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Snow Peak LiteMax Stove


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LiteMax Stove

Don't forget where you put the Snow Peak LiteMax Stove, because at less than two ounces and about three inches across, it's one that you won't want to lose. This titanium and aluminum stove is seriously light and compact, folks. You can close your fist around the entire package, yet when deployed and attached to a fuel canister, the LiteMax is surprisingly stable for being so tiny and its folding arms double as wind shields to prevent blowing out. Turned to full power, 11,200 BTU's get your noodles to a rolling boil in a jiffy.

  • SnowPeak's lightest and most powerful backpacking stove
  • Durable titanium and aluminum cut ounces, not strength
  • Folding arms and tips make for easy packing
  • Three prongs make for a stable, secure base
  • Heat level is easily adjustable via wire handle
  • Item #SNO0041

titanium, aluminum
Fuel Type
propane, isobutane
Burn Time
Claimed Weight
1.9 oz
Recommended Use
camping, ultralight trekking
Manufacturer Warranty

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Small and Light and Hot

I've put it through the wringer

Literally all you need in a stove. Boils water quickly and efficiently and packs down small enough fit inside a 700ml pot with a small fuel container and room to spare. As with most Snow Peak products, this stove is bombproof and will probably outlast most other pieces of backpacking gear I own. And at 56 grams, it's less than half the weight of the Gigapower stove!

>Rating: 5

Will last you a long time

As long as you don't lose it (because its very small) This little beast will last you a very long time

>Rating: 4

Heavyweight attitude. Lightweight body.

I've put it through the wringer

I have used this stove extensively for 2 years and love it. If you're looking to save on weight, this is your stove. It is one of the lightest on the market. The only complaint I have is it is affected by the wind. However, many open stoves have the same problem. Other than that, I plan to keep it and use it for the next 5 years. Sturdy, folds down nicely, lightweight.

>Rating: 5

Love it

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I recently received this tiny little stove so I only have initial impressions, but so far I am very impressed! It's so small when collapsed, but expands to be quite large. The flame seems to be very powerful. My only concern was that some gas escapes when screwing it onto the fuel, but it really hasn't bothered me too much.

Thanks for the review Jillian! I'm interested in hearing more about the gas escaping from your canister. Feel free to reach out to me directly - Expert Gearhead

This happens with all stoves: short "pshick" when screwing the stove onto the canister. Nothing to worry about.

>Rating: 5

The champ!

I've put it through the wringer

This little stove flames without any issue. I used this stove in a mild wind and the flame was still burning while my other friend's stove kept going out. He used my stove to cook. It's very compact and the blades around the burner are like wind guard. It blows 1/3 of the flame while other 2/3 are still burning. I use simmer as well for light cooking such as scramble eggs. This is the best stove that I own without a doubt.


Snow Peak LiteMax Stove & 700 Mug

Here's a quick review on The Snow Peak LiteMax stove & Snow Peak 700 Titanium Mug Cook System!

>Rating: 5

Superior Versatility, Ultralight Package

I've put it through the wringer

People have already mentioned that this thing burns HOT, and you can tell from the stats that it's light. What you might not know is that the flame is very adjustable, and it even makes a simmer possible. Very versatile, super light. It's a great combination. I fear my JetBoil may never again see the light of day.


lite max.


Compact Storage

Here's a picture of how small it stores in comparison to the GSI Halulite Minimalist lid.


LiteMax and Halulite

Here's a picture of the LiteMax under the GSI Halulite minimalist.

>Rating: 5

Super Light. Super hot.

I simply don't know how many other things can be so light, yet do so much. This stove looks cool and does the job really well.

>Rating: 5

Snow Peak LiteMax Stove = Great stove

I bought this stove a few months ago and have been out in the mountains on 6 different trips since. The stove is fantastic. It's very light and stable. I like the way it packs down into my SP 600 mug along with a fuel canister, topped with a custom Ti lid. I am so glad I traded in my Jet Boil set-up. The new set up weighs much less, is a lot smaller and is far more versatile.

>Rating: 5

The best

I've used many different stoves but THIS one has got to be my favorite. I will always have it with me.

>Rating: 5

So small! So hot!

Amazing little stove! Folds down to nothing, great for any backpacking trip. Cooks hot so you don't spend forever making meals. Works great!

>Rating: 5

Don't lose it, it's really small

If You are looking for small and efficient there is no where else to turn, 1.9 oz it really must be 2012 because 1985 aint got shib on this, unless you are going to use a titanium alcohol stove combo, which, mind you, has no simmer, this will out perform most if not all others.

