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Cool feet are comfortable feet. Salewa uses Gore-Tex breathable material to help control temperature, sweat, and moisture from the top of these casual shoes all the way to the sole. For people who live outside, the no alternative when comfortable is the main concern.

Stay Cool

Adidas Outdoor and Gore-Tex Athletic shoes combine the agility and speed of your favorite athletic shoes with the features needed to thrive in the outdoors. Tear across muddy, sopping trails and charge through water without soaking your feet. You'll never have to slow down or stop; these shoes keep you moving forward fast, no matter what's in your way.

Move Fast

Considered by many as the gold standard in sole material, Vibram is the choice of those who value ultimate grip and durability. You’ll find Vibram soles on both the Lotic and Grad Traverse shoes. The Lotic specializes in traction and grip in all types of terrain—even water, and the Grand Traverse is about tackling rocky ascents or slippery descents, anywhere.

Get a Grip

Stay Cool, Get a Grip, Move Fast

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