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To Greet the Fly Fishing Season

Buddying up to the guys at the local shop will only get you so much beta. Instead, hire a local fly-fishing guide. Detour by Backcountry.com gives you access to fly fishing trips offered by professional guides across the U.S. Just browse, click, and and connect with a local guide, and fish until you’re tired, hungry, and itching for more.

Fly fishing encompasses a range of techniques and tackle effective for catching everything from the undignified carp to 100+ pound tarpon; popper-smashing largemouth bass to rod-shattering musky; native strains of alpine cutthroat trout to East Coast striped bass at high tide. Read More »

Judging by the Provo river access lots on an average weekday, and my Facebook and Instagram feeds flooded daily with fish porn, I’d say that fly fishing is getting popular. Read More »