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18 Father’s Day Gifts For Outdoorsy Dads

Published May 20, 2024


We’ve got biker, runner, hiker, camper, fisher, and climber dads in the Herd, and they love to share stories on Mondays of all the outdoor shenanigans they got up to with their kids over the weekend. Here are our top Gearhead-Dad approved suggestions for gifts they’d love to receive on Father’s Day.

Gifts For Mountain Biker Dads


Family bike rides are always in the fore of dads’ minds from the first moments of becoming fathers. First, bikes are a way for him to get exercise when the kid can’t do more than take in the world from the bike seat. Later it’s a way to share that giddy feeling that makes father and child alike go “wheeee!” Here are our top picks for MTB fathers who continue to shred.

POC Kortal Race Mips Helmet


Whether it’s putting out a hand to keep the little one from dashing into the road or teaching all the important cycling hand signals, dads have an automatic tendency to protect their loved ones. We can keep him protected in return by giving him the absolute best in head protection. The POC Kortal Race Mips Helmet is a durable enduro-ready lid with ventilation for hot climbs. The peak is adjustable and removable, and the helmet integrates seamlessly with POC Ora Goggles.

Smith Wildcat ChromaPop Sunglasses


The airflow of sunglasses paired with the wide coverage of a ski goggle. Dad will find the Smith Wildcat ChromaPop to be unoppressive on climbs while it protects his eyes from whipping branches on fast descents. If he hasn’t yet used a ChromaPop sunglass, now’s the time. It increases contrast so the colorful landscape beyond his front tire will really pop. Maybe this new clarity will inspire him to brake and smell the newly vibrant roses every once in a while. Maybe.

Backcountry Button-Up MTB Jersey


So he doesn’t love changing his MTB shirt after his ride, and with the Backcountry Button-Up MTB Jersey, that’s OK! The soft polyester will wick sweat and dry fast so he can transition to BBQ mode or brewery mode without skipping a beat. Get the dad in your like this collared jersey to keep his transitions at a minimum.

Gifts For Runner Dads


Running on his lunch break, running before bed, and running on the treadmill while watching bad sci-fi, his commitment to fitness has always been inspiring. Here are our top picks to keep him cruising along in comfort.

On Cloudmonster 2 Shoe


Dads have to get used to squeezing in those miles where they can, and the On Cloudmonster 2 Shoe helps them make the most out of those hour-long or even 15-minute-long gaps in dadding. With maximal cushioning, a 6mm drop, low 10.5oz weight, and a springy feel, this shoe helps him push the miles yet keeps him feeling refreshed as he returns to his dad duties.

On Essential Shorts


Is he still running in that same pair of shorts he bought at a thrift store a decade ago? No need to retire them, but maybe they could become... backup. The On Essential Shorts are quick-drying and breathable with a just-right mid-thigh length for road running, trail running, and all-day hiking.

Salomon Sense Flow Vest


If dad is early out the door in the morning when it’s still a little chilly or returning late after his regular after-dinner 5K, a windproof, reflective vest should be in his pocket. The Sense Flow Vest will repel light drizzles and keep his torso temp regulated when he’s pushing it in the cold. It’s only 3.7oz and crunches down to nothing, meaning it will fit in most running shorts’ pockets.

Gifts For Hiker Dads


If the dad in your life really puts in the miles leading those family backpacking trips, he’ll be consistently wearing out shoes, pants, and packs, among other hiking essentials. For fathers who pushed that holey pair of shoes, that torn pair of pants, and that faded backpack just a little too far, here are our top picks.

Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX Hiking Shoe


All feet are different, and not every shoe brand or model fits every dad’s foot. That said, the X Ultra is just narrow enough in the heel and just wide enough in the forefoot to accommodate an impressively wide range of feet. If you know he needs a new pair of shoes and know his shoe size, it’s worth giving this light hiking shoe a try. But that’s not the only reason we put it on this list—it’s also just a solid all-around hiking shoe with a comfortable footbed, grippy outsole, and Salomon’s addictive Quicklace system.

Mystery Ranch Scree 33L Backpack


A durable, versatile day pack with easy-access Y-zip. The body is constructed from a combo of X Grid 500D Nylon, N.100 Robic R/S, and 330SD HITRA fabrics. And if that doesn’t impress you, that’s totally OK—he’ll know what we’re talking about and be stoked on it. The pack has an aluminum frame for load transfer and removable belt for light-duty missions. And if the dad in your life is obsessed with organization, he’ll love the Y-zip because he can get to the bottom of the pack to grab his rain jacket without having to scatter the contents across the forest floor.

Patagonia Quandary Pant


Do you have a backpacker dad in your life? Here’s our idea for him. The Quandary Pant finds the ideal balance of durability and breezy comfort, so it’s perfect for those 25-mile-a-day sorts of dads. It’s got a little stretch, too, so summit scrambles will be unimpeded.

Gifts For Camper Dads


If you don’t buy a single item on this list, at least take the dad in your life camping for Father’s Day. It’s one of his favorite family activities, after all. And if you want to elevate his next camping experience, here are some of our top picks.

