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Snow Peak Trek 1400 Titanium Cookset


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    A lightweight, yet versatile cook set for minimalist campers.

    The Snowpeak Trek 1400 Titanium Cook Set is a lightweight, two-piece cook set that includes a pot, pan and carrying case. Corrosion-resistant titanium is super lightweight and has superior strength compared to steel. The pot holds 47 oz of fluid (over 5 cups), the lid doubles as a frying pan (5 ¾ ”x 1 ½ ”, 17 oz capacity), and the entire combo weighs only 7.4 oz. Each piece has a folding handle that tucks neatly away for storage. The Snow Peak Giga Power Stove [SNO0002] and fuel canister stow nicely inside the cookware for easy transport and storage. Snow Peak's focus on nesting cook sets makes this an exceptional build-as-you-go system for backpackers. Perfect for melting snow, boiling water and simple cooking.
    • Compact titanium cookset for backpackers and glampers alike
    • Titanium construction goes through serious abuse
    • Stows 250g fuel canister and GigaPower stove
    • Item #SNO0031

    Tech Specs

    [pot] 47 oz
    1 pot, 1 pan, 1 storage sack
    Claimed Weight
    7.4 oz
    Recommended Use
    camping, backpacking
    Manufacturer Warranty

    Tech Specs

    What do you think about this product?


    >Rating: 5

    Nice Pot and Pan

    Familiarity:I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    I like that the pot is big and can hold a lot of food/liquid which is exactly what I wanted. Since it is snow peak it also boils the water quite fast. The lid is definitely not stable like many of the previous reviews said, but I found this to be good. I want to check my food as I go without worrying about how to get the lid off.

    >Rating: 5

    Big and light

    Can store my stove gas and other kitchen kit inside. Pro Tip: lightly sand and paint with high temp BBQ black paint to increase efficiency.

    >Rating: 5

    This duo is great.

    Familiarity:I've used it several times

    These two items are great for trips. Melt snow/boil water in the larger pot and use the other for a lid. Also use the pan for cooking whatever. It's all I need on camping/backpacking trips. I highly recommend this setup. It's the perfect size for what I do, also. Not too big, not too small. I put an 8oz LPG fuel tank in there with a primus burner, then with the pan over the top. It all fits perfectly well. Good stuff!

    >Rating: 5

    perfect for solo trips

    Familiarity:I've used it several times

    my go to kit has been for a while now this, a pocket rocket, and another insulated snow peak mug. nests together w/ fuel and a spork well and is lightweight.


    A meal at work

    Going out to work


    in action.


    all packed up

    all packed up with a pocket rocket

    >Rating: 5


    Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    I love how my pocket rocket stove and canister fit right in. great little set!



    900 that nests into the 1400 with the crux and MSR fuel canister in it.

    >Rating: 5

    I went round and round.

    I spent an evening taking different Ti pot and pan kits out of their boxes and comparing them at the REI flagship store in Seattle. I compared similar items in their brand and snow peaks. Much of the stuff I saw seemed like it was from a little girls play kitchen set. The 1400 is a great sized cook set. I finally ended up with the 1400 and then nesting the 900 inside of that, then I nested my Optimus Crux and a fuel canister inside of that. I like to fondue out in the snow when we ski or snowshoe. Both of those sets work great as a double boiler. I am very impressed with the quality of all Snow Peak products.

    >Rating: 2

    Poorly engineered

    I'm still waiting to be impressed by Snow Peak. The pan doesn't fit on the pot as is stated, and the handles are flimsy. The bag is way too big for the set ensuring that the lid won't stay on. The whole thing just seems poorly engineered.

    Spin the bag with the pot in it and it tightens up on the lid and holds the two pieces together. I loop the drawstring around the wound up bag and it holds just fine when being packed away in a pack.

    Another option is get two small compression straps and cross them over the lid and tighten them down. This works extremely well when it is packed with other things inside and in the stuff sack.

    >Rating: 5


    I have it too...fot 2 years now. the food dont like stick! and it is easy to clean!... Low weight, bla,bla,bla

    >Rating: 5

    Best Cookware---Ever!

