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Four of our own set out from our headquarters in Park City, Utah in search of Jackson Hole, Wyoming's famed Teton powder. Old Highway 89 was not the fastest route, but it was a deliberate choice to rediscover the pleasure of the #slowroad.

The gear and clothing we took along the way are some of our top picks for Holiday 2015, representing the best in adventure and travel.

Climbing at China Cave

Logan Canyon, UT

In Logan Canyon the road winds with the river and gains elevation at every turn. We pull off at China Cave, a cliff that juts out over the river. The limestone crags along Highway 89 in Logan Canyon are one of America's original sport climbing destinations.

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Running at Bear Lake

Bear Lake, UT

Highway 89 wraps around the western edge of Bear Lake. Famous for its turquoise color, the lake is sometimes called the "Caribbean of the Rockies." Gray skies dull the color, but we still take the opportunity to go for a run.

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Picnic at Lunch Counter Rapid

Jackson Hole, WY

Just prior to reaching Jackson, Highway 89 runs parallel with the emerald-green current of the Snake River. The rocky ledges overlooking Lunch Counter rapid make an ideal spot for a picnic lunch.

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Fly Fishing the Salt River

Star Valley, WY

In the ranchlands of Star Valley, Wyoming, Highway 89 follows the path of the Salt River, a waterway with a reputation for brown and cutthroat trout.

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Touring the Teton Backcountry

Jackson Hole, WY

While touring the Tetons, president Theodore Roosevelt famously said, "This is how mountains are supposed to look." Just before descending, the clouds rolled back like a curtain and we made fresh tracks with the grandest of views in our periphery.

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Clothing for the Journey

We want to see how you take the #slowroad

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