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Lyngen elevates the idea of fast-attack ascents with innovative designs bred for the uphill as much as the down. Rugged but lightweight, windproof and breathable, and vented without leaving room for the cold.

Shop Roldal

Rich with massive descents and a vibrant resort life, the Norwegian ski resort of Røldal serves as the namesake for the freeride-inspired Røldal outerwear collection. Røldal jackets and pants seamlessly blend style and technical capabilities.

Shop Lofoten

Inspired by the unyielding weather of Norway’s Lofoten island chain, the Lofoten outerwear collection is purely technical. Lofoten jackets and pants elevate you above the elements with uncompromising protection.

Shop Narvik

The Oceanside city of Narvik served as the namesake for this urban-inspired, backcountry freestyle collection. Narvik outerwear is feature rich, packed with technical necessities, and finished with playful designs.