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Sterling Canyon C-IV Rope - 9mm

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Canyon C-IV Rope

The Sterling Canyon C-IV Rope's super-tough Technora sheath guards against gritty sandstone, and the braided polypropylene core helps the rope float and resist the dousing it’s sure to get.

  • Water-resistant treatment ideal for early season in the canyons
  • The 2% elongation reduces stretching to keep your line from sawing over edges
  • Technora sheath increases cut resistance on sharp and abrasive rock
  • The 9mm thickness packs well for walking sections of the canyon
  • Polypropylene core floats in the water
  • Item #STE0036

9 mm
Dry Treatment
Static Elongation
Sheath Construction
Recommended Use
canyoneering, rappelling
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 4


I've used it several times

Nice thin rope for wet canyons, haven't used it a ton to see how it will hold up and I don't think this is a beginners rope, I'll take my thicker more workhorse type ropes if I'm taking new people out.


Sterling C-IV 9.0 mm Canyoneering Rope

>Rating: 5

Great for aquatic canyons

I've put it through the wringer

This is our go-to rope for canyoning in the Pacific Northwest. It achieves a good balance between durability, weight, hand and knotability, and water absorption. A brighter color would be better so it could be more easily seen in whitewater, and at night.

>Rating: 4

Very nice product

I've used it several times

Use for canyoneering in southern Utah the rope handle well and very abrasion resistant ,great product

>Rating: 2


Got a 300' C-IV specifically to descend the final drop in Heaps Canyon, Zion. The rope was kept in a dry-sack and pulled out one time so that 5 people could do a single 290' free hanging rappel on it all using Piranhas. We ended up with massive sheath slippage resulting in a fat and malformed rope near the lower end. I latter measured the lower end of the rope to be over 13mm thick. Of course I could cut the extra sheath off but why should I have to and how long before I will have to do it again and will that come at a convenient time? After much effort I was finally able to get a hold of a support person who actually works at Sterling and not the marketing company they employ. The guy seemed friendly enough. He had me send him pictures and said he would show them to QC. After a long wait I got impatient and cut all the extra sheath off of my rope myself. I was eventually contacted and offered the option to send my rope in for further inspection which of course now would be useless. So to be fair if I had been more patient the company may have eventually replaced my rope but I will never know. I guess that's what the second star is for. I wont go so far as to say this rope is unsafe especially for shorter raps. However, on supper long rappels and under heavier loads I could see an ATC getting choked up with all the extra sheath. Of the over 2 dozen ropes (dynamic and static) that I have owned over the last 12 years this is the most disappointing purchase. I have ropes by Blue Water and Imlay that have gone down dozens of canyons and still look better than this did after one use.

thanks I have wanted to get this rope, i am glad I saw your review. I was gong for the 300 footer as well planning on doing englestead soon but may reconsider the rope....

You must have had a defective rope - and yes, you should have waited for the factory to respond they are great. We have used this rope for many years on raps up to 350 feet and have never had a problem. I in fact, still have one 200' length that probably has 1000 raps on it (retired this month) C-IV has in fact ,been bomb proof. Nearly everyone in our community uses this rope including a lot of guides. It lasts and is especially nice for those who are heavier or less experienced. Where I do not recommend using this rope is on long raps in wet conditions - the rope will get bouncy to the point of concern. Otherwise - in dry conditions use with confidence - there are literally millions of feet of this rope out there it is the gold standard of 9mm static rope. It is very rare to hear of any problems with this rope.

This rope is amazing! Sheath slippage is normal after a bit of use but that’s a lot of it. Sorry that happened. Glad it didn’t cause any injuries

>Rating: 5

Dope rope

I've used it several times

10/10 would trust this with my life again. Doesn't wear much over hard edges, almost no stretch. Floats for a bit, pretty light, handles softer than most static lines.

>Rating: 5

Gold standard canyoneering rope

I've put it through the wringer

Its not as heavy as the CanyonTech, its tough, reasonably light weight and a nice compromise between fast 8mm and slow and heavy 10mm.. Perfect general use rope for less experienced and / or heavier canyoneers. Works exceptionally well with the ATS descender - not too fast and smooth. It does require a break in, like a lot of canyoneering ropes its a bit stiff to start and it shrinks about 2% once its gotten wet. Once broken in its a joy to rappel on. I have used this rope on ratty rock, edges and a lot of places ordinary rope would have shredded & it still looks like new.