Ignik Outdoors FireCan Portable Fire Pit


What do you get for the dad who seems to have everything? Well, he probably doesn’t have one of these! The Ignik Outdoors FireCan Portable Fire Pit can be set up ANYWHERE, so dad can curate everyone’s perfect camping experience (as he often does). The included hose with adjustable regulator is Inlet, QCC 1, and Outlet Quick Connect compatible.

Big Agnes Rapide SL Insulated Sleeping Pad


Here’s another one for the backpacker dads in our lives. The Rapide SL Insulated Sleeping Pad has a 4.25-inch thickness (that’s a lot) to maximize comfort on even the lumpiest backcountry campsites. The face fabric is TPU-coated to resist punctures, and the 4.8 R-value means this pad will be warm well into the shoulder season. All that and it still only weighs 18oz in a regular size.

Coleman Cascade 3-In-1 Stove


This one’s for the dads who prefer to be in charge of dinner, breakfast, and coffee. With two burners and a cast iron grill and griddle, he can watch the bacon while he boils his signature cowboy coffee. Then, after a day of hiking or biking, he can return to his post to make burgers on the griddle while he warms the buns on the grill.

Gifts For Fisher Dads


Does he describe gazing into the dark green water looking for clues as his version of a mindfulness practice? Our dads do, too. Here are some suggestions for dads who recharge by the river.

Umpqua Northfork Chest Pack


Easy access for deep wades. The Umpqua Northfork Chest Pack has two large zippered compartments for holding all the fly fishing necessities so dad can grab what he needs without having to swing a pack around to the front or slogging back to the shore to retrieve his fly box.

Redington Field Kit


This rod may be designed for beginner anglers (it’s easy to use) but it isn’t lacking in any way. So, if this rod gets the spin fisher dad in your life into fly fishing and his fishing stoke only grows, he won’t feel inclined to upgrade right away. Its 9-foot length will give him plenty of leverage and control, and the 4-piece design and light weight means he can stow it in the side pocket of his backpack when he’s determined to supplement his food with trout on his next backpacking trip.

Patagonia Stealth 10L Sling Pack


This 10L fishing sling is just the right size for longer fishing days when a vest is just a little too small and a backpack would be a little cumbersome for casting. It’ll hold two large fly boxes and snacks, binoculars, or whatever else dad hauls to the river. A waterproof pocket protects cell phones, and the front panel opens into a miniature fly-tying surface.

Gifts For Climber Dads


If the dad in your life knows how to tie every knot in existence and has some clever mnemonic for remembering them, then these are the gifts for him. Scroll down for our top gifts for climber dads.

Scarpa Generator V Climbing Shoe


Trad dads and sport dads alike will appreciate this climbing shoe’s balanced design. It has excellent rigidity and a flat-ish profile for all-day comfort. Plus, the suede upper has a supple feel without giving up durability, and the dual hook and loop straps make for easy on and off.

Backcountry Tahoe Sun Short-Sleeve Crew


Light, stretchy, and boasting a UPF 50+ rating, the Backcountry Tahoe Sun Short-Sleeve Crew is the ideal crag partner for the climbing dads in our lives. The fabric will save his back and shoulders from the sun (but don’t let him forget those hands and arms and neck!) and the airy feel will encourage free movement as he explains mantling and stemming to the young ones.

Metolius Crack Glove


Here’s a gift for the dad in your life who also happens to be a trad dad. When he’s not grilling you on what each letter in ERNEST stands for (equalized, redundant, non-extending, solid, and timely, in case you’re expecting an anchor pop quiz), these rubber-coated gloves will protect his hands as he gracefully hand jams his way up seemingly impossible crack climbs. If you’re worried that he’ll complain the rubber is aid, just tell him it’s to improve durability.

Gifts For Do-It-All Adventure Dads


Here are our Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who prefer to live life outside and love to bring the young ones along for the ride.

Winnerwell Woodlander 1G Cook Camping Stove


We can almost guarantee hunting and winter camping dads will think this stove is cool. This portable stainless-steel wood-burning stove with chimney pipe will efficiently heat canvas tents while the mercury plummets outside. The heating surface is ideal for medium to large cast iron skillets and the fold-out racks provide room for prep.

Patagonia Black Hole MLC 45L Bag


Some do-it-all outdoorsy dads could benefit from some organization-forward gear. The Black Hole has a split compartment so he can divide his laptop from his climbing gym gear or his MTB clothes from his camp clothes. The 45L size fits in carry-on compartments, and the 900D recycled polyester ripstop fabric will hold up to years of falling out of the back of the truck into the dirt.

Garmin Forerunner 965 Watch


This is probably the biggest crowd pleaser on the list. Dads with an affinity for logging it all will express outright giddiness when unwrapping the Forerunner 965 Watch—even those who don’t often show their excitement. This multi-sport watch has GNSS tracking, health monitoring, music storage, suggested workouts, and more.

Father’s Day Gifts FAQ’s


Q: What does dad really want for Father’s Day?

A: Most dads of Gearheads and Gearhead dads prefer to ski, mountain bike, and BBQ on a single day (otherwise known as a Wasatch hat trick). But a close second would be gear that’ll help him get out there with his family.


Q: How can I make my dad feel special on Father’s Day?

A: If he likes planning the trip, let him plan. If he prefers to relax on Father’s Day, make the plans for him so he can just come along for the ride.