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Ross Colorado LT Fly Reel

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Colorado LT Fly Reel

Located near the Gunnison, Taylor, and Animas rivers in Southern Colorado, Ross Reels uses these iconic trout fisheries to inform its reel designs. On paper, the Colorado LT looks like your typical click-and-pawl throwback, but with its ultralight weight, fully machined construction, and minimalist design, this reel is a far cry from any old-school reel. 

Being a click-and-pawl reel, the Colorado LT is ideal for fishing everything from skinny mountain streams, spring creeks, and even large rivers. The all-metal clicker withstands wear and tear, and the reel was designed, machined, and assembled in Montrose, Colorado, making it worthy of its Colorado-themed aesthetics.

  • A classic trout reel with a few modern features
  • Proven click-and-pawl drag system with metal components
  • Fully machined frame and spool is rigid and lightweight
  • Quick-release spool with convertible retrieve
  • Machined and assembled in Colorado, USA
  • Item #RSS000G

6061-T6 aluminum
Drag System
Backing Capacity
[0/3] WF3+55, [3/4] WF4+55, [4/5] WF5+55
[0/3] 3.2in, [3/4] 3.325in, [4/5] 3.45in
Fly Line Weight
0 - 3wt, 3 - 4wt, 4 - 5wt
Left and Right Handed Operation
Claimed Weight
[0/3] 2.86oz, [3/4] 2.91oz, [4/5] 2.98oz
Recommended Use
fly fishing
Manufacturer Warranty

Tech Specs

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>Rating: 5

Got it where it counts

I've put it through the wringer
Size Bought

Let's start with a basic fact: You do not need an adjustable drag on any fly reel under 7wt. You just don't. Even a big largemouth bass or genetically engineered behemoth stocked brown is going to be manageable with good fighting technique, a firm but reasonable click drag, and liberal use of your palm. In fact, below about 5wt.....there's no reason you'd ever need to even involve the reel in a fight. It's really just there to hold line. So with this basic fact, you may ask a very valid question: Why spend nearly three bills on a reel that's basically only purpose is to hold your fly line while you fish? Simple. This reel will put up with so much of your shit. Let's start with the function. It does it's basic job (hold line) beautifully. The clicker is audible and provides just enough resistance to strip out line smoothly and easily. I can take a couple quick hard yanks on it without worrying about backlash or anything. Reeling line back in, the big gripped reel handle makes it quick and easy and just like stripping it out, it comes right back in not and smooth. Truly, it's almost boring how well it works. Removing the spool just takes a little uumph and it comes right off, but I have zero concerns about it coming out during regular use by accident. Now let's talk about form. I think the literature indicates that there are like....15 Now, honestly, for a click-drag reel that seems about right. But the bit there that matters is everything is designed and intentionally built. There's nothing that's just slapped in there without thought just because. The frame and spool themselves are stupid light. Like, it's absolutely unreal how lightweight this thing is. I believe the total weight is under 3oz. It balances a light 3wt Yellowfin Cutthroat rod really well, but in truth the whole setup feels like it's made of gossamer or something......yet I'm also confident it'll take years (if not decades) of abuse without so much as a a whine. It's so simple and so well built that I never have to think about it. I've dropped it a couple times already, I've banged it on trees by accident, and it spent 2 days bouncing around in the back of my truck. And yet even the canvas/resin machined knob doesn't look any worse for the wear. Now, I'm not going to tell you that you NEED to spend Ross money on a reel for your little 4wt brook trout rod. You could get a house-brand BPS/Cabelas special for probably a 10th of the price that'll be just fine. Hell, I went through 2 or 3 over about 5 years and still spend less than I did on this thing. But what I will say wins me over is that this reel is never going to be your point of failure. It's never going to be the reason you missed the fish of the year. It's never going to be the reason you were late. It's not going to cancel your backcountry trip. You might accidentally cut the head off your line. You might break your rod. You might lose your flies to snags. But never, at any point, will the failure reside on your Ross Colorado LT. Never. It's going to be that piece of gear that you know works because it's got everything you need, and nothing you don't. Plus, it's made here in the US and the Ross warranty is fantastic and they're reelly (Heyyoooo) cool folks.

>Rating: 5

Less is More!

I've put it through the wringer

Under 3oz in all sizes and 15 parts in total...what more do you need in a 0-5wt? An instant classic that is as fun to look at it as it is to fish with!

>Rating: 5

My Benchmark Reel

I've put it through the wringer

Its weight is awesome, its strength will surprise you. It looks so sharp you feel good about pulling it out of the box. Weight, strength, and aesthetics aside, it's the best performing reel I've ever owned. It may be the last reel I ever own.

>Rating: 5

My go to!!

I've put it through the wringer

Great reel all round. I have caught many different sizes of trout on this beautifully ported click pawl.

>Rating: 5

So Cool!

I've put it through the wringer

So simple, lightweight, and just plain gorgeous. Tough as nails too - rang it off a couple of rocks on a high mountain stream, no problems at all! Perfect on my Scott G2 3-wt.