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So Ill Holds Iron Palm Training Board

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Ultra Bomber urethane
big slopers, 2 pinches, various edges
27 x 11.5 x 4in
Recommended Use
climbing training
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years

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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 4

Solid Overall Board

I've put it through the wringer

The climbing gym I go to has this board and I've been using it fairly regularly with a large amount of success. You can get a good overall grip workout from it. The different edges allow you to work a wide range of open hand/crimp holds, with the jug at the top, a small slope/crimp, and a couple in between. The slopers are pretty rock solid and they are big enough so you can vary where you hold them to increase/decrease difficulty. The only drawback are the pinches. Since they form opposing holds it is easy to engage your shoulders so you kind of cheat out your forearms out of a true pinch grip but if you keep yourself focused you can pretty much negate that drawback.

>Rating: 3

Ergonomically flawed IMO

I've put it through the wringer

So, I had this hangboard for a little while. I found that the jug rail on the top forced your hands so close together that it'd inevitably create shoulder pain if trying to do pull-ups or high lock offs. Also, it seemed to lack options as far as crimp strength goes. Lastly, the material is almost too sticky. I will say that the slopers and pinches are great.

>Rating: 4


No other hangboard offers slopers like these! they are awesome, great for training your open hand and pinch grip as well. Would not get as your first hangboard since it doesn't have a lot of variety in hold size.

>Rating: 5

Nice board

I've put it through the wringer

Good tool for moving from beginner to moderate level finger strength

>Rating: 5


great training device with cool surface feel

>Rating: 5


Of all the hang boards I've used, this one takes the cake in the sloper division. Those giant, slightly suggestive holds are awesome for training your hands to stick to slopers, and the rails in between are pretty sweet too.

yes, the suggestive slopes are so perrrrfect!

>Rating: 4

palms of iron

the iron palm is incredibly rough on your hands. not necessarily a bad thing, but whatever. Chalk is not 100% necessary, but does help with hand-oil. The holds are mostly well thought out and work well for training. The paddles, pinches, and iron palm are the reason to get this thing otherwise it's exactly like every other board. the horizontal holds are deeper at the top, thinner at the bottom and there's one in the middle that is pretty sloped for those 1 to 1 and 1/2 pad slopey crimpy deadhangs. I love the pinches and the palms, but for the money there are better hangboards to train with. If you get it at a discount or really need to work on those slopers/pinches go ahead hang it above your doorway! PS. pullups on anything but the palms/paddles are very narrow and no where near a comfortable shoulder width. so if you're getting it for pullups, look elsewhere.

what is a better board in your opinion?

sorry for the delayed response. . . I like the Revolution Grillito --> Costs about the same $$ OR The basic Metolius Project Board which is like 1/2 the price, and you can do comfortable shoulder width juggy/crimpy deadhangs

>Rating: 5


They have this at the gym I climb at, and it is great. I like the massive bulbous holds on the outside as a break for the crimps and pinches on the inside. Solid board.

>Rating: 5

Great Hang board

I love the Iron Palm. Nice Hang board, but if you want to spend a little more money, look into the Etch Motherboard. Both are excellent. Hold descriptions on Iron Palm: Bottom Edge - One pad (Flat) (Similar to a Door Frame) Second Edge - One pad (Sloping) Third Edge - One Pad and Half (Sloping) Top Edge - Two Pads (In-cut) The Slopers are also really cool, Probably the main feature of this hang board. The pinches are cool too, they are flat just to let you know, (not in-cut or sloping), and can be used for compression workouts too. I Mainly do campus workouts, and practice bumping using every hold. I like this hang board because you get a little bit of every type of hold you need to get stronger, (especially the bottom edge and the slopers in my opinion!)

>Rating: 5

oh yeah... brutal

This is not your average hangboard! Please note the description- "for mid-level and higher skilled climbers" I own two hangboards, this one is for when i'm feelin EXTRA frisky. The slopers are sweet, you can pick how much you wanna punish yourself. Put your hands straight on top and it's easy. Closer to the face and you're gonna get a workout. The edges vary greatly, top rung is great for a burnout set of pullups, bottom rung... well, you better start there while you're fresh. THE PINCHES- this is what i really love about this hangboard, not offered on my other (big brand name) version. Two different sizes. I love doing lockoffs on these pinches. or pullups. or just staring at them in defeated awe. note- as seems to be true for most so ill holds, this hangboard is very gritty. It will tear up your hands a little. But hey, quit bein' a puss. builds character. make sure you've got a good mount for this thing, you're gonna need it.

>Rating: 4

Better than a bar

Just getting into climbing and wanted to increase my steez. Much more enjoyable than a standard pull up bar. Plus it looks sick over my door. I did snap one of the included screws during installation so you might want to predrill your holes.


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What are the major dimensions of this board?

Width: 27 in Height: 11.5 in Max Depth: 4 in Jared D. Expert Gearhead 800.409.4502 ext 4055


what are the dimensions?

what are the dimensions?

Just got back from the So iLL website: 27 in x 11.5 in x 4 in Hope that helps.