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From finding immense solitude on an out-there multi-pitch trad route, to pushing personal limits on an intense sport climb, to finally topping out on a boulder you’ve been flailing off all day, we love everything about summertime climbing. Long hours of daylight give you plenty of time at the crag to work through those sport projects, and warm weather keeps muscles and fingers loose and feeling good. Whether you’re just beginning to transition from top-roping or have your eyes on a summer full of 5.13 redpoints, we’ve gathered the perfect assortment of gear to help you make the most of your summer on the wall.

Zina Bougri

Backcountry Gearhead
If you have questions or need advice about sport climbing, Zina is your girl. She’s an expert and ready to talk all things projecting that next route.

Zina's Picks