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Spiewak: A Rich History

Spiewak is clad in a rich history of outfitting America's workers, soliders and servicemen since 1904. Learn the whole story in Spiewak 1904 - An Icon Endures.


You may not know it, but you know Spiewak & Sons. For over a century Spiewak has outfitted the armed forces, firemen, police, and civilians with dependable outerwear for harsh working conditions. From the naval pea coat to the sheepskin-lined bomber jackets of WWII, you’ll find a Spiewak logo beneath the collar of the most iconic American jackets.

Like all great American success stories, Spiewak’s history begins with humble origins and hard work. In 1904, a Polish immigrant named Isaac Spiewak set up shop in Brooklyn, New York and began making sheepskin vests for waterfront dockworkers. A decade later he was making woolen jackets and pants for the Armed Forces as America pulled together and fought the First World War. The blue pea coat with a reversible placket and double welt pockets that Spiewak produced for the Navy is still in production today.

Just prior to the end of the war, Spiewak introduced the Golden Fleece label for its sheepskin-lined jackets. Making reference to the mythical Golden Fleece sought by Jason and the Argonauts in ancient Greece, the label featured an image of a flying ram and became a trusted symbol of endurance, safety, and quality. Taking inspiration from military style jackets, Spiewak began making jackets for police forces and mounted state troopers in the ‘20s. The horsehide coat produced for troopers with a Golden Fleece lining weighed in at a beefy 35 pounds.

The company survived the hard years of the Great Depression through streamlining production and improving efficiency. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Spiewak shifted all production to making flight suits and deck jackets for the Armed Forces. Following the war, military style jackets became increasingly popular with civilians, fueling Spiewak’s growth through the second half of the century. Subway conductors, airline ground crews, students protesting the Vietnam War, and even the 1980 US Olympic Ski Team all counted on Spiewak’s Golden Fleece for warmth and weather protection. In fact, Spiewak is so intertwined in the fabric of America that a century after the company was founded, Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, declared September 23, 2004, official Spiewak Day.

Today, Spiewak continues to make dependable outerwear and uniforms for the men and women who risk their lives serving the American public. Spiewak also draws inspiration from its past to create jackets that maintain a tradition of quality and heritage while also making an iconic fashion statement on city streets and college campuses across America. From a fur-trimmed aviator to a classic pea coat to a modern down jacket, Spiewak & Sons is the place to go for a truly American jacket.