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Selle SMP Dynamic Saddle - Men's

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  • Black, 138mm
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  • Light Blue, 138mm
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  • White, 138mm
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  • Red, 138mm
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Dynamic Saddle

The Selle MSP Dynamic Saddle is all about reducing pressure in key sensitive zones, with a dramatically dropped nose to provide a flat base without exerting excess stress on your down-belows. There's also an extra-large central channel to relieve pressure on soft tissue areas, and the back of saddle is raised to help you achieve an efficient pedaling position without the pain of squashed sit bones.

Its shell is built from a composite of nylon and carbon, which gives you a firm pedaling platform that won't transmit excessive road vibrations into your rear. The cushion comes from the foam elastomer padding, which is firm but forgiving, and the exterior of the saddle is either leather or Lorica, depending on color. Both are durable and smooth, and there's no weight difference to speak of. Finally, the Dynamic clamps to your seatpost via rugged stainless steel rails, so you can ride as hard as you can with no slippage or bending.
  • Rigid, lightweight saddle focused on riding comfort
  • Stainless steel rails offer strong, durable design
  • Leather or microfiber cover offers a plush feel
  • Minimal padding cushions impact without adding weight
  • Saddle is structured for those with medium-large pelvises
  • Item #SLL0011

stainless steel
nylon carbon reinforced
leather, Lorica
Seat Length
Seat Width
Claimed Weight
Recommended Use
cyclocross, gravel, road cycling, triathlon
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Where have you been all my life?

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

In the approximately 35 years I have been cycling, my derriere has been carried, chafed, massaged (in not a nice way) and tortured by all sorts of saddles from a lot of different companies. So many of those saddles were supposed to be "that one saddle" that cured the aching bones, the cramped / crushed male anatomy etc. Well, it did not happen, at least not until I ordered the Selle SMP Dynamic. OMG! From just the first few seconds my tush rested on this saddle, I grinned like that famous cat and said to myself that this was the one, the prince from all the frogs. Kudos to the engineers at Selle for designing this saddle. It is a little heavier than I would like but then again I ride a steel bike so who am I to complain about weight? I highly recommend this saddle. Like so many others have stated, saddles are a very personal thing but at least give this saddle a good looking over for it really deserves to be on one's short list of saddles to consider.

>Rating: 5

SMP Dynamic comments

I've put it through the wringer

The SMP Dynamic has been a great saddle for me. I've been using it for over 4 years (that's about 24,000 mi), and have it on my road and fat tire bikes. It's a very durable, reliable saddle, rock-solid and excellent quality. The rails are longer than most saddles, allowing you greater fore/aft adjustment. I think the strongest selling point is the rather dramatic downward slope of the saddle from the back to the level portion in the middle. This downward slope causes the sit bones to be rotated forward more than flat saddles, and this forward rotation allows for less flexion of the pelvis/lumbar region, which means less constant stress on that area, resulting in lower back comfort not achievable with flat saddles. The wide cut-out is very comfortable. The beak-nose shape of the front is rather odd-looking, but a very easy trade-off for the comfort and improved biomechanics you gain from the unique design. Note that because of the pronounced dip of the saddle's profile (12 mm to the bottom of the dip from the top horizontal line of the saddle), the sit bones will be probably about 5-7 mm lower than they are on a flat saddle. You have to allow for this change if you want your saddle height to be precise. To get the same sit-bone height as a flat saddle, the top horizontal line of the SMP Dynamic has to be about 5-7 mm higher than for a flat saddle. The fore/aft distance shouldn't need to change, just the height. I really like this saddle. I ride with the nose 4 mm below a level top line, and feel the biomechanics of my pedal stroke are better with the SMP than any other saddle I've tried (which has been many over my 30 years of road cycling). It's a very pricey saddle, but the design and quality of its build, over thousands of miles, make it a very good value. All that said, saddles are a very personal choice, so this SMP can't be expected to have universal appeal (if it did, you'd have heard about it long ago). I give it a very solid endorsement based on my experience.

>Rating: 5

Close to Perfect

I've put it through the wringer

First of all, saddles really come down to personal preference and you'll probably have to try a few to see what works for you. After several trials you can narrow down your options by width and amount of padding. The Dynamic has minimal to average padding and is a medium width a 138mm - keep in mind that Selle SMP's saddles do fit a bit wider than the stated widths and that it will take a lot of angle adjustment to find the perfect position. Selle SMP saddles have a dramtically different shape than most other brands and that's what makes them work - the idea is that you fit into the concave area where you're supported by your sit bones and soft tissue at the same time, with the cutout taking concentrated pressure off the soft tissue. It's best to start with the nose a few millimeters down from level and then adjust from there - I find every few degrees of angle change can dramaticlaly change the feel as it shifts your weight back so you're more supported by your sit bones or forward so you're more supported by soft tissue. Find a good balance and it works. The nose slopes out of the way so when you're in the drops your it's out of the way of your anatomy. For me at least the perfect saddle that takes away all irritation doesn't exist but this is probably the closest I'll ever get to that. It's definitely not lightweight but the quality and durability is unbeatable.

>Rating: 5

This saddle works for me

I've put it through the wringer

This is the best saddle that I have owned. I have this on all of my bikes and will continue this as my go to. I trained for and completed a 24 hour race solo on this with no issues what so ever. Not sure what endorsement I could provide beyond that.

>Rating: 5

I love this saddle.

I've put it through the wringer

This is my third SMP saddle. I had a Pro and a Hell model. This is thinner and has less padding than both but is much more comfortable. I'm 6'0. 180 and medium build. This saddle hits my sit bones just right. It took a ride or two to get used to, but now I don't even notice it's there. I have it on an aero racing bike.