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Scott Backcountry Patrol AP 30L Airbag Backpack + E1 Alpride Kit


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Backcountry Patrol AP 30L Airbag with E1 Alpride Kit

The Backcountry Patrol AP 30 Kit offers a fully electronic, innovative system that's one of the lightest on the market. Since the airbag doesn't require a cartridge, it can be deployed multiple times, allowing you to practice at home without having to buy a replacement cartridge every time you deploy. The trigger and deflation release are mechanical, eliminating the possibility of malfunctions due to electronic issues, and the 2 AA batteries that power the fan are unaffected by extreme cold, thus making the bag's performance extremely reliable.

Fully equipped with essential features for the backcountry, the Backcountry Patrol AP backpack is an achievement in and of itself. Its generous 30-liter capacity can easily accommodate your layers, snacks, water, first aid kit, and has a designated internal compartment for your shovel and probe so you can easily access them in an emergency.

  • Backcountry Exclusive
  • Fully electronic avalanche airbag for backcountry skiing
  • Airbag can be activated multiple times for at-home practice
  • No cartridges necessary, making travel and shipping easy
  • Turbo radial fan provides more filling power in less time
  • Mechanical trigger and deflation release eliminate electronic error
  • Recharges in 20 minutes via micro USB
  • 30-liter backpack is fully featured for on-mountain convenience
  • Hip belt comes complete with a safety leg loop to keep bag secure
  • Item #SCO00UB

[shell] 100% polyamide [lining] 100% polyester
Alpride E1
Deployment System
high-speed fan
Waist Belt
light with safety leg loop
front panel
1 external goggle, 1 internal avalanche safety, 1 internal map
Gear Loops
stow-away ice axe loops, daisy chain
Ski Carry
A-frame, diagonal
Snowboard Carry
Ice Axe Carry
23.6 x 11 x 7.5in
Claimed Weight
5lb 14.4oz
Recommended Use
backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year limited

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Best Pack on The Market

I've put it through the wringer

For more information on this pack check out the link below.

>Rating: 5

Perfect Pack

I've used it several times

This Scott backpack is great for day touring. It can easily fit your gear for a day trip and is comfortable to wear and not too heavy. Carrying skis on the pack is easy too. It’s a bit small for longer tours though.

>Rating: 5

lighter than expected

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

This pack fits me well, has reasonable capacity for shovel probe, extra layers, lunch, water and it's quite a bit lighter than I expected it to be. Weight is my most important consideration when comparing avi airbags and the Scott backcountry patrol wins in this regard. Good system.

Is the backpack hydration compatible?

>Rating: 5

Also - confirmed these are good to go

There was a review below that indicated that there were sample packs being sold. I have confirmed that all the packs now are legit and ready to go.

>Rating: 5

The Way of the Future

I've put it through the wringer

"That airbag is too heavy" "I can't travel easily with that airbag" "I never really know what it's going to feel like to pull the ripcord" "The pack that this airbag is attached to kind of sucks" "Where can I refill my canister after inflation?" ... Since the dawn of Avalanche Airbag packs - we've come a long way. Canister systems have their place. They are tried, tested, and proved systems that are often more affordable and are locked and loaded ready to go. Electronic fan bags with lithium ion batteries are great for those who travel, guide others and want to demo, or are in areas were canister refill stations are few and far inbetween. More self reliant, but overall these systems are HEAVY. Then, as if from the story line of a hollywood film, we see the "SUPER CAPACITOR" - The Alpride E1 system that is the airbag system in this pack. Since some of us slept through High school physics - a quick refresh. I do not have a doctorate in physics, so please feel free to correct me. It's about to get real nerdy. A super capacitor is often used in applications in which rapid charge/discharge occur (see: cycling a fan to inflate an avalanche airbag quickly). This charge is stored in an electrical field between two plates - this is different from lithium ion batteries which store energy in a chemical form. Batteries also are slower to discharge their energy than capacitors. This is the reason why fan bag systems with lithium ion have larger batteries - the size of the battery must be big enough to allow for the correct amount of voltage to be reached to activate the fan. A super capacitor can achieve the high voltage necessary at a much lower volume/weight. Capacitors can also be charged and recharge quickly, and a vast amount of times (essentially for this pack, you can recharge it more times than the life of the pack). The slight downside to capacitor for this function is that the charge will eventually dissipate over time. The way this pack helps mitigate this is the use of AA batteries. I will get into that in a sec. What does this all mean for you the backcountry skier/boarder? Less weight than other conventional fan bags, recharge capabilities, testing and demo-ing, limited change in activation due to temperature, and did i mention ... WEIGHT. Recharge - this is where this bag begins to bewilder me. You can charge this pack using only two akaline AA batteries. YES, you heard me correctly. The way that this pack's capacitor holds a charge - you can reach the voltage using two AA batteries. Yes, you can recharge the pack using the micro USB cord included. The charge cycle takes roughly 30 minutes. To maintain charge for up to essentially the length of a season (around 4 months) - charge the pack via USB until the green light, the pop in the 2 batteries, and leave the pack off until it's time to hit the skin track. And make sure to turn the pack off after your tour. Or do what i have been doing and "party tricking" it in my living room during dinner parties once a month. Recharge. If you do forget to charge with the USB - pop in two batteries, turn the pack on and it will automatically begin to charge off the batteries. For a full recharge the bag is marketed to complete one full inflation. I have been able to get 3 full inflations without recharge so the capacitors are clearly big enough for wiggle room. TLDR: If you have been waiting to buy an Airbag because you "want to see what's next" - guess what? it's here. 5.8 lbs roughly. Lighter than any other fan bag, and goes toe to toe with even those lightweight canister packs in its pack size. Stay on top!


Is the triggers swappable to the right shoulder strap?


Hey guys! How does this 'exclusive' pack vary from other scott airbags on the market, aka what advantages do the E1 Alpride system add to it? Is it a weight difference? Technology difference? Sorry hard to determine differences between this bag and the other scott bag you sell of the same capacity! Thanks so much!


Does this pack have a removable/stashable outside helmet pouch (like BCA float packs)?


Can the bag still deploy if skis are in A-Frame position?

Hi Daniel, Most airbag deployment packs will not deploy with an A frame set up. This pack would work if they were strapped on the back panel.


How does a snowboard carry on this bag?

Hey Jason, This pack does have a fixation to adapt for a board. It will be strapped on the back panel horizontally.