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The Backstory: Fjällräven
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Making Adventure Last Since 1960

An Idea That Carried Weight

In the 1950s, teenaged Åke Nordin was spending more time trekking in the mountains of Sweden than studying in the classroom. Unsatisfied with the equipment of the day, he took matters into his own hands by building an external wooden frame for a pack. The innovative design allowed him to carry more weight with ease, and homegrown improvements to his tent and clothing were soon to follow. In 1960 Åke officially founded Fjällräven, and began sharing his innovations with outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

G-1000: The Fabric of Adventure

A Fjällräven original, G-1000 fabric is a tightly woven cotton/poly blend that delivers hard-as-nails durability, reliable weather resistance, and a classic canvas feel. G-1000 can even be waxed to adapt the fabric to specific weather conditions and activity needs.

A Responsibility to Nature

Fjällräven is constantly seeking out materials and production methods that reduce impact on the environment without compromising performance. It refuses to sell real fur and will only purchase down and merino that are ethically sourced. At Fjällräven, quality isn’t just how well a product works or how long it lasts, but also how responsibly it was made.

Rules of Design

At Fjällräven, six rules guide the design of every product: functionality, long-lasting durability, timeless design, dependability, user-friendliness, and versatility. Fjällräven feels a responsibility as an outdoor company to only create products that truly improve and enhance time spent in nature.

The Arctic Fox

Fjällräven means arctic fox in Swedish; the company is named in honor of this resilient and adaptable northern predator. Fjällräven supports the endangered arctic fox by promoting awareness and donating funds to the organizations working to protect them.

Timeless Nordic Style

1968year created

Men's Greenland Jacket

Hardwearing G-1000 fabric, ample pockets, and a fixed hood make the Greenland Jacket a reliable companion in harsh weather.

Women's Sarek Trekking Jacket

Durable G-1000 fabric and a long cut make this traditionally styled trekking jacket ideal for mountain life.
13.5 literssize
1978year created

Kanken Backpack

Originally designed for Swedish schoolchildren in 1978, the Kanken embodies simple functionality and timeless style.

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