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SealLine Wide Mouth 39-79L Duffel Bag

$109.95 - $129.95

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  • Yellow, 40L
  • Yellow, 70L
  • Blue 2, 40L
  • Blue, 70L
  • Black 2, 40L

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Wide Mouth Duffel Bag

You don't travel in a rain and mud-proof bubble, but your clothes can. SealLine made the Wide Mouth Duffel Bag with waterproof, vinyl-coated polyester to protect your gear, and even gave it RF-welded seams to ensure every last raindrop will be deflected. The Wide Mouth Duffel keeps your gear dry even if this bag gets momentarily submerged, thanks to its proprietary, dual-strip, roll-top closure. Stash your keys and cell phone in the exterior pocket, use the D-rings for car-top tie-downs, and trust that you'll make it to your destination with all of your gear as ready for the adventure as you are.
  • Waterproof duffel for traveling in varied conditions
  • Scrim-reinforced vinyl seals out moisture
  • DrySeal closure uses a roll-top to seal out water
  • RF-welded seams prevent seeping
  • D-rings stand up to tie-down pressure
  • Side pocket accesses frequently needed items
  • Item #CAS0459

[top] 19oz vinyl-coated polyester, [bottom] 30oz vinyl-coated polyester
[small] 39L (2400cu in), [medium] 79L (4800cu in)
1 side stash
DrySeal (roll-top)
[small] 22 x 12 x 12 in, [medium] 26 x 15 x 12 in
Claimed Weight
[small] 1 lb 12 oz, [medium] 2 lb 11 oz
Recommended Use
Manufacturer Warranty

Tech Specs

California Proposition 65


This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

My third SealLine bag

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
True to size

I have two other SealLine bags. Both baja duffels. Tough as freaking nails. I've taken one of them on years worth of motorcycle trips. Always dry, never lets me down. This one feels a little less tough. Like the material isn't as thick. Maybe it was wrong of me to expect it to be made similarly. But I did think it would be close. Not to say that this isn't made well. It appears to be. Everything looks fine. I hope it lasts as long as my baja.

>Rating: 5

Perfect for the canoe

I've used it several times

After years of using a regular dry bag, the change to the 40L roll-top duffel has been welcome. It is much easier to find what I'm looking for quickly and the wide opening makes getting bulky items in and out a breeze. The little side pocket is nice for things like sunscreen and lip stuff. For may daily boat gear, I don't think there is a better option out there.

>Rating: 5

Perfect river bag

I've used it several times

This is the perfect dry duffel. I have the 40L, its large enough to fit my overnight gear. Vinyl material stands up to the rigors of the outdoors. I much prefer this to the backpack-style dry bags for ease of access.

>Rating: 5

I never canoe camp without my SealLine

I've put it through the wringer

We have two of these, a Large and an Extra Large. The XL is HUGE, and I almost returned it because I'm not certain I'll use it. The construction is highest quality. I use the Large every time I canoe camp for that gear that absolutely cannot get wet. The risk is that I'll put too much in the bag so it's too heavy to float and then I'd lose it anyway if the canoe capsizes. I never leave home for a canoe trip without this bag.


SealLine Wide Mouth Duffle Bag

>Rating: 5


Ibought the 80L and decided it was too large for what we wanted to use it for, but I decided to keep it and buy the 40L because I do a lot of solo remote canoe camping with a sometimes-wiggly dog in the boat. I have other SealLine products that have held up for literally 30 years, so I'm confident these two new bags will be awesome. They are hefty and "serious" - much more than would be needed for just a water-resistant bag. I'm psyched to use them this summer and for 20-30 summers to come!

>Rating: 3


40 liter wide mouth duffle was well made, but not what I expected from the tech specs. Actual outside dimensions were 9.5 w x 14 h x 21 long and the ends are full radius, so it is only 21" long for the center. Usable length was only about 18 - 19" so it didn't meet my needs. It has an outside pocket made of water proof materials with a high quality water proof zipper, but they put a drain hole in the pocket, so it is useless as a water proof feature. But backcountry return policy is the best I've encountered, so these guys will be my first stop for future gear.

>Rating: 3

Cascade Designs SealLIne Wide Mouth Duffe.