>Rating: 5

Great workhorse rope

I've put it through the wringer

the Sterling C-IV has been my go to rope for over a year now. After about 18 colorado plateau canyons, it looks great and is wearing very well. it dries fast and is reasonably light for its diameter. It rappels a little faster than most 9mm ropes so use caution. Once your used to the way this rope handles it will become your go-to. Its softer than the all polyester ropes and is kinder to your wet, cold hands. Sterling hit a home-run with this one. My only complaint is that I wish the core were Dyneema? or Spectra?, as that would significantly decrease the stretch, however, that would also dramatically increase the price. Bottom line: great workhorse rope for the money.

Sterling recently introduced an 8mm Technora/Polyester sheath and Spectra/Polypropylene Core rope they name the "CANYONLUX". Probably one of the most technological ropes out there made for canyoneering. However, even though it has the SPECTRA core, its elongation is listed at 3.9% (@300lbs)... almost DOUBLE from this C-iV rope. I personally do NOT like elongations above 2%, and that crappy bouncy feeling. So, I'll be getting my hands on this C-iV ! and hopefully the Bluewater 8mm Canyon Extreme! (Technora sheath / Dyneema core, coming at 1.3% @ 300lbs). If you have already tested any of these let us know!!!

>Rating: 4

Great Canyon Rope

I've used it several times

I've used this rope a couple times guiding trips for my schools outdoor program and just bought one of my own. Nice light weight rope that handles well, great bang for the buck. No complaints.

>Rating: 5

Great Canyoneering Rope!

I've put it through the wringer

Short story is, we now only use our "other" rope on practice days on the rough crags, and use C-IV when running any canyons, wet or dry. Lightweight, very smooth, nice hand for tying a knot or stuffing in a rope bag, floats, and most importantly, doesn't heat up anywhere NEAR as much as any other rope we've used on rappels. It's more expensive than other canyon ropes if you buy a shorter or precut length, so just buy a full bolt and split it with a buddy. ... Updated 1/30/2014 - we've been using this rope extensively and the only note I would add is that the older the rope is (well, the more you beat it up!), it does seem to absorb more water and get bouncier when rappelling in class C canyons. Still my favorite rope by a long shot but maybe we'll get a segment of Canyon Pro for the really wet canyons.

i have been searching for the best static rope, 9-10mm, to rig top rope anchors from trees that are at times 15 meters away from the cliff edge here in the Adirondacks, would you recommend this rope since it seems it wouldn't weaken like so many nylon statics when wet? less strength doesn't matter i guess for top-roping but i may use this rope for solo top-rope use and cleaning routes. why aren't these kevlar sheathed ropes more popular? sorry to bombard you, i just randomly chose a reviewer on the page.

Sorry for the delay, just saw your note. For top-roping, don't you normally want dynamic rope? I'm not a climber, but if you take a hard fall on static rope you will hurt your spine because you'll come to a sudden halt. Or am I not understanding your use? You might want to direct a question like this to the makers, the folks at Sterling, to be sure it will perform as needed in your application.

>Rating: 5

Great Canyoneering Rope

This rope has performed very well so far. Tough and longlasting as promised. This Spring I used the C-IV 9mm with small groups on two trips to Moab, Utah. After four canyons (including a 160 foot rappel in Rock Of Ages Canyon) with multiple raps in each canyon (times four people), the rope still looks great. A little fuzz here and there from pulling the rope over the sandstone, but otherwise, it looks great. We all used a Pirana rappel device--great kit, especially for the heavier (190 pound) climbers. The C-IV is lightweight and knots well--great static line. I'm going to buy a 120 footer to supplement my two 200 footers and I'll buy the C-IV again. I'm completely happy with this rope.

>Rating: 5

Great Canyoneering Rop

Been using this rope for several years. I just bought my second one last month. It has held up really well. The rope is very durable and the dry treatment has held well also. If anyone is looking for a great canyoneering rope this is a great choice.


Can anyone tell me what the tensile breaking...

Can anyone tell me what the tensile breaking strength of this rope is?

Its rated at MBS of 5486 lbs with 4.2% elongation.