case dependent. I'm curious how light a 7mm would feel being tagged?