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  • Smith - Holt Skullcandy Audio Helmet - Zebra Mashup

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  • Smith - Holt Skullcandy Audio Helmet - Zebra Mashup

Smith Holt Skullcandy Audio Helmet

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    • Zebra Mashup, M
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    so sexy!

      got the photo print model, and not only does it look sexual but the audio ear pads rock. not to mention the thing saved my life on a few falls. if you don't want to have a vegetable brain by the time your 25, but this! price may seem a little steep, but it's value is worth much more. yew!


        Holy Hell YEAH... best piece of equipment I have bought so far.... a little crackly and sketchy at first with the mute button but after using it with gloves for a day or so you get it down.


          finaly got a new helmet after wearing my giro that didnt quite fit anymore for 2 years... I looked at alot of reviews and this one seemed to check out nicely.

          Ive goten 3 or 4 full days in with it so far, and i love it. Warm, fits good, not too cumbersome. seems real solid too. Ive noticed that the little mini visor not only has a nice look to it, but prevents your goggles from sliding down on you unwantedly.

          as far as audio goes, sound quality didnt blow me away by any means, but it is totaly sufficient and as expected. gets loud enought to hear clearly when bombing a trail. the audio control could be better, buttons are not glove freindly. except the mute can kinda just be mashed at and it'll click on or off.

          all in all, I'm happy with my purchase

          First helmet - good choice

            I have never worn a helmet skiing before. I was surprised by its comfort and warmth. It isn't bulky or heavy, and the vents in the front allow for airflow to make sure you're not too warm. I really like the audio too. The attachment is a bit cheap, but it serves its purpose and works well. A good choice.

            Smith Holt

              This helmet is awesome, no questions asked. the fit is really nice and it sits on my head really nice with my smith prodigy goggs. the speakers are good quality and perfect for crusin the park or rippin it up the in BC. Highly reccomend this helmet to anyone looking for a quality helmet with a good sound set up at a good price!

              Decent Helmet

                decent helmet....nice headphones , padding a little cheap...works and dosn't look too nerdy. I bought this for my BF for christmas..he likes it but I bet he would have liked a giro better. If you have large spherical shaped goggles they may not work with helmet.

                Musical experience

                  Bought the helmet last minute to take to the slopes upstate on Bel Air. In terms of sound, Skullcandy does a great job, while still (safely) letting external noise in.

                  As I didn't have a major stack, I can't attest to the protection efficacy, which is probably a good thing.

                  Saved by the bell!!

                    I got my zack morris look going on and Metallica blasting through the head phones. Straight back to the eighties and i loved it. Very convenient, comfortable and warm. Although the mute button sticks a little when it gets cold. The volume control should be closer to the ear because it tends to get caught in the jacket.


                      I never really wore helmets because they always felt cumbersome and annoying. This is as great helmet and you really dont notice it hindering your vision or movement. It keeps you warm and its comfy plus you don't look like a total idiot. The headphones inside the helmet are exactly what you would expect from a skull candy product, not the best ever made but it will more tgan get the job done.

                      Review Title

                        This helmet is a keeper. It keeps me plenty warm, althoug i still wear a thin balaclava underneath when its really cold. It breathes well too.

                        The speakers arent top of the line but they are decent and get the job done.

                        Goggles are no problem with this helmet. It fits well with my Oakley Splice's, as well as a couple of pairs of Smith's that i have.

                        good audio, perfect with anon figment

                          I wanted to replace my protec b2 helmet with an audio helmet. The smith holt is more stylish with the slight brim, and in my opinion looks better and is more comfortable around my ears. The b2 would squish my ears down and after a long day of riding they would hurt. The holt earpads are not tight on my ears and fit nicely.

                          Also, the audio is good...but it doesn't go as loud as I thought it would...BUT to my surprise, they sound just fine even at medium volume going down the hill. I thought they'd be too quiet and the wind noise would drown out my music but it's fine for me. I don't have any issues with the connector, volume control, and mute button...they all work fine.

                          Finally, my anon figments fit perfectly. The google straps wrap around the sides of the helmet nicely and fit perfectly with the helmet...no gap.

                          I was wearing a helmet??

                            Cause I didn't know...couldn't even feel it...kept me warm in sub-zero temps last week...first time to try it out. I got the black and white photo which looks clean but any color option looks good. The headphones were great...I especially liked the on/off button so I could hear the convo when I wanted too without having to change my volume. I have a large head (size 7 3/8 in New Era) and a Large fits me just right. I could even fit a slim head-warmer in underneath without it cramping my skull. I've owned a Burton and Solomon helmet and the Smith Holt is by far the best...I'm giving the other two away to unsuspecting punks. I saw a bunch of Smith helmets on the mountain last week...and I hear they're made with bits of real panther...so you know they're good. Bottom Line: If you're looking for a new, comfortable helmet with good audio that you don't even know you've got it on, then Smith Holt is the helmet for you. There, I said it.