    I really appreciate the options that come with this cookware. The solo kit will fit in the Ti 900, the Ti 900 will fit in the Ti 1400. The Snow Peak titanium Bowls will fit in the TI 1400. Coolness!


    with gas canister

    8oz msr gas canister and pot handle inside, and plenty of room for more stuff. I can fit my superfly if i put the stove on the bottom and flip the canister upside down, but this is hardly an efficient way to pack it


    Snowpeak 1400 next to nalgene

    To give you an idea of how big the pot is and how much can nest inside


    Perfect, need to see the size next to a known item

    >Rating: 5

    light as it gets- graduated from the Quick 2

    If you are an ultralighter, this is your cookset. I previously used the MSR Quick 2, for which (when backpacking) I never carried the cups and plates as we only ate out of the pots and draink out of our water bottles. By swithing to this set, I shed about 20oz from my packs weight. At just over 7oz this will satisfy all backcountry cooking needs. The pot is large enough for noodles for at least 2, possibly 3 people. As stated below, keep the food moving otherwise it will stick. I recommend leaving a little water at the bottom when eating also, cause some food will stick when it cools down. It's described as holding 47oz, I would say subtract a little if you are boiling to leave room for the water boiling over. With a Superfly cranked on high, no wind, water boiled in about 4 minutes. The lid serves not only as a lid but as a fry pan (albeit small) and plate. The handle on the pan never got too hot touch. I never had a problem with the handles on the pot either, although using a pot lifter would alleviate the problem (the MSR potlifter weights 1oz and fits inside). What else fits inside...other than the snowpeak 900 and 700 series, the pot will hold an 8oz gas canister, the MSR pot lifter, and the Superfly stove (though this stove doesn't nest well- would consider the pocket rocket or giga stoves for better nesting). Pot set is very ease to clean, just run some water or wipe it out.

    >Rating: 3

    Cook with care

    I like my Snowpeak Trek 1400 Titanium Cook Set But most of my meals are Boil and add. Care must be used when cooking, the thickness and the Fact titanium doesn't spread the heat very well. Keep the food moving or suffer.

    >Rating: 3

    Like the taste of scorched?

    This set is very light, and was the perfect size for two people, however it's so thin that we had to work very carefully to avoid scorching our food, which usually was impossible to avoid. Have you ever spent 2 weeks in the Alaskan backcountry eating scorched couscous? I don't recommend it. I wish this set had a thicker bottom. It was impossible to get the scorched crust off the bottom of the pots as well.

    Titanium does not conduct heat evenly, and also like you said, it is thin, so it is not a good choice for frying stuff in. Ti's best use it to boil water and to be light weight and pretty durable.

    interesting... I have been cooking with Ti pots for the last 12 years and doing fine. Scorching will occur if I crank the stove to the max and then let it sit there. Admittedly pancakes (which I only tried once, car camping) are a challenge. As for cous-cous I boil the water, add the dry cous-cous, mix and then let SIT (no more cooking) for 10 minutes or so, covering the pot with a fleece or something to keep the heat in. Never had scorched cous-cous.


    Some of what fits into the Trek 1400

    Inside the Trek 1400 is a Trek 900, Snow Peak double walled 600 mug, single walled 400 mug, and even a Snow Peak Litemax.


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    Does anyone know if the Coleman feather 442 fits in this set? http://www.coleman.eu/Benelux/p-23735-unleaded-feather8482-stove.aspx


    Yes, albeit very snugly.


    'Nother Nesting Questing Will the Whisperlite...

    'Nother Nesting Questing Will the Whisperlite Int'l nest inside this without there being too much room? Or how bout a big ole roll o' TP? Also, does Backcountry have the SP Trek 1400 in Al?

    a whisperlite will fit in you might need to take some of the stuff out of the sack though to to get everything to fit in snug.


    Does anyone know if I can nest one, maybe...

    Does anyone know if I can nest one, maybe two, of the Snow Peak titanium bowls in this set along with a 4 oz MSR canister and a pocket rocket?

    I carry two bowls in my 1400. Litemax stove, fuel can stabilizer, lighter, a couple of mini sporks fit underneath the bowls with room for other small stuff. The fuel will fit in the bowls and I usually stuff a bandana in the bowl to keep any rattling down.


    Does anyone know if the Coleman Exponent...

