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Snow Peak Coffee Drip


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Coffee Drip

Bring the Snow Peak Coffee Drip on your next backpacking trip and skip the cowboy coffee. This 4.0oz coffee drip lets you have a bona fide cup of coffee in the morning. Just open the Coffee Drip and place it on your mug. Add your filter, coffee, and boiling water and…whala!...delicious coffee. Snow Peak designed the Coffee Drip to fold into a small size so you can stick it in your pack easily.
  • A collapsible coffee drip for simple backcountry brews
  • Stainless steel is durable and lightweight for ideal packing
  • Folds flat for easy storage in a backpack or car camping kit
  • Simple setup ensures efficient brewing and long-lasting use
  • Stable footrests accommodate a wide range of mugs
  • Item #SNO0060

stainless steel
[stowed] 6.75 x 3.75 x 0.5in
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What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

If you know how to make coffee then...

I've used it several times

...yes this is an amazing portable pour over system. makes great coffee everytime and easy to clean then fold and store away in the back of my truck. Great for car camping.

>Rating: 2

Not Consistent

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I do not recommend this product as the filter rips most every time

>Rating: 5

The best!

I've put it through the wringer

I use this for camping and work trips. I haven't had issues with filters ripping like other reviewers have. Then again, I'm usually using 20 grams of grounds, so I'm not over doing it. It folds down flat and packs into any bag. I've had it for four months and use it once a week.

>Rating: 5


I've used it several times

I'm a Chemex guy so obviously I'm a big coffee snob. It's a metal filter, but hey you're out there backpacking so what do you expect. Light, easy to use, and honestly made a pretty damn good cup of coffee. Like another reviewer said, I'll probably lose it before I break it.

>Rating: 5

It Saved Me From Tigers

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I'm really glad stepped up from instant coffee, this thing makes great coffee. It adds some weight but its worth it. I saw the other reviews where people had filter blowouts, I went with hemp filters and haven't had any problems at all. It's very well built and I will probably lose it before I manage to break it. It probably won't save you from tigers, I lied about the tigers.

>Rating: 5

Works for me

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

While I can't speak to its performance outdoors, I did just try it in my kitchen and it worked just as well as my other drip coffee makers. Some have concerns about filter blow-outs, but I used a #4 Mr. Natural hemp filter and I didn't even have to fold it like the instructions suggest. It's better for the environment anyway to use a reusable filter. One concern I had out of the box was that the unit didn't "lock" in place. Apparently it is not supposed to and it doesn't really matter as stability was not an issue as I was pouring the water over the grounds. Seems like I have a winner for camp coffee!

>Rating: 5

Must have creature comfort

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Worked like a charm! Didn't have any issues with this on trail. Folded up and takes up no space. Durable product as I was worried about possible bending with a full pack, but no issues. Used single filters with no problems. Very good product to keep us caffeinated for years to come

>Rating: 4

I wanted to love it

So I got this a year ago and here are some of my thoughts. This dripper is compact and folds up easily to be taken anywhere. It takes up no space at all and is built incredibly well. The only problem I have with this dripper is I have had several instances to the filter blowing out at the bottom because there is too big of a gap. Most plastic dippers have a small drip hole at the bottom. This one has about an inch wide gap at the bottom. I have a quick fix for it, I usually use 2 filters, but that significantly decreases the rate of brewing. I could also consider the fact that I use recycled paper filters that are unbleached and that may have some cause and effect. The filters I buy might not be the best quality, however I have never had any other issues with them with other drippers. Alissa below brings up a good point, a reusable fabric would definitely eleviate this problem. Other than that, I use this guy on trips and at home for a quick one cup. I love the product and will use it to death.


Super Simple

For the minimalist and or the superlight backpacker. This nifty lil guy folds up to practically nothing. Simple and easy to use, just make sure you invest in a high quality, conical filter. (I prefer unbleached - because, yuck). Add grounds. Add coffee. Let 'er rip.



>Rating: 5

stands up to abuse, great coffee, use a fabric filter

Mine is nearly two years old. Still shiny and works perfectly- have thrown it in many a bag. I use a hemp coffee filter in mine. Same filter is also two years old. Just rinse it out and it dries. Because hemp actually swells and gets stronger when it's wet, you can use fairly fine ground coffee and I have never had sludge. Many places have fabric filters. (check your local food co-op) but I have never had a blow out problem and never needed a second filter even though I often use it at home. It folds flat so would be perfect for tiny kitchens as an everyday option too. With my fabric filter I can fit enough grounds in it to make about a liter to liter and a half of STRONG coffee. Just place it over a carafe instead of a mug.

>Rating: 5

Almost perfect

I have owned many types of "outdoor" coffee makers, from the little espresso units to the lexan french presses. The Snow Peak drip is my favorite so far, but still not perfect. It is a little heavy, but it easily comes apart so it can be tucked away. Make sure you fold the filters like they show you on the package (I use #2s) or the filter bottom will break through. It easily fits on most mug sizes, including irregular ones like the old canteen cups. Very durable, and I have even started using it at home for quick one-cup "fixes". *Update* This has become my go-to coffee maker, I use it at home virtually every day and every time I go hiking. Sure, the Starbucks Via is lighter, but there is something to be said for the coffee making process. That being said, I would buy a titanium version in a second.

>Rating: 3

It's just okay?

PROS Folds flat for easy packing Stainless steel The feet fit well on my mug. CONS It's way too heavy!!! You still have to use a filter. If you aren't patient pouring the water, you will bust through the filter. OVERALL It's just okay… I'm still looking for something better.

>Rating: 2

Not quite the right solution for me

As I replied to one of the Questions, I was a bit disappointed in this product. I think the partition at the bottom of the drip filter is too wide/large so when the water was poured on top of the coffee grounds in the filter (I used a #4), it took the coffee right along with it, busting through the paper. I love the idea of it -- folding down into a flat piece and the fact that it is made from metal not plastic, but it just didn't do the trick for me.

get a higher quality filter, or a cloth filter and this will never happen again.


How well does this work... good cup of...

How well does this work... good cup of java or campsite sludge? looking to 86 the french press and save weight, but not at the cost of bad cup of coffee! First hand experience anyone??

I got this and tried it at home first, using a #4 filter over a mug. It immediately poured right through the paper, bringing the coffee grounds with it. I was sad... really wanted this to be my camping-coffee solution!

i've used this cone for years in the field. you have to use a #4 filter (smaller will blow out). you also have to be sure to fold the filter per instructions and also pour the boiling water slowly and evenly into the filter; too fast and you will blow it out. it is still much better than the plastic "oragami" filters from rei...

The first time I used this, I just stuck the filter in and it did blow out as others have mentioned. I have probably used the filter around 75 time since then, and haven't had a blow out. The trick is to fold the filter as it shows on the packaging. If you do that, you can use the smaller #2 filters and it will work perfectly.


What size filters does this thing take --...

What size filters does this thing take -- #4?

I use non-bleached #2 filters. Make sure you fold them as shown on the packaging or they will blow out.




It won't fall off if nothing bumps it. Set your cup somewhere steady and don't bump it. Problem solved.