                            First Helmet...I like

                              First time I've ridden with a helmet...had friends telling me they don't cause it's not comfy...this helmet made liars out of em all. The helmet is comfy the sound is good and easy to mute with the on-line mute button so you can join the conversation once you've made it back to the lift line. The sound is good and will block people out if you want to go stealth...

                              skid lid.

                                well, we've got some pretty long reviews for helmets here... cool.
                                VOLUME: great, goes pretty loud, good bass.
                                STYLE & STICK: nothing says sexy like NOT spitting blood all over the damn hill. Looks like a helmet, comfortable, comes down in the back just right, doesn't move around when done up properly.
                                OTHERS: the vents have plugs not vents (personally i think this is a good thing), I have a bunch of goggles all diffrent and the helmet does them all.

                                Unanswered Question

                                hey guys, i already have a holt and its...

                                hey guys, i already have a holt and its too small. i want to get a new one that doesnt look as goofy and huge as the holt. any suggestions?

                                Do i get a full time warrenty on this...

                                Do i get a full time warrenty on this helment? if so how does that work..

                                You get better than a warranty, you get the awesome unlimited Dogfunk return policy!

                                You might want to sit down for this, cuz theres nothing better out there and this is fo real son!


                                Unanswered Question

                                Any one out there know if Anon goggles...

                                Any one out there know if Anon goggles will fit this?

                                I have a hat size of 7 5/8, what size would...

                                I have a hat size of 7 5/8, what size would i need in this?

                                Best Answer

                                Andrizzle...I wear a 7 3/8 and a Large fits me right. You probably wanna go with the XL tho...I was surprised I could fit into a L (my buddy had a L so I got to try it on first before ordering) so you will probably be just right in an XL.

                                Hi there, I was wondering if my smith scope...

                                Hi there, I was wondering if my smith scope pro airflow series ski goggles would fit comfortable around this helmet. Thanks!

                                I'm not positive, but I hear Smith goggles fit great with these...I know some of the Oakley goggles (crowbar?) have those plastic pieces on the sides that don't fit well on helmets...but I'd be shocked if yours didn't....I wear some MONSTER Electric goggles that are absolutely massive and I fit them in and around no problem. Hey, I like looking like a helicopter pilot...so.... :)

                                This helmet is great Super warm and comfortable. The audio does cut out sometimes if the wire gets loose but it is an easy fix most of the time. I have crowbars and they fit great.

                                I wear about a 6 7/8 or a 7 hat size...for...

                                I wear about a 6 7/8 or a 7 hat size...for this helmet would you recommend a XS, S, or M?

                                So which head circumference is it? The...

                                So which head circumference is it? The holt sizing or the adult helmet sizing. My friend has a large of the bern baker hard hat audio helmet and his large fits me. The circumference for that is 57-59 so I was just wondering which would fit me for this helmet. Also which one do you recommend?

                                i have the holt in a large and that would be a good size for you and for me personally i have worn both and the holt had a nicer fit but it really depends on the shape of your head. so i would find someone with this helmet and try it on

                                Hows this helmet fit with Oakley A-Frames?...

                                Hows this helmet fit with Oakley A-Frames? I want a sick helmet to go with my new goggles =D.

                                Fits perfectly!
                                I bought this helmet last season and love it, the built in skull candy audio is great when ripping. I have old Oakley A frames and they are perfect and look sick. Although I do wear a bandana under it cause if you are ripping fast the cold air hits your forehead between the helmet and the top of your goggles.

                                Also, does the Smith Holt Skullcandy Audio...

                                Also, does the Smith Holt Skullcandy Audio Helmet have a microphone for use of a cell phone?

                                Is there any benefit, other than price,...

                                Is there any benefit, other than price, to buying the Holt with the Skullcandy already in it? Or vice versa? Specifically, if you buy the holt and then buy the skullcandy audio system separately then would you have ear pads without speakers and earpads with speakers

                                The Holt comes with the Skullcandy Single Shot. If you buy the audio together it's cheaper for the "single shot." The cell/mp3 "double shot" speaker setup could be done to the Holt though if you buy it separately. If you get the Smith Hustle audio it already has the double shot setup.

                                Unanswered Question

                                Anyone know how these fit with Carrera...

                                Anyone know how these fit with Carrera Stealth goggles? Not going to be a gaper.

                                i have the Oakley crowbars. does anyone...

                                i have the Oakley crowbars. does anyone have the same setup (crowbars and smith holt)? how is the fit?

                                Hey Guys,what means "holt"? has it any...

                                Hey Guys,what means "holt"? has it any relevance in which size I order it?the size chart says it is so! what do you mean?my head circumference is 62-63 cmhope for an answer!Farewell

                                So my head measures pretty much 22 inches...

                                So my head measures pretty much 22 inches exactly. Does anybody have any suggestions as to which size I should get?

                                Is there a way to tighten this helmet on...

                                Is there a way to tighten this helmet on your head like some do?

                                I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about, but it comes with additional padding to add or remove to help fit snug or loosen up. And then of course you can adjust the chin strap. But as far as any tightening/loosening device inside the actual part of the helmet doesn't exist with this one.