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SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers

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    Roll tough this winter.

    The SportCrafters OverDrive Pro Rollers solve one of the biggest problems associated with rollers — usually, they provide only so much resistance. But by combining the benefits of roller training with the resistance of a fluid trainer, the OverDrive Pro provides progressive resistance. This means that as the rollers spin faster, resistance increases in a non-linear fashion, giving you all the benefits of balance and core strength development from traditional rollers with the added resistance found in stationary trainers.

    The OverDrive Pro Rollers were machined from aluminum. They feature 3.25in drums with .125in-thick walls and are 15.5in wide. The rollers were lathed on the axle for precision runout and balance. Also, they will not distort in the heat or sunlight because they are dynamically spin-balanced. All SportCrafters rollers come with bearings that are greased and sealed, so there's no need to worry about maintenance. The OverDrive also features a steel frame that is zinc-plated and powder coated to last and last.

    The Rollers are designed to fit wheel sizes 600 to 700c and 26 to 29in. It will accommodate wheelbases from 37.5 to 44in, as drilled. There is no rider weight limit. The rollers' unfolded dimensions are 60 x 20 x 4.25in, and folded it is 31.5 x 20 x 5.25in.

    • Machined from aluminum
    • Dynamically spin-balanced
    • Steel framework is zinc-plated and powder coated
    • Progressive resistance
    • Item #SCF0002

    Tech Specs

    [rollers] aluminum, [frame] powder coated steel
    Recommended Use
    indoor training, pre-race warm-up
    Manufacturer Warranty

    Tech Specs

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    Shipping Damage, Not Poor Quality

    • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

    Problem identical to the review by 2et6178791 below. Product is unusable out of the box.

    Bearing on one of the drums is not pressed correctly. This causes the drum to sit to one side and the end cap retention screw strikes the frame so that the drum will not spin.

    The end cap retention screw on the same drum is clearly cross threaded and debris rattles around inside the drum.

    Very disappointed. Back they go for a refund.

    Update: Received a nice note from Peter Colan, President of SportCrafters stating that the problem is shipping and not manufacturing. The note reads as follows...

    "The problem you're showing is caused by the drum(s) taking a hard hit on the end of the axle, which can snap off the inner bearing shoulder on one side, causing not only the drum to migrate to one side but also the noise you hear (which is the inner shoulder). This can happen during shipment. It's extremely rare, we've only seen a few dozen in the last 20 years (after many thousands of drums produced for all the brands we supply) and the shoulder has been beefed up several times over the 20 year life of the mold but we can't anticipate all the abuse it may see. We still support all of the original rollers we built that are in still service after two decades with new belts and feet that typically wear out with time, and are happy to do it!

    The screw is there for dynamic balance.. we use a 2-plane dynamic balancer to identify any slight dynamic imbalance and use screws to offset, much like wheel weights on your car. It serves no other purpose.

    We have always honored lifetime warranty on our rollers regardless if you're the original purchaser. Please accept our apologies for the damaged drums you've received, and allow us to get you rolling again! --Pete"

    I've changed the rating to four stars pending receipt of the new product.

    Shipping Damage, Not Poor Quality

    My first set of rollers, does the trick.

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer


    I don't want to come into the Spring a fat-ass because of lack of riding during the Winter. I don't do well with ice. Concussion, collar bone, various sprains, etc..

    and, I've become more serious/regimented about training. You simply can't go out and hold your LTHR for one hour on the road around here, or do intervals without interruption, like lights, cars, dogs, people...

    I bought the Overdrive set and an inertia roller. This is a very flexible mechanical unit. If I want to just spin along in Z2/Z3 I remove the overdrive drum and install the spare regular drum. So, no resistance and you really get to work technique...It's a bit like riding on ice actually!

    When I want to do a sustained Z4 workout I put the Overdrive drum in with the red side on the left, it stays at a moderate resistance that way and I can spin up to a real world speed and hold my Z4 for an hour and just sweat out the calories.

    If I want to do intervals I flip the Overdrive drum into it's normal position, red on the right, and the resistance scales exponentially depending upon the power you're putting into it...

    I do cadence drills where I spin up to 120+ rpm and hold it for 45-60 seconds and then drop it off and recover...

    Overall a very flexible training tool that is utterly mechanical requiring no electricity, etc.. they easily fold up for compact storage as well.

    Dollar for dollar I'd say these are about the most bang for buck you can get out of a set of rollers considering the flexibility and ease of configuration.

    I can work purely on form at low Z HR with no resistance, I can work out at moderate resistance for sustained high Z efforts, and I can kill myself on intervals with the overdrive drum in the regular position where the resistance scales exponentially versus your effort.

    ...and, rollers keep you engaged. I'm still "in the doorway..." it's going to be a while before I'm riding hands free and such, but I already notice a difference when I hit the road...far more graceful, cadence is'll hold a far straighter line.

    I've put 500 miles on them in the last three weeks, I'm actually losing weight...I ended the season at 195, I'm 191 today, and hopefully I'll get below 190# before my Spring training with my cycling club kicks in in March...versus 216# last year after not riding for the Winter.

    I'm going to be a much stronger & faster cyclist this year...

    Pretty much exactly my experience. Excellent training tool. Can be configured to measure power. Had to adjust one bearing's preload one time about a year ago. My (much smaller) wife uses it too, so we swap the roller position around lots - very simple and quick. She got the hang of them much more quickly than I did - was watching sitcoms during her 2nd session, so YMMV.

