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Slide your feet into a pair of Sanuks, smile, and pass a little happiness on to a stranger. Only footwear that's not quite a sandal and not quite a shoe could inspire such a Zen-like feeling. Inspired by barefooted freedom, and with little but spare inner tubes and carpet at his disposal, Jeff Kelley made the first pair of Sanuks in 1997.This So-Cal company quickly developed a following of surfers, skaters, climbers, and other freedom-hungry souls. Sanuk's footwear accompanies pro climbers Chris Sharma and Randy Leavitt and surfers Donavon Frankreiter and Dave Rastovich. With more styles, vibrantly colored models, and seemingly outer-space designs, Sanuk continues to move faster and with more heart than the massive, over-hyped corporate behemoths churning out cold plastic footwear. Toss a pair of Sanuks under your desk at work or beside your bed at home and take a little vibe-cation while you do the daily deed-we do... and we're all the happier for it.