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In the height of summer, water alone isn't enough. Skratch nutritional products add that extra dose of nutrients you need to run without bonking. The taste is just right, too—it's what separates Skratch from the pack.

La Sportiva owns and operates its own factory high in the Italian Dolomites, and the footwear produced there is a representation of the mountain-bred lifestyle. Precisely made, protective, and ideal for the trail, these shoes treat your feet right on hot singletrack.

Most fabric technologies simply move sweat (and still leave you sweaty). Omni-Freeze® ZERO is a simple, effective fabric technology that makes Columbia running gear feel surprisingly cool to the touch, evne in the scorching heat of summer.

Light and fast—it's the Salomon way. Salomon boasts apparel and footwear borne from years of feedback from some of the world's best trail running athletes. The details are right, the designs are refined, and the experience...downright legendary.

A little support goes a long way, and if that support comes with stay-cool technology to fend off the heat, even better. CW-X running gear combines materials that support your muscles with technology that reduces your skin's exposure to the sun.

In a sea of synthetics, merino wool is a natural answer to running in the heat. This fabric breathes, it naturally resists odor, and it feels luxuriously soft and smooth to the touch. Icebreaker is the natural option for summer.

Gear With Tech to Stay Cool