October 19, 2009 2607 S. 3200 West Ste. A Salt Lake City, UT 84119 Greetings. First, I want to say I am copying this letter to Cascade Designs, not in an effort to critisize a product but rather to improve a product I have been waiting to be manufactured for many years. Let me digress to 20 years ago when I purchased my first SealLine bag. My fellow canoeists love the line of products. Since that time, I have purchased many, many pieces of gear from Cascade. In the early days, the long gear bags (with roll top) definitely kept gear dry, but were cumbersome in removing gear from the bag, often times having to remove the entire contents to get to a sweatshirt in mid-bag, for example. Needless to say, I was excited to discover that SealLine had finally manufactured a Wide Mouth Duffel. I immediately ordered one from BackCountry. I chose the small size for day trips, having already owned the large size zip duffel for longer excursions. ( girlfriend loves the wide-mouth bag and is heartbroken to see me send it back.). The reasons for the return are these: •For a duffel bag, the bottom is narrow. It constantly wants to tip over on its side when loaded. •No shoulder strap is included, or even available as an option even though “D” rings are on the piece itself. •The zip pocket on the side of the bag is nonsensical. When I first saw its photo on the internet, I thought, “What a great place to store a small camera or a cell phone.” Unfortunately, there is a drain hole in the bottom of the pocket. What purpose could this possibly serve? To dry out a pair of paddling gloves? There may be a reason, but I am yet to find it. •Finally, the plastic tubes on the carrying straps don’t match the quality of the Sealine designs. I would rather see a snapping device, designed for keeping the straps together. I have read the internet comments, and many say to buy the larger bag. Please don’t stop making the smaller’s perfect for day trips on the river (incidentally, I live in the Ozark Mountains where we have thousands of miles of rivers and we canoe them nearly ever;y week of the year.). If modifications are made to the wide mouth duffel, I can sell a ton of them for you to my fellow river rats. Please, please keep me informed of any such changes. All my best, and with heartfelt consideration, Jay Nicholson cc: Amber 4225 2nd Avenue So. Seattle WA 98134 USA

>Rating: 4

Good bag, not so small

I used this bag for a two week trip around Greece, it had enough space for my stuff and some bulky close I did not expect to have to bring. The stay dry folding opening is a bit tough to seal right if too much stuff is in there, but aside from that it was a good bag that you can stuff plenty of whatever you need in there. To make it even more streamline it could you use strap tie-downs to put the extra straps away. I really like the bag. It's a tough bag, and can take a beating.

>Rating: 5

Good seal

I bought this for a canoe trip in Maine. Worked very well and kept clothes and other stuff dry in a real down poor of rain. Liked the wide mouth for easy access. I would only recommend you get the large model. Unless you have some specialty item to protect I think the small would be to small to be very practical.


Does this have rings for shoulder strap?

Does this have rings for shoulder strap?

No, you need to buy a sholder strap


I'm looking for a duffel to strap on top...

I'm looking for a duffel to strap on top of my car for road trips. Something relatively waterproof so I don't have to worry about my gear getting wet if I drive through a rainstorm. I don't want a roll-top dry bag, but rather a zipper type duffel. Something like the North Face Base Camp duffel but with a good water resistant zipper. Anyone have any suggestions?

This is good for smaller excursions, but since you said you want it strapped to the top of your car, I imagine you're looking to open up more space in the car while traveling. Check out the Sea Line Zip Dry Duffle on backcountry, it is available in 40L and 70L. I suggest getting the 70 for traveling with gear from a few people. It also seems sturdy enough to withstand tension from cargo straps. Dipset.

This looks like just what I had in mind. Thanks alot DakkaGuru.


Write your question here...planning a trip...

Write your question here...planning a trip down grand canyon, wide opening duffle bag would be ideal for clothing but must stay dry. if this bag were completely covered with water-repetitively-even floating down river. would contents stay dry??

Yes it would. It has a class 2 rating. Which means constant water and submerged for brief periods. All most all dry bags have a class 2 rating. Class 3 is 30mins fully submerged before failure. This would be a killer product for what you want to use it for.

hi there stan. i took a 25 day trip down the grand canyon in february. of all the bags on the trip, this one seemed to be among the best. i took two zippered pacific outdoor equipment bags that i ended up returning because the zippers busted.


How waterproof is this bag for canoing?...

How waterproof is this bag for canoing? Can it sit in a couple inches of water at the bottom of the canoe for a couple hours?

This baby is watertight and made for the very reason you described. You should be good to go.


What does 15 x 12 x 26 mean? 12 height...

What does 15 x 12 x 26 mean? 12 height or 15 height? 12 width or 15 width? Of course I can tell the 26 is from end to end

15 height


please tell me the dimensions of the...

please tell me the dimensions of the widemouth duffle (80 liter). And can I get it in black, PLEASE!?!