    Does anyone know if the Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel stove will nest in this diametrically, if not height-wise? http://www.amazon.com/Coleman-550B725-Exponent-Multi-Fuel-Stove/dp/B0009VC7QK Thanks!

    Nope, both too tall and too wide. The outside diameter on the 1400 pot itself is 5.5" and the height w/lid is 5.9". You probably already have the dimensions for the Exponent, but for the sake of anyone else who might want to know: 5.5x5.5x8.2"


    Will the Snow Peak Trek 900 fit inside...

    Will the Snow Peak Trek 900 fit inside this?

    Check out both the Snow Peak SCS-010T & SCS-020T cook sets. They are less expensive & lighter weight. Here's more information: http://www.snowpeak.com/back/cookware/titanium.html

    Yes, the 900 fits perfectly inside the 1400. I keep the 900 in its supplied stuff sack (keeps any noise down) when storing it in the 1400.

    Yes and a gas fule of 250gr


    Will the Mini Solo Cook set fit inside...

    Will the Mini Solo Cook set fit inside this?

    Digi, I did a little digging, and if you trust the dimensions that other websites show... the dimensions of the 1400 with the pan stowed is 5.75" diameter x 5.875" tall. the mini solo was listed as having a 5.2" diameter and 4.25 inches tall. If this is the case, it will indeed fit inside quite nicely. I hope this helps! (dimensions taken from REI and prolitegear.com)


    Will the MSR Dragonfly fit ind\side of...

    Will the MSR Dragonfly fit ind\side of this pot??

    According to the MSR Cookware FAQ on their website, the Dragonfly won't fit into a pot smaller than 2L. The Dragonfly's dimensions are 4 x 3 x 7in. This unit's dimensions are 5.5"x4.5" so I don't feel that it will fit.


    Does this cookset have groove bottoms? I'm...

    Does this cookset have groove bottoms? I'm wondering if this stove is stable for my Vargo Titanium stove? Thanks!

    The 1400 has a flat, titanium bottom. It will work just fine with your Vargo titanium stove especially since the Jet-ti has nice grooves on the pot supports.


    How well does the pot, and the frying pan...

    How well does the pot, and the frying pan fit on a MSR dragonfly stove? I read reviews of other SP products that said the pots didn't sit on the dragonfly very well.

    The Dragonfly does have wider pot supports to accommodate larger pots & pans, approximately 3.5" diameter opening, but the Snow Peak 1400 is 5.5" diameter. The SP Solo @ 4.25" diameter might become a bit "tippy" on this stove.


    Will the MSR XGK Ex fit inside with the...

    Will the MSR XGK Ex fit inside with the lid on?

    It will fit but you're going to have to work @ it. The main problem is bending the fuel line enough where it joins the stove @ the base of the generator. It won't take a full 90 degree bend. There's also a good possibility of liquid fuel & fumes getting on the inside of the pot even when in the stuff sack. Then you have the heat reflector & windscreen to contend with. If it was me, I'd reconsider doing this & just carry everything in the included stuff sack.

    Probably not well. XGK-ex or old XGK fits in Snow Peak cook n save 2L fine with room for other stuff. Well, not the fuel bottle. +1 on awesomeness of XGK pointing-up blowtorch. Everyone knows there's cooking and boiling, not lukewarmness, by the taxiing jet sound.


    How good are they even those these aren't...

    How good are they even those these aren't non-stick? Does it affect the cooking at all?

    Titanium is really good on weight, but what you gain in weight you lose in cooking prowess. Titanium is notorious for its hotspots when heated. Aluminum is, in my opinion, the best cookware to use because it's lighter than steel and is a better heat conductor than titanium.

    Titanium is great for boiling water & coated non-stick titanium is good when simmering or preparing food in your pot. A hot spot has more to do with your stove. If you use a stove that creates a flame ball rather than a rocket flame, you'll achieve more consistent results with regards to heat distribution. You're only heating over a four to eight inch max diameter surface.

    It is not a "non-stic" but titanium is less to make a black hotspots then aluminium. In the photo the titanium. and you can see it is very less black then an aluminium pot


    What is pot dimensions? thanks Paul

    What is pot dimensions? thanks Paul

    It's 5.5"x4.5". Excellent product!!!