>Rating: 5

Light, functional, small

I’ll preface this review with my cut and paste statement that I work as a backcountry backpacking guide in Yosemite National Park. Nearly all of the products I take the time to review have seen at least a half a season, if not more, of use... and I’m committed to not bothering to write a review until I feel like I’ve really gotten to know a product. I never thought I’d bother to write reviews, but I’ve recently decided that since I’ve spent so much time over these last many years reading reviews, and finding a tremendous amount of value in articulate and well-informed opinions, that I wanted to give back to the community. So, with that being said, here we go... Great ultralight stove. Packs down so small I've almost lost it once or twice. I just wrap it in a bandanna and toss it inside my Snow Peak two piece mess kit, along with a can of fuel. Though I've never had a problem with it, it does appear a bit fragile. I wouldn't handle it like a monkey and expect it to work for long. I make sure to hold the base firmly when screwing it on or off a can. I've had it up to about 12,500 or 13,000 feet and its always worked like a champ, though I sleep with my fuel in my bag. Now... what Snow Peak needs to start making is a fuel can koozie that's a teddy bear. That would certainly be a little nicer to snuggle with than a metal can.

What an awesome review Banning, glad for your contribution to the community here! I was a backpacking guide in Yosemite area for a few years as well! Do you have any trips planned for this summer? Feel free to reach out to me directly at any time - Expert Gearhead


The LiteMax

This stove has been very stable while cooking and produces good even heat.


Close Up



>Rating: 5

UL - Master

Coming from the PNW I have been a MSR loyalist for 20+ years. Not anymore! I bought this little beauty for an unsupported fastpack across the island of Hawai'i (The Big Island Traverse). It is tiny and light as can be. It was basically stable and with careful pot/mug placement I had no spillage issues. Burns hot and I saw no noticeable changes in performance just under 14,000. It is well built, sturdy and should last for years to come. A perfect UL stove.

Thanks for contributing your review to the Backcountry community Brian! And glad to hear the Litemax is workout out for you. Do you have any trips planned for the summer? Feel free to reach me directly with any backpacking gear related questions - Expert Gearhead


I've had this stove for over 10 years, and love it. However, it doesn't seem to work with all canisters. Notably a popular safety research red canister. ;) I really want to buy another, but need to be able to use all lindal valve cans. Does this occur with all LiteMax stoves or just my particular one?


Does this come with a full feul canister?...

Does this come with a full feul canister?

Does not come with fuel.

Careron, David is correct. chooses not to sell fuel canisters in general because of the potential dangers involved in shipping (especially air shipping). However, we sell all other relevant parts, and you can find a variety of isobutane fuel canisters at your local sporting-goods store.


What are the best lite wght options for...

What are the best lite wght options for lighting this stove?i

I normally carry a mini bic lighter in my kit....but your fire starter flint will work as well.

Book matches are the lightest way to carry fire. However, this option is far from idiot-proof.


Do you need to use a windscreen with this...

Do you need to use a windscreen with this stove and if so do you guys sell it? thanks.

The pot supports on this little stove provide enough protection for normal wind gusts...Snow Peak does not make a windscreen for this model. That being said, I have blocked the wind with anything I could find when necessary, but really it has not been an issue for me.

I just happened across this and I think a warning is in order here. Wind screens are NOT recommended for stove that attach directly over a canister. They can cause the fuel in the canister to overheat and explode! Be very careful how you attempt to block wind when using this type of stove. I have never used a windscreen with mine, however I sometimes attempt to block the wind somewhat from the side the wind is coming from and leave the other side open so my fuel does not overheat.


Hey guys in a nut shell which is better...

Hey guys in a nut shell which is better this or the giga power regardless of price and weight what is the efficency and pot support like, cheers matt!

Hey Matt, Of the two, I like the LiteMax better. Essentially the same performance and efficiency. Grooved pot supports with a minor amount of wind protection built-in, great flame control from simmer to high (I think it's 11,500 BTUs), reasonably frugal with fuel, and roughly a 4 minute boil time per liter. Efficiency diminishes below 25F or so, but that's more a function of the fuel than the stove. Pot support is good up to about a 1.5L, although I've been know to use it effectively with up to a 2.5L. Typical rig is the LiteMax on top of a 4 or 8oz MSR canister with a Primus canister footrest (for $10, get the footrest). Even with lots of stoves, this remains one of my favorites. Hope that helps. Cheers!



Aside from the Snow Peak logo & made in...

Aside from the Snow Peak logo & made in Japan & Kovea Supalite Titanium made in Korea. Does anyone know any facts about the Kovea? Size/ BTUs/ longevity/ etc. They look like the exact same stove to me.

