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SRAM Guide Ultimate Disc Brake

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SRAM makes good.

The SRAM Guide Ultimate Disc Brake represents the utmost expression of braking power and lightweight design, standing atop its class with a new 4-piston S4 caliper, complete with a stainless steel heat shield for reduced brake fade on long descents. Tipping the scales at a feathery 360 grams (front brake with rotor, hose, clamp, adapter, all bolts), the Guide Ultimate Disc Brake is one of the lightest brakes on the market, made possible by its carbon lever blades and titanium lever hardware. In fact, the Guide Ultimate is approximately 80 grams lighter (for the pair) than the excellent Guide RSC, making it a worthy upgrade for riders seeking a lighter overall set-up and improved braking at high speeds.

Standing as the defining achievement, the completely redesigned caliper serves up consistent braking every time you pull the lever, no matter if it's the top of the descent or the end of a swift downhill section. SRAM achieved this by creating the 4-piston S4 caliper, with small machined grooves that enhance rollback speed of the caliper to its original position. Another major improvement is the addition of a stainless steel heat sink, which reduces braking temperature by an astounding 20 degrees Celsius. Running cooler brakes is a must for downhill racers and trail riders seeking consistent braking on the descent, as brake-sapping heat compromises your ability to stop. Additionally, the location of the caliper's bleed port was revised to simplify bleeding, which is a common complaint of previous Guide Brakes. The new location allows fluid to flow from the caliper into the lever body, preventing tiny air bubbles from remaining inside the caliper after bleeding.

The SRAM Guide Ultimate is available in a Front/left or Rear/right lever and caliper package, with compatible Centerline and Centerline X Rotors sold separately. Plus, it's Matchmaker X-compatible for integrating SRAM shifters and various RockShox controls from a single tidy clamp.

  • 4-piston S4 caliper for powerful stopping with every squeeze
  • SwingLink lever cam and cup-seal timing port for improved modulation
  • Carbon lever blade and titanium lever hardware shaves weight
  • Stainless steel heat sink reduces braking temperature
  • Revised bleeding port for easier, more reliable bleeding
  • Matchmaker X-compatible streamlines bar set-up
  • Item #SRM005T

carbon fiber
Lever Adjustability
Caliper Adjustability
contact point
Mount Type
DOT 5.1
not included
Claimed Weight
360 g
Recommended Use
mountain biking
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 4


I've put it through the wringer

The brakes were a bit difficult getting set up just right so there was no rubbing and no noise. However, once they are set up they are perfect going forward. They make no noise and ride smoothly. With these brakes the weight is low and the stopping power is efficient.

>Rating: 5

Heavy Rider Must Have

I've put it through the wringer

These powerful brakes are a must have for heavy aggressive riders. I am 250 lbs but these brakes stop me on a dime, every time!! I have a set in my AM and XC bikes.

>Rating: 3

Don't loose the rubber bleed port plug

I've put it through the wringer

Their well thought out bleeding edge port has a fatal flaw: the plug doesn't stay put and isn't available without a bunch of parts you don't need.

I have these brakes in 2 different bikes that are ridden 3-4 times a week all year. Never once has the rubber stopper fallen out. Likely user error.

>Rating: 5

Killer brake killer on the bank account

I bought because I wanted more stopping power. Its bragging rights for sure. Tons of adjustment for riding . Carbon levers and Titanium bolts and the set of matchmakers for your shifters round it out. The only difference is the cylinder/lever on the other guide line of brake. I had envy after I bought and used . But hey you can't take the money with you when its time to check out. Basically they are really nice /quiet wet or dry and have extreme adjustability. Pair with nice vented rotors and your golden. For the money if I could do it again id most likely buy the RSC set ... I'd gotten a call from back country the next day saying thanks for my order. The guy even mailed me a note saying thanks and tosses in more goat stickers... Way to earn more of my business....

>Rating: 5

The perfect recipe

I've put it through the wringer

These brakes are great. The four pistons in these brakes are perfect for heavy enduro riding or xc racing. I like the extra stopping power over the 2-piston Levels. These brakes keep the weight down and have a great feel!

Are the brake levers adjustable? Thanks

Hey, the brake levers are easily adjustable for reach and contact points. Please reach out to me if you are interested and I can help get you setup with the right brakes for you.

>Rating: 2

Brake levers wont return to normal posit

I moved away from Shimano hoping SRAM had done homework right finally on their brakes. Guess not! its been 9 months since I had the Ultimates and although they feel powerful and have amazing modulation, I am noticing that the brake lavers are not returning to original position due to that loose power and zero modulation causing loss of braking control. This issue seemed a lot worst on hotter days. Today I found out there are many people out there with identical issues ( at jenson usa check reviews under Item #: BR197C00 ) .

I've experienced the same thing and need to replace the outer cup seals. Sigh...

I had the same issue with BOTH front and rear brakes after sitting (indoors) for a month. Less than a year old and were totally fine last ride. Local bike shop said it's common with all the Guides and they have to take apart and grind some part so it doesn't bind up. They said it's cheaper than buying new brakes and new brakes will eventually do the same again anyway so better to just fix it. They are trying to make a warranty claim with SRAM and if not they say they will only charge me $20 each (price they quoted to bleed brakes when they assumed that was the problem). Awesome shop. Otherwise yes fantastic brakes.

The new internals cost around $30.00 Local bike shop wants $25 to replace part or $40 with a re bleed. Super expensive. I hope these new internals don't wear out in 6 months.

You need Hayes Dominion 4 :)

>Rating: 4

The Ultimate Brake

I've put it through the wringer

The Sram Guides have amazing stopping power, adjustment and control. They are super easy to trim to fit the bike, bleed, change pads and the Ultimate's come with the benefit of a carbon lever. The matchmaker keeps everything simple and clean on my handlebars too. I have a mix of the Ultimates and RSC Guides on my trail and DH bikes.

>Rating: 5

Best Brake on the Market

I've put it through the wringer

The S4 caliper is simply outstanding. On your first ride you will be braking too early and too much. The lever feel is very firm but still modulates better than anything else. Whatever you are riding now, this is a noticeable upgrade.

Compared to m8000s? I can't complain about the new XTs but always lookin for better too!


does the set come with front and rear callipers and levers?

Hey Jimmy, The brakes are priced individually for the front and rear lever/caliper that come prebled. Don't hesitate reaching out if there's any other questions I can help out with!