    First Rollers

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I'm giving these rollers four stars because this is my first experience with rollers, so I have nothing to compare them to. After a few weeks of use, I am pleased with them. They ride smooth and aren't too loud. They do vibrate my apartment a bit, but none of my neighbors have complained yet. It didn't take too long to figure out how to balance and ride without being in a doorway.
    I had to return the first set of rollers because one of the knobs was broken, but the customer service was great and sent a new set of rollers right away.
    I don't really feel the overdrive resistance getting stronger as i ride faster, but like i said, i haven't ridden anything else to compare how rollers without the overdrive feel. I haven't run out of resistance yet, though.
    I'm looking forward to training all winter long!

    Fundamentally Wrong

      There is something fundamentally wrong when your rollers arrive and they don't roll. Out of the box the front roller did not roll because the bearing was not completely pressed. On the black cap of the roller you will find a raised bearing. That is supposed to be flush with the black cap. How hard would it be to spin the roller after assembly? I would not suggest this product.

      UPDATE: Competitive Cyclist has been great. They sent out a second set of rollers and set-up the return of the afore mentioned rollers. The second set of rollers are not great. One of the bearings is not completely pressed and there are debris in two of the rollers that make noise when spun. These rollers have had good reviews, but I have not had a good experience. I'll be going with another company.

      Nice, but annoying vibration at high spd

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      These rollers are great with one important caveat: The band vibrates annoyingly anytime you go over about 28 mph. If you plan on doing hard intervals you might find this irritating (I certainly do). Not sure if it's an issue with the roller design or the band. FWIW I use these rollers with a 56cm road bike, so it's not like I'm at the extreme end of sizing/drum placement.

      Hi Jason! Thanks for your review. I'm interested in the band vibration.. it should be smooth. There may be a ding in an end cap or something causing it. Have you tried the band on the other side? Give me a shout directly, we'd like to get this fixed for you! --Pete, SportCrafters Inc.

      Great Indoor Training Tool

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      First on Rollers itself- If one hasn't tried it before and read / watched scary reviews / videos then don't get bogged down by them, its quiet easy to work out on the rollers. It took me 10 mins to get used to them initially and after few workouts became second nature. Now i have hard training sessions on them lasting 2 hrs.

      Now specific to SportsCrafters- i got the Resistant unit and am quiet satisfied with the power curves. The plastic cup of the unit did crack up and warranty replacement was bang on to their claim. Upgraded the drums to High Inertia Drums which provide much more rolling coasting which is necessary to sustain longer training hours. I had been using Fixed Trainer with Progressive unit but find that Rollers are much better workout for same effort / time as they improve bike balancing skills and keeps you alert and out of boredom during session. Sprinting out of saddle workouts ain't possible as bike tends to get off if force is applied.

      Happy Competitive Cyclist Customer.

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      This is the first online product review i have ever written, so hopefully it won't be too bad.

      I bought these rollers to keep me in shape this winter during the long 4-5 month winter here in Northern Indiana. I have a Kurt Kinetic Road machine fluid trainer that i have used the past 2 winters, but that gets boring and i find that i do not push myself and i slack off knowing that my rear skewer is locked into the rock solid KK frame. I figure rollers will keep my attention better and force me to drive on.

      I received the rollers very quickly from CC via UPS; my only complaint is that like a lot of other places they simply put a shipping label on the actual box. I personally do not like this as i am slightly OCD and would prefer to know that my item is safe inside a "shipping box". One of the rubber feet penetrated the corner of the box while in transit however no damage to the rollers, feet, or red rails was noted so it should be all right.

      The rollers are fantastic! So smooth and quiet, i wish i would have gotten these sooner! They are very stout and well built. I can see these lasting a very long time, if not forever. I did my homework and would say that for the price, you cannot beat these rollers!

      I set mine on a 2' by 6' piece of 3/4" plywood that i cut to fit. (My home is all light colored carpet except for wood floors in the entry foyer and kitchen). I am using these in a spare bedroom. The wood works great as a barrier to keep the carpet out of the rollers.

      There is a learning curve and i still occasionally need to steady myself with a wall, but i will get the hang of it over the next 4 months i am sure!

      Bottom Line: If you are in the market for an indoor training device, look no further than these SportCrafters rollers!

      Roll On!

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Here in Utah we bike riders face a tough reality. Though we enjoy the greatest snow on earth, there are days this simply makes riding outside impossible (OK fat bikes, but we're talking road here). Perhaps you face other time limiters, conditions or other restraints that keep you inside when you want to be riding. Do you get a trainer or rollers is the great debate. Without question you should get the Sportcrafters Overdrive Rollers and here's why.

      First to address the trainer vs. roller debate. While a trainer is a reasonable solution, it's just not the best way to work on practical bike skills. Sure you can turn the pedals, but a trainer gives you the leeway to be lazy in your pedal stroke and balance. With rollers you are forced to focus on a smooth pedal stroke and balance, engaging your core muscles and ultimately leading to a better pedal stroke and higher efficiency the next time you clip in on the road. Yes, there is a learning curve and I'd recommend starting off in a doorway or next to a wall, but once you get it down you'll enjoy a roller workout immensely more than the drudgery of the trainer.

      I love these rollers for a few reasons. Quality, ease of use and progressive resistance. These aren't run of the mill throw a couple of rolling pins between a cheap metal frame. Nope, high quality aluminum rollers and powdered coated steel make for a very durable and great looking set of rollers to liven up the living room. The rollers come...ready to roll....right out of the box with no assembly and an easy setup. No need to swap wheels, tires or skewers fumbling around with your trainer. Quick and easy. Finally the progressive rolling resistance is the best out there for mimicking the real forces of the road. You can really get the most out of your winter/indoor training with these.

      Have any questions? Please feel free to to contact me at Happy Rolling!