Kovea produces the GST-120 LiteMax for Snow Peak. The Supalite and the re-branded LiteMax are the same stove. Go to Asia, AU, NZ, and it's Kovea that you'll find. Here are the specs from Snow Peak's LiteMax page- notice it says- "Made in Korea" Specifications Material Titanium, Stainless Steel Output 11,200 BTU's boil time 4 min. 25 sec. / 1 liter Dimensions D 4.9" H 3" Size Stowed D 2.6" H 3" Fuel Type Gas Canister Combustion Type Vapor Burning Usage Backpacking Made In KOREA Weight 1.9 oz It's also my understanding that the MSR PocketRocket, as well as all MSR IsoPro fuel canisters are made in Korea by Kovea as well.

Very informative! Thanks Phil!


Just wondering what the largest / heaviest...

Just wondering what the largest / heaviest size of pot / pan is that can be used with this stove? Will it take a 3L pot?

I feel a 3 liter pot for this one/two person stove is too heavy which weighs 6 + pounds. When you factor in the heat, you're asking for trouble! In fact I wouldn't use an on the top canister stove for any pot more than 2 liters @ the very most. It's mainly designed for a 1 to 1.5 liter pot & an 8 inch fry pan. A remote canister or liquid fuel stove would work better for your needs.

I have only used a 650 ml mug, but can see issues with the weight of a 3 L. Would love to see if it works.


Curious to know why straight propane isn't...

Curious to know why straight propane isn't used in canister stoves if it works better in cold weather? Also, is propane available in a short cannister (reletive to the Coleman 16.4 oz size) with the "propane style" threaded connection commonly used for propane utility torches, Coleman lanterns and so on?

Short answer, the relatively high pressure of propane, which results in the need for Heavy Steel Canisters. Long answer...

The 16.4oz size is currently the smallest 100% propane canister available that uses the threaded connection you're referring to. Anything smaller would be impractical. FYI, look for the Iso blended fuel to use with the LiteMax stove. You'll achieve better cold temperature results.


WOuld be using this in the Olympics (WA)...

WOuld be using this in the Olympics (WA) and was wondering how this stove works at higher elevations (5000+ft) and colder tempatures. Have an old wisperlite and works great, just looking for something lighter and that simmers. Not sure if Im a fan of canister stoves.....Can anyone onvence me canisters stove are the way to go???....

First let me offer that 5000 ft isn't an especially high elevation, despite the local relief. That's a little lower than the elevation of Denver and a lot of the surrounding flat region. Most canister stoves shouldn't have trouble with that altitude. How cold do you want to use your stove? Performance will vary a little with the fuel you use, but a good rule of thumb is that the stove should be fine above 32 degrees F. For colder temperatures you will want a lower mix of n-butate and more propane.

To Geoffrey Buck., thanks for the help,...Ya 5000-6000 ft isnt that hi just not famiialr with canister stoves, have had an msr whisperlite for like 10+ years and has treated me well. A bit hesitant on switching to canister but do want a lighter setup. As far as cold its not that cold around here (WA) but not sure what canister stoves are really capabale of. Temps I would be in are probably like at the lowest 20 degrees F. Thanks for your help and advice.

I would just like to add I've used this stove at & above timberline, 11,600ft., many times for the last two summers & it works just fine. As far as temperature is concerned, like most other canister stoves with the exception of the Soto OD-1R, it's performance is diminished below freezing & falls off noticeably at 25. Even using an isobutane fuel blend doesn't help much.

I am a recent convert. I have used the same Whisperlite for 20+ years and was looking to update my kit. I am stoked I made the leap. This stove out performs my old stove on all fronts! No performance issues at 14,000 and 30 degrees. Canisters are clean and easy to use. I was concerned about the waste, but most places have the capability to recycle these. Just drain them and puncture.


Does the Gigapower stove auto ignitor work...

Does the Gigapower stove auto ignitor work on this stove?

Nope. You will need to get matches or a lighter. I have had two stoves with auto ignitors and they both broke in the first year. Jetboil and Gigapower. Convient yes durable no...


what is the boil time on this stove

what is the boil time on this stove

(average conditions) 1 L in around 3:40


Does anyone have a better estimate for...

Does anyone have a better estimate for burn time for this stove? "Varies" is kinda vague.

I can't speak for the folks @ sea level, but @ 11,600 ft. (Colorado timberline), it can boil 16 oz. of water in 4 minutes.


Will it work with other canisters of...

Will it work with other canisters of fuel?

The Snow Peak Litemax stove uses only Lindal valve (screw-on) type, compressed gas, fuel canisters manufactured by Brunton, Coleman, Jetboil, MSR, Optimus, Primus, Snow Peak, etc. These canisters are readily available in the US, Canada, & many parts of Europe.


up to what altitude does this stove function...

up to what altitude does this stove function properly?

Canister stoves will perform at all altitudes. It is the cold and wind that comes with high altitude that will cause some problems. The fuel canister performance will suffer if it becomes too cold. Keep the canister in a warm place like your sleeping bag or a down jacket just prior to use.