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RIO InTouch Streamer Tip Fly Line


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  • Gray/Yellow/Pale Green, WF6F/I
  • Gray/Yellow/Pale Green, WF8F/I

InTouch Streamer Tip Fly Line

Trout are always looking for an easy meal, so instead of making them swim near the surface to snack on your streamer, take your streamer to them with the Rio InTouch Streamer Tip Fly Line. This streamer-specific fly line features a short and heavy front taper to load rods quickly and effectively turn big muddler and articulated patterns over quickly. The short head makes those quick, short splash and strip casts easier and is great when casting from the bow of a boat. Being a part of Rio's InTouch series, this fly line has a low-stretch construction that provides a more responsive feel for quicker sets and has a dirt-repellent coating to help keep your line clean when stripping along muddy river banks. The fly line is available in two different sink tips—a type 6 is ideal for working deep runs, holes, and shorelines, while an intermediate option is great for shallow riffles and cut banks.

  • ConnectCore low-stretch technology
  • Short front taper
  • Dirt repellent XS Technology
  • Front welded loop
  • 10-foot sink tip
  • Item #RIO000N

Overall Length
90 ft
Fly Line Weight
[WF5F] 185 grain, [WF6F] 210 grain, [WF7F] 240 grain, [WF8F] 280 grain
Fly Line Style
sink tip
Fly Line Type
weight forward
Sink Rate
[I] 1.5 ips, [S6] 6 ips
30 ft
Front Taper
6 ft 1 in
6 ft 9 in
Rear Belly
12 ft 2 in
Rear Taper
4 ft
Running Line
60 ft
Recommended Use
fly fishing

Tech Specs

What do you think about this product?


>Rating: 5

Thuggery at it's finest

Short head makes for quick recasts to the bank when you are throwing chunky streamers. Loaded on 6 wt Sage it makes easy work of hucking huge articulated streamers. It also roll casts remarkably well. I don't want delicate when I am streamer fishing I want minimum backcasts and the abiltiy to get the fly down to fish. This is a winner in the thug fishing category.

>Rating: 5

Sink 'em

I've used it several times

Great line for hucking streamers on the river. Gets them a little deeper and allows you to be able to mend your line. I have also used it on still water and it works well.

>Rating: 5

Great line

Great for throwing streamers! Has a great launch

>Rating: 5

Huck some meat

I've used it several times

Get your streamers down while still able to mend the line. Great for crossing current since you can still mend the line after the first 10 feet.

>Rating: 5

Awesome Streamer Line

I've used it several times

I got this line and an extra spool for those high water and fall days where chucking streamers is the name of the game. Flows on the Provo were up a bit yesterday, so I tried this line out and had good success. The heavy tip is great for loading a fast action rod, and it does a great job of getting the fly low in the water column. It gets your fly to where the fish are, especially in moving water. Can't ask for anything more than that in a streamer line.

>Rating: 5

Great for banging the bank.

I've put it through the wringer

This line is extremely effective at making short, precise casts to the far bank and puts your streamer down and within striking distance to fish fast. The dark grey tip does let you get away with using a shorter leader, as well as unweighted streamers, which I prefer. I have noticed it gets a little wobbly feeling when making longer casts.

>Rating: 4

This line sinks

I've put it through the wringer

It hucks streamers, too bad my mediocre 5 wt can't support throwing bigger streamers far, not enough back bone, but for weightless platte river specials, buggers, etc, it has definitely been way better than trying to fish streamers with floating line.

>Rating: 5

The BEST streamer line

I've put it through the wringer

This line has blown all my expectations completely out of the water. If I am fishing lighter streamers that need a sinking line to get down, I am 100% using this line. This line has a 10 ft type VI sinking head to it that gets down at 6inches per second. The sink section of this line is a dark gray almost bordering on black. This allows you to fish shorter leaders ( I generally fish 18 inches of 25-30lbs floro and 12-16inches of 12lbs floro) as the black/gray is hard for the fish to see. This black transitions to 30 ft of white line which then goes into 50 ft of green. The 3 stage colors allow you to know exactly how much line you are casting. The issue i have had in the past with full sink or intermediate lines is line memory. No matter how much you stretch and uncoil the line, it would always coil back up and get tangled. This line's rear 80 ft is a floating line and acts like any other floating line preventing all sorts of those tangles. This boat really excels out of a boat as the short 30 ft head ensures quick one-shot casts with unbelievable accuracy. It has a welded loop front and back making rigging extremely easy. The aggressive front taper will turn over the biggest of flies. I have this reel paired with a Redington Predator in a 9' 7 wt and a Redington Rise 7 wt reel.