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Scarpa TX Pro Telemark Ski Boot


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T for Trenchtown.

Buy a one-way ticket to Trenchtown and never look back—not that you could, with all the powder face shots. Powerful and responsive by design, the Scarpa TX Pro Boot rocks NTN binding compatibility for your out-of-bounds knee-dropping quests. The TX Pro is outfitted with four buckles, a power strap, Power Block Tour system for 22 degrees of cuff rotation, and a luxuriously comfortable and supportive Intuition Speed Pro G liner inside. Scarpa did away with the "duck bill," so the shorter sole offers better power transmission and easier kick turns on steep ascents. For extra badass points, this boot uses a Vibram EVO sole and a lightweight, triple-injected Pebax shell that keeps the flex consistent no matter how deep the temperature (or your knee) drops.

  • A do-anything slayer boot that loves pow days
  • Great fit for wider feet with a 102mm last
  • Compatible with both NTN and tele tech bindings
  • Pebax shell is both strong and lightweight
  • Heat-moldable Intuition liner ensures warmth and comfort
  • Power Block Tour offers 22 degrees of cuff rotation
  • Rugged Vibram EVO soles ensure grip on snow and rock
  • Item #SCR003K

Shell Material
Last Width
102 mm
Lean Angle
10 - 15 °
Walk Mode
yes, Ride Power Block
Intuition Speed Pro G
Thermo-moldable Liner
Binding Compatibility
NTN, telemark tech
Vibram Evo
Claimed Weight
[single, size 27] 3 lb 12 oz
Recommended Use
telemark touring, all-mountain
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Tech Specs

California Proposition 65


Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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>Rating: 3

Plastic boot in need of little blue pill

I've used it several times

I wanted the Meidjo binding, so I basically had two choices of boots. This softy or the Crispi boots. Unfortunately for me, this milktoast fits my foot incredibly well while the Crispi is like a cavern that literally does not tighten down around my skinny lower leg and ankle. I am amazed how easily this boot flexes. While it seems to be OK at driving a ski as wide as a pair of Soul 7's, they're not nearly as stiff as the T1's I just relinquished to 'upgrade' to an NTN system. I wish the Pro were just a little more capable of getting it up.

So this fits the meidjo??? Since the site only said the crispi did.. how is the heel attachment on the miedjo with these? Also do they fit into alpine tech bindings?

I had the same issue and ended up going to a boot fitter to make a to make the Crispi boots fit better, insoles and molding the boot shell + wings in the liner did the trick. I like stiff boots with NTN/tech toes so that was the only option.

Would you mind sharing how the sizes from the TX Pro compared with the Crispi? Ie did you use the same mondo size in both boot version? Thanks!

(Quick reply to all the questions in this comment ) Scott Voodoo NTN is equally as compatible with the Meidjo as the Tx Pro and Crispi. The meidjo AT heel is a but of a gimmick but get the crispi if you want that, the TX Pro does not have tech fitting on the heel (since the boot was orange and black.) Crispi and Scarpa sizing is the same (breaks on half). If you have tech heel fittings, it will not work well in an AT binding because of the bellows (that why they got rid of the heel fitting). The Scott Voodoo has tech toe fittings and a stiffer upper cuff than the Tx pro, so that should probably have been considered. I would consider shopping at a brick and mortar store (if possible in your area) so you can get a feel for the different boots make sure you figured out the sizing correctly and get a professional fit

You are right, this boot needs some help. Your three stars are quite generous.

>Rating: 5

Never going back

I've used it several times

My fourth pair of Scarpas, first NTN. Same comfortable fit. Switching to NTN was not as difficult as expected. I credit this boot. Performs like all the duck bills, but more stable platform.

>Rating: 5

Tele Aint Dead

I've put it through the wringer

These boots are the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever owned. Very adjustable and the heat moldable liner is a must!

>Rating: 5

Reemergence of Telemark

I've used it several times

i'm a 27.5 and these boots fit perfectly. They are really comfortable as I learn how to link my tele turns, and continue to go face first into new snow. I used my uncles boots last season and am looking forward to having a pair of my own this season. I like the flex of the pro, and the option to move into a tech binding. I'll be putting these into some 22 Designs Outlaw x's on top of some Blizzard Bonafides. It is going to be a great season, and I plan on spreading the stoke of Telemark. I think it's making a come back.

>Rating: 5

thank you Scarpa!

Since I switched to NTN I've been having trouble getting a good NTN boot fit so finally tried the Scarpa. Should have tried it first because the Scarpa oozes quality and just works and feels better in every way compared to the other boots I've been struggling with. I was able to get a tight fit with no pain--very snug everywhere including toes but cannot get it to pinch or hurt or jam any toes or be the slightest bit uncomfortable. How does Scarpa do it? (street shoe=US 9.5, TX Pro size 26.5. Scarpa Tele boots traditionally ran large--I used to need a size US 8 T2 for performance fit. Don't know if 26.5=9.5 is a perf fit thing or just Scarpa boots still running large?) My pre-NTN boots were the first three generations of T2s and I worried that going to NTN would require me to get too high and stiff a boot that would immobilize my lower legs and ankles. I know a lot of tele skiers like the tall stiff boots but I've always preferred T2 over T1 in back-to-back comparisons for the simple reason that I can still use my ankles in a T2. Contemplating a four buckle boot like the TX Pro had me dreading a tall stiff race boot but the fit was perfect so I risked it. Thanks to excellent help from folks at the SLC showroom who pointed me to the TX Pro instead of the TX Comp, I'm feeling lots of lower leg mobility and freedom even when fully buckled in to this tall boot. (I'm told the TX Comp is the boot for people preferring the TRace.). Great fit and support while keeping mobility. One nice surprise is how well the walk mode / tour mode works. In tour mode, I can fully straighten the lower leg comfortably, even with all buckles tight, without levering the toes into the boot wall. The lower and more forward Scarpa shaft pivot is part of the secret I think, but this boot is comfortable in all the right ways.

>Rating: 4

From O1s/T2 eco to NTN/Meidjo 2.0

I've used it several times

My old setup (many years, many touring days): T2 Eco & BD O1's My new setup: these boots and the Meidjo 2.0's. Boots are a good fit/match to the T2 shape (length / width), but bellows and instep buckle are different. Instep buckle: tends to auto-open when booting or scrambling. Stays closed when skiing. I might try to flip them around. Bellows: mild toe-pinch for these, which I'm hoping will go away as the bellows continue to break in. I never had the problem with my duckbill tele boots (bumblebees, t2 ecos) Walk mode: range of motion forward is great. the range backward is not-so-good. Only a problem when skinning flats. One of these days I should go back to the duckbill for a run or two to remember what they're like... maybe I'll update my review. Overall I'm pretty happy - and with a modern tele boot I'm ready for all the new bindings coming out...

>Rating: 5

What a boot

I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Report from the maiden voyage...My first day in these babies was outstanding – virtually no break-in or discomfort. They molded to my foot immediately and gave me unprecedented control and comfort for a tele boot. And they're delightfully light for ease of backcountry access. They're still not effortless to slip in and out of, but I assume that will improve with time as the upper boot flexes a few more times. Overall, though, I'm likin' this boot a whole lot.

>Rating: 5

Like Neo in the Matrix - this is the one

I've put it through the wringer

After 10 years in T2s I broke my bellow and made the switch to NTN. Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony, the forced switch was just what I needed. These are as comfy and warm as my T2s with the ability to power any skis. I can carve to my heart's desire on my 90mm resort ski and power my 115 powder boards. Walk mode is a dream, or is it reality? You hear that, Mr. Anderson? That's the sound of inevitability, that's the sound of you pulling the trigger on Tele and never looking back. The TX Pro is the one. There is no spoon! Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Matrix is. You'll have to see it for yourself. This boot will get you there.


Love the pic Dave!

Thanks! Scored last week, hoping to get some next week. Looking good.

>Rating: 5

Tele Lunges Like a Pro

I've put it through the wringer

Scarpa finally made a boot in cool colors! Unfortunately I have the Halloween black and orange version of the TX Pro's from last year but I did have a chance to ski this years version at the Outdoor Retailer Demo Day last season. The TX Pro's are the most versatile tele boot in the Scarpa line-up and I would estimate their flex at around 120. They are light enough to tour easily with and have a great range of motion in the walkmode. Lock 'em down and turn your skis around and the aggressive flex and consistent feel of the Pebax shell allows you to drive any ski out there. I mainly ski the Volkl Mantra's with 22 Designs Outlaw Bindings. The TX Pro's are compatible with any NTN telemark binding and are the only option for bindings like the Meidjo 2.0 which have a tech tour mode. Rumor is that more of these lightweight tech-tele bindings are in the works from other manufacturers so backcountry aficionados beware! Tele is making a comeback. If you are a freeheeler looking for the one boot quiver then look no further than the TX Pro. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions on the TX Pro's, tele skiing or ski gear in general. Kyle L. - Expert Gearhead - - 801-736-4337


Hi Kyle Do you know anything about the Pro vs the Comp? :)

Hey Anders - The TX Comp is a more aggressive boot. It is a stiffer flex but it does not have the Tech toe compatibility. Feel free to contact me directly with more questions.

Great review here. I have a pending order for Tx Pro Scarpa NTN boots. I did look at your size chart online as well as the Scarpa one, and it is not clear on whether I would best fit in the 28 or the 28.5 size. I ski now on T2 Eco with a boot length of 325 mm and an intuition liner 280 (which is 28 I am assuming). This is a great fit. I was thinking 28 for the TX Pro, but I see that for the pro the boot length is less at that size. Though, it is 325 mm at the 28.5 size. I am thinking to go with right shell size for fit. In this case, to oder the 28.5.


When are you getting more in stock? I need a 28, and you have been out for the last few months. A gearhead I spoke with on the phone in August said mid September.

Hey Connor, We still have a purchase order set to be delivered mid-month but with the current pandemic and slowed shipping times sometimes these dates aren't exact. We have more orders expected to come in now through October so keep checking back!


I've read a lot about using NTN boots for AT, and on the Scarpa website it even says "You want a multi-purpose boot that you can wear for different uses, from off-piste telemark to alpine-touring? The answer to your needs is the TX PRO." So can this boot be clicked into AT bindings? Alpine Tech bindings?


Would this boot be compatible with Atomic Warden 13 MNC Ski Binding?

Hey Luke, The Scarpa TX Pro is going to be a telemark specific boot and wouldn't be recommended to pair with the Warden, you're going to want a NTN Tele Binding to pair with the TX Pro's. Feel free to reach me at my direct line 801.204.4547 or email me at if you'd like help finding the ideal boot or